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Jaaxy Product Overview

Jaaxy is a premium keyword research tool which is web based and easy to use. No experience or training is really needed. All you need to do is sign up for a free starter trial and start researching for keywords and phrases that you can rank for in the search engines. Created by Kyle Louden & Carson Lim.

Quick Insights

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website: www.jaaxy.com
  • Price: $0 Starter Trial Pro $19 a month Enterprise $49 a month
  • Owners: Kyle Louden & Carson Lim
  • Overall Rank: 8 out of 10

The Good and The Bad

What I like about Jaaxy

  • The website is clear and easy to navigate
  • I like the speed in which it collects all the date on a given keyword search plus the Alphabet Soup feature. More on this further down keep reading its amazing!
  • The free starter trial is great and ideal for those who want to test it out without dipping into their pockets.

What can be improved

  • Maybe a training tab on the main menu with some more detailed videos to help total newbies
  • If you are visiting Jaaxy without the knowledge of the sister site Wealthy Affiliate then having no way of contacting support could be a concern

Who Is Jaaxy For ?

Who would benefit from using Jaaxy keyword tool. Well just about anyone who has an online presence. From small to large businesses, entrepreneurs, network marketers, ebayers, and most definitely affiliate / internet marketers. If you are looking to get your business in front of an audience then you just can’t ignore keywords.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Search Facility

By far and away the easiest and most comprehensive keyword search tool I have ever seen. Just enter a keyword or phrase and click find keywords. Within seconds, you not only have a list of keywords, plus you get the average number of searches for each keyword / phrase. An estimated amount of traffic should you obtain a Google page one ranking.

This coupled with the exact number of competing websites in Google ranking for the exact keyword /phrase. They then give you a score denoting if this is a good keyword and whether you have a good chance of ranking on page one.

This is what you call having the deck stacked in your favor. You know exactly what keywords to focus on.

jaaxy keyword search example

You can even search for relevant domain names if your just starting out.

Alphabet Soup

Love this feature, let me explain…. Once you have a few keyword phrases you can then use the Alphabet Soup feature to dive even further down and get some great keyword phrases to rank for. How the AS feature works is simple you add in your keyword phrase and click find keywords. It then returns you more results with even longer keyword phrases with letters from the alphabet. its start with A and goes to Z giving you possible 1000s of results. Some have said its worth signing up just to see this feature alone… and I can see why!

You also get the option to save keywords to lists making it simple to refer back to at a later date. We haven’t’t even got time to go into details about the search history, search analysis and brainstorm features which are all available in the free starter trial.

Site Rank

Let’s face it we all want to know where our posts and page are ranking and if we can give them a boost. Site rank feature enables you to add keywords / phrases and a URL and then you can search on Google Bing and Yahoo to see where it ranks or not 🙂

Side note … Free starter will only search page one, but upgrade and the search deepens to 20 pages. Having these stats are great, as you can see which pages are ranking and if you need to give some a helping hand you can, rather than going at it totally blind and not knowing what is working.

Jaaxy Support

Support comes in a series of videos and PDF’s that can be watched and downloaded under the help tab. Although there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that you can contact them on the main site, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is also owned by the same people, there is a full support team available for you.

Jaaxy Price

Jaaxy has 3 price levels, there is a free starter trial, then a Pro level with Enterprise as the highest level. Rather than list all the features and benefits here is a table on all these to read through at your leisure.

jaaxy price table
My Final Opinion Of Jaaxy

Having used Jaaxy for a few weeks now, I can really see the benefit of it. I used to do little keyword research because of the time it used to take. I tried using Google keyword planner but to be honest it took too long, other tools I have purchased such as Market Samurai are good but just don’t give you the same results regarding all the data. With this data you can make great decision regarding which keyword phrases to concentrate on saving you a heap of time.

Because like I mentioned earlier Jaaxy is owned by the same people that manage Wealthy Affiliate (probably the best online training platform for internet marketers). When you join WA as a premium member you get access to Jaaxy absolutely free. Maybe worth a look to get maximum value for money.

I would recommend taking the starter trial and grabbing loads of keywords to use on your site…

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6 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review – Best Keywords Tool”

  1. Very nice article, thorough and detailed. Jaaxy is a great tool for keyword researching. I don’t use it that often, but it truly works.

    Do you think that a Pro account would be beneficial for someone who is writting an article once or twice per month? As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I already have access to the starter account, and I think it’s already enough. 

    I didn’t know about the Alphabet Soup feature, I’ll try that later.

    Thanks for the article! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, always nice to get other uses views too. I would think that having free access to Jaaxy through Wealthy Affiliate membership would certainly be enough and no further upgrade is needed

  2. Hi thanks for sharing this , I have used the Jaxxy Keyword and am a member of Wealthy affiliate as well and couldn’t agree more with you on the versatility of this tool and the value you get when being a wealthy affiliate member. I find the Search History function is awesome to have because sometimes when I am  drilling down on keywords I skip past some nuggets and can easily return with the push of a button . just wondering do you the brain storming function much ? 

    • I haven’t really used the brain storming function yet … I will report back when I have though 🙂

  3. Thank you for your review on Jaaxy keywords tool.

    It is important to have strong keywords in your articles for the search engines to find you. I’m using Jaaxy for my keywords search and I find it very useful and easy to use.  It has helped my articles ranked high in Google.

    If you have an online business and doing lots of online marketing, you should give Jaaxy a try.


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