How I Made $195 From A Dead Blog Post

Have you ever had that feeling that whatever you write on your blog is never going to get seen, well, the truth is a lot of your blog posts are probably never going to get ranked high in the search engines or get many visitors.

So why bother even blogging I hear you say?

Well, it’s for those posts that do make it and start making creating a consistent revenue stream for you.

blog post creation dateBefore I show you how I took one of those dead blog posts and made it a passive income stream let’s rewind back to the fall of 2016. I had my website up and running for my web design business and thought I would start to add some blogs with useful information for people looking to build a website.

Build It And They Will Come

There was a saying at the time build it and they will come which basically implied that if you build a website you will get visitors, of course, this was a total myth and still is.

There are of course many things that you will need to do to get traffic to your website, but I thought I knew enough about search engine optimization that I could get traffic directly from Google. How wrong was I!

I started to post articles about various topics associated with building a website, which fitted in nicely as nearly all my traffic was people looking for a website.

Anyway to cut a long story short I built my first blog post all about getting your website onto the internet. It was a detailed post with great images and over 1,000 words long. I added keywords and created meta titles, and descriptions ready for Google to start sending me traffic.

I’ve seen worse content ranking on page one so I thought this should be easy.

I continued to write more posts and they all had similar results when it came to organic search engine traffic… ZERO!

Roll Forward To Late 2018

By this time I had sort of stopped publishing blogs as I went in search of information to find out what I was obviously doing wrong.

I stumbled across a video on YouTube which was all about how this lady was ranking high in the search engines and had got free traffic from Google and at the end of her very inspiring video she mentioned a website where she had learned the steps to get ranked in the search engines.

If there was a thing I had learned over these last months it was to always look for someone that has already been there and done it and learn from them.

I joined the website (I will share the name shortly) and was ready to succeed with my blog. In fact, there was so much to learn and improve I decided to start a brand new website (blog) so I knew that all my results would be from the training on this site.

Oh, and by the way, this is the website I started back in 2018.

What I Learned

Over the last 11 months, I have learned so much more about affiliate marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, lead generation, Google console, and analytics, in fact, the list could go on and on. The point is I thought I had all this information already but sometimes I just didn’t apply the information correctly.

I would definitely recommend learning from others that have already trodden the path which you desire to tread. They have made mistakes too but by following them you then don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Why wouldn’t you make life easier for yourself and follow others that have already been where you want to go.

Am I Making Money

Let’s bring you up to date and answer the one question that you are wanting to know.

Am I actually making money from my new blog?

affiliate income proof
                                          From one of the companies, I am an affiliate for

The answer is YES I am now bringing in a steady income every month from my new blog, I have learned from the training, and have some amazing mentors that I follow and learn from too. All of which are earning full-time incomes online.

Now I have started earning from my new blog I thought I would return to my old one and apply what I had learned to some of my old blog posts. Now, this wasn’t a total rewrite just a few tweaks here and there.

Using Long Tail Keywords

One of the main things that I have learned is about using long-tail keywords when trying to rank in the search engines, especially when it comes to highly competitive niches such as the make money online one.

Using tools such as Jaaxy or Google keyword planner for your keyword research is a massive advantage.

If you want to know more about this topic then visit my article on how to do keyword research for content marketing. Don’t forget to leave me a comment with any questions too. I am happy to help.

This has been my aim, to focus on longer keywords that I can rank for and get a few but highly targeted visitors every month. And it is working!

The Proof It Works

new blog post

Like I said I applied these tactics and tweaked my old blog post on my Designed 4 U site. My new keyword phrase included the company name Bluehost and how to get your blog live on the internet using them. This is much more targeted for people actually looking for that company too.

ubbersuggest resultsI am now ranking in Google for a couple of keyword terms.

  • How to publish WordPress site Bluehost – I am ranking position 3 in Google for this key phrase and it is achieving me 5 visitors a month
  • How to make WordPress site live Bluehost – This one is position 2 in Google only Bluehost themselves are above my article. Again only a few targeted visitors every month.

Now I can hear you saying that is no traffic at all how will that work. Well, it’s because it is highly targeted traffic. The visitor is after a solution to their problem and I have given them that solution.

Here’s what has happened over the last few weeks

bluehost affiliate commissions

$195 from what use to be a dead blog post! I am happy about that!

You Can Do This Too

Maybe you have a blog that is not really performing as it should or maybe you are looking to start a blog and earn some extra cash.

I would highly recommend that you join the same site that I did just a few months ago. The site is called Wealthy Affiliate and covers everything you need to know about starting your own business online. You can join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for free and there is no credit card needed.

Here’s what you get as a starter member.

  • Two free WordPress websites
  • Free hosting
  • Free use of Jaaxy for keyword research
  • Free training to help you get your website live on the internet and making money
  • Free access to thousands of other members just waiting to help you on your journey
  • Free live chat (7 days)

Plus if you join using my links I will personally guide you through everything and help you build a successful online business.

If you require more details, check out my overview of Wealthy Affiliate before you decide. I think it’s a no brainer as its free to start!

Wrapping Up

Before you head off I just wanted to say that learning from others is a major factor in my success and I am here to pass on my experiences to you going forward.

If you have a blog that is dead, fear not as there is always hope. Continuing to learn and apply your new knowledge will get you there.

I wish you every success in the future and also look forward to helping inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.

start your own business

4 thoughts on “How I Made $195 From A Dead Blog Post”

  1. A really nice and inspiring story you have there. There are so many people who have given up on making money from their site because of one issue or the other, and funny enough, failing as a starter is normal for any form of business. Going by what you have said about learning from other people to gain mire understanding, I can totally relate and agree completely. I had this particular site from which I was being mentored to help me gain knowledge as to how I’ll run my blog, and going by all the training, I must admit I’m improving everyday by the content of my page and approaches to making money online. Nice of you to share this wonderful post

    • Hey Dane, Great that you have found somewhere that it helping you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this post. I have recently opened my blog, but haven’t gone through  any proper training from a very trusted site. I have been involved with quite a number of sites, but I got to know they are just after the money, and we are not getting any good training. Personally I like the idea of learning from another site, which is a really cool idea to me. But along side that, is there any recommended site where one can get good training?

    • I have to admit there are loads of sites out there saying they give you everything you need I have only come across one so far that actually delivers on that promise and its Wealthy Affiliate.


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