The Conversion Pros Review – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Every business these days needs to have a multitude of tools, software, systems and more importantly leads to enable any sort of success. Even if you are an online marketer you still have to have certain tools to run your business efficiently.

Now the internet is crammed full of tools promising more traffic, automating this, one-click that. So when I first came across The Conversion Pros I was intrigued to see if their suite of marketing tools was worth shouting about.

So in the interest of my followers I thought I should take a closer look. So I did just that and below is what I discovered.

Quick Stats

  • Name – The Conversion Pros
  • Owners –  David Dubbs
  • Price – 14 Day Free Trial – $50 A Month
  • Overall Rating – 6 out of 10

What Is The Conversion Pros

the conversion pros

On first impressions when you visit their website you would be sure that it is a collection of marketing tools to help you grow your business, well of course it is just that but with a hidden agenda that is not even mentioned before you sign up.

One of the pluses was that they do offer a 14 day free trial, so time to see if my theory was correct.

Hold tight and I will reveal all later on in this article.

What Tools Do You Get With The Conversion Pros

Okay, let’s break down exactly what tools you get access to when you become a member of The Conversion Pros.

Page Builder

The first tool listed is a page builder. These are of course very common now. They are use the same system whereby you select your template and then go about customizing it by dragging in other elements such as videos, images and text boxes.

Having used page builders myself for many years, they are very easy to use and customize, my only concern with these templates is that they lack quality and look at a little basic.

conversion pros capture pages image

I must admit these type of capture pages do not look great. The other thing to note here is these pages are never owned by you as they sit on their own host servers. There is nothing wrong with this but, just bear this in mind.

I personally like to have full control over all my web pages so I build all my web pages on WordPress. You can even add in simple page builder plugins such as Divi, and Thrive Architect.

In this post, I show you how to create a landing page with Thrive Architect.

If you wanted more control over your web pages to read my post on how to build a website from scratch

Email AutoResponder

In order to collect the data from your customers who land on your lead capture pages, you will need what is known as an email autoresponder.

This piece of the marketing system is key. It enables you to email people automatically once they have signed up to receive more information via your capture page. You can even set up whole campaigns that once set up everything runs on autopilot.

I do have one concern though… and that is, all your customers’ details are stored within the Conversion Pros marketing system so again you could lose them all if you decided to stop paying for the membership.

This software is of course not new and there are literally hundreds of email service providers you could choose if you were not requiring TCP’s one.

Not sure about you but, I like to have full control over my business so I have used a company called AWeber to capture leads and send all my email campaigns. You can read more about AWeber here

SMS Broadcaster

I have to confess I know little about this tool as the only experience I have had was several years ago and I am sure that technology has moved on since then.

The SMS broadcaster will send text messages directly to your list. Open rates do tend to be high as we are prone to look every time we hear our phones ping. Only putting this marketing strategy to the test will truly see if it works.

But, that said I very rarely read these texts fully and normally end up blocking them. Maybe you can relate to this too.

Invoice Builder

Humm… I think most people can create an invoice template in word, PowerPoint or some other free tool. I don’t there is any value with this at all…

There are a few other tools included such as URL shorteners and blog creators both of which are totally free all over the internet so why would you need to pay $50 for them.

Purchasing Leads

One the back end of this marketing system, TCP offer qualified leads for your business. I must admit that whenever this has been offered in any business before the quality of the leads are awful. I would always tell any of my followers never buy leads, email addresses or followers for social media, they really are a waste of money.

purchasing leads via conversion pros

I do wonder if the marketing system is a ploy to get people into the business and then sell them crap leads, maybe we will never know, unless you do know! If you have had experience of TCP then leave a comment below it would be great to get your thoughts.

Is Conversion Pros Worth The Money

If you stumbled across The Conversion Pros and were new to online marketing then would probably think you are getting a great deal, but having been around the internet game now for nearly a decade, I know that there are many better products and training that you can get access to which will help you even more than TCP.

What do I like about The Conversion Pros

  • 14 Day Free Trial, always happy to free trials so pleased to see it here.
  • I do like the idea of everything in one place, but that’s about it I am struggling to find anything else that I like.

What I dislike about The Conversion Pros

  • The price is not too expensive, but the problem is I know there are better quality sites out there which will give you more training, websites, and products plus they can work out half the price.
  • Not having actual control over your landing pages and autoresponder is another dislike, after all you are trying to build a business, the last thing you want is for everything to disappear.
  • Low-quality training and products. I like to use quality products that work well for what they are designed to do.

Knowing what I do now, there are a few products that I would recommend that you can use to start your own online business and continue with as your business grows.

The program I started with is Wealthy Affiliate, which not only allows you two free websites with hosting but also gives you step by step training courses on everything you need to know. The training is also ongoing every week through live webinars. Read more about my journey with Wealthy Affiliate here.

I would recommend a quality email marketing system too the company I have been happily using for nearly ten years is AWeber. I have had no issues at all with them and my opens rates are over 50% which is huge compared to the industry norm. Read more about email marketing on this post

Building landing pages has become so easy over the last few years and there are many page builders that can be purchased for a single one-off payment which long term will save you hundreds of dollars. They also have far more features and elements that you can use.

Watch me build a landing page on the article

This following video will show you how easy it is to build pages, check it out

Conversion Pro Affiliate Program

When you dive more into the affiliate program associated with Conversion Pros you quickly notice that unlike most affiliate programs, this one you can only make money when you are already a member. This basically means it will cost you $50 a month to promote TCP.

Personally I would never join an affiliate program that you had to pay for. Especially, with the nature of this business as most affiliate marketers, will already be using products similar to the marketing suite revealed here.

Although the generous 50/50 split on the monthly subscriptions is, of course, tempting and some will join, I would not go joining TCP just to make money. There are plenty of products with affiliate programs you can join for free.


Although I never want to knock any business, that aims to help others I also have to be honest to you and if I think there are better quality and more beneficial products around I would always point them out.

As regards to whether you decide to use The Conversion Pros of the products I have recommended is course up to you.

I personally will be sticking with the products I am already using…

Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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12 thoughts on “The Conversion Pros Review – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”

  1. Here Martin! Thanks for reviewing this site. As a beginner and new to online marketing, I’ve got the basic knowledge I needed to sign up for Conversion Pros. I also admire the facts that I get to try it out for 14 days as it will be more than enough days to understand how it works before subscribing for it. 

    I find this review very helpful. Thanks!

    • Glad this has helped, come back and let us know how you found it. 🙂

  2. Great review here on The Conversion Pros. Look is very important to me in a web page so it’s good to know right away that quality is lacking in this department. Not having full control of my business in not an option really. I totally agree about the SMS broadcaster. These types of messages can be annoying and actually counter-productive. While the price is ok, I will definitely be steering clear of The Conversion Pros thanks to your review. Wealthy Affiliate is for sure a better options and any reader here would do well to follow your link and see what it’s all about. Thanks and I look forward to more outstanding reviews!

  3. I don’t like when you have total dependency on a platform for your website and this is what I see here. Most control is handled to them and their servers and you have little control of everything. Also $50 a month? There are far better platforms with far more value at half the price of that so even by looking at this and nothing else this is not a very competitive tool.

    • Thanks for your comment Stratos I am glad to see you agree with my verdict 

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such wonderful titles with us .Every business needs to have a lot of tools, software, systems and these have led me to enable success .As I do online marketing, I need many good tools to manage my business .The Internet now offers many tools to bring in more traffic, and I have taken the tools I need from them and have been able to bring enough traffic to my business. I collected marketing tools to help businesses grow .Through The Conversion Pros, I have found many tools for the success of my business and here I am a member .I selected my template and customized it by dragging it to other elements like video, images, and text boxes. It is very easy to use and customize .Each software has a positive and negative site just as this software also has a positive and negative site which you have excellently highlighted through your article. 

    Lastly, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will get to know about this software and will share their new experience with you soon.

    • Hey Shanta, good to hear your experiences with The Conversion Pros products. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hello Martin.

    After reading your review of the conversion pros and the number of negative points and associated costs if I signed with this organization I see that I must rely on your experience and rather opt for your recommendation to join Wealthy Affiliate instead to benefit from all the advantages attached to the offer of this company.

    Thank you for your review and the points you raised to help us in our choices.

    • Thanks for your comments Claude I am glad it has helped you make a decision, I will connect on WA with you. 

  6. Hello, As we know every business needs to have a lot of tools, software, systems and these have led me to enable success .As I do online marketing, I need many good tools to manage my business .The Internet now offers many tools to bring in more traffic, and I have taken the tools I need from them and have been able to bring enough traffic to my business. I follow your first recommendation and also suggestion everyone to join as soon as possible. It is the best affiliate training as well as everything like(support, hosting, blogging, live chat, etc) online.


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