R Network Review The Facts You Need To Know [Scam or Legit?]

r network direct marketing companyNow we all know that the make money online section is thwart with companies that have been shut down or never even started up properly after taking huge amounts of sign up fees from people. Recently, I came across a new kid on the Multi-level marketing block, R Network, I was intrigued and thought I would investigate and find out more about this company as they were totally unknown to me.

In my R Network review, you’ll discover the facts you need to know whether R Network is a scam or a legitimate opportunity to make serious money. They state they are not just another direct marketing company well let’s go and see if they are right.

Quick Stats

Name – R Network

Website – www.rnetwork.io

Owners – Richard Smith – Trent Walker (Plus 3 Others)

Price – $38 a month

Overall Rating – 5 out of 10

What is R Network

Okay, let us kick off this review by explaining more about what R Network actually is. R Network isn’t selling your normal, lotions, potions, health and diet pills, well there’s a plus! In fact, it’s difficult to know what they are selling until you dive a lot deeper into the company.

The idea is that R Network will help you make money when you help other people save money. Sounds like an easy ride as most people would like to save money if their life. I am always looking at ways to save money.

Meet The Creators

the creators of R network

Although we have an image and some great information on their feats within the MLM and financial sector, they are not named. Not sure why you wouldn’t want your name associated with these great achievements that have been given to us.

I did do some research I have found two names that apparently are connected to the launch of R Network they are Richard Smith and Trent Walker neither are known to me, but are probably well-known is their own niche or were associated with some of the best network marketing companies.

Some accreditation s giving to the 5 brothers as they are known (they are not brothers by the way)

  • They are all married 100 years in total and counting.
  • Over 46 years of MLM experience (This doesn’t mean they were successful of course)
  • $800 million of products moved through MLM in nearly every country in the world (that works out 3.4 million for each of them per year of experience) This seems very high but we will have to run with the figures for now.
  • 11 successful companies that they have been associated with a 1 Billion turnover.
  • 80 years of entrepreneurship between them
  • 28 years of experience working in 3 Fortune 500 Companies

These are just the highlights you can read the full list on the R Network website.

Please note that Charter membership is by invitation only

free webinar John Crestani

R Network Products

As I have already reported they are not going to selling the run-of-the-mill multi-level marketing products. Looks like their only product currently is the revolutionary Revv Card. This is a payment card that is attached to your existing card. By using the Revv card you can claim discounts at your favorite retailers. You can also use the same card when you make normal purchases too.

r network revv card

This means that you don’t have to make unwanted product purchases every month and you don’t get involved with shipping or maintaining the stock.

They are currently partnered with over 300,000 businesses, hotels, restaurants and retail stores including big names such as Hilton, Marriott, Dominoes, and Subway.

You just pay as you normally but using your Revv card and then earn points that you can redeem in other outlets or in cash via ATM machines. You can add all your different cards to the one Revv card so no need to carry a wallet full from now on.


The one thing that would concern me is how secure is the card especially if it was lost or stolen. They have answered this with plenty of techy security including biometric fingerprints, GPS and a Cellular chip.

I suppose only time will tell on this one and if it becomes a household payment system only then will scammers get involved.


Like all MLM models sharing the opportunity is where the real money is earned. Unfortunately, this is where most people come unstuck and why I quit the network marketing industry for affiliate marketing. Maybe this will bring me back!

When you share this opportunity with others is of course where the power of generating an online income comes in. So let’s dive into the compensation plan and see how different it is from any of the other players in the network marketing industry.

All you have to do is become a Charter Member to obtain a Revv Card.

Just one issue with this is the card is not going to be available till early in 2020. Hum, could this be one of these take your money and run companies never to really launch… but I am keeping an open mind at the moment.

The Rewards Network

In addition to the Revv card, members will get access to a discount vacation booking portal. So much for being a unique player in the MLM space. This mirrors other companies like World Ventures.

rewards program from r network

R Networks Compensation Plan

Firstly before we get into what you can earn let’s go through what it is going to cost you first. After some searching, I found a reference to a $38 monthly subscription I am presuming this is the only cost involved which does seem rather cheap for an MLM business.

If you refer others who join as a charter member then you get a one-off $25 commission plus further commissions every time they shop using their Revv card.

There were very little details about the compensation plan but I did manage to find a few snippets of information tucked away on the website. It is saying they use an auto-fill 3×10 matrix which means you have 3 people on your first level and the matrix goes down 10 levels.

This is where you can position yourself, funny they always say that when they are just launching to get people in.

What I Like About R Network

  • Everybody loves to save so if I can earn while saving I am all for that
  • I like the concept just don’t know if it will earn you enough money

What I Am Concerned About

  • The level of commission is unknown so its probably going to be small so you would need hundreds of people to sign up to actually earn anything substantial
  • I don’t like the idea of only getting paid a one-off $25 per referral, you are doing all the work and the company is making all the money
  • Not keen on monthly subscriptions where after the first month there’s no added value.
  • The card itself is not yet launched I would wait until it is up and running and everything is working before parting with any cash.
  • The owners are not openly named on the website which is a concern
  • Direct sales businesses are always difficult especially if they are just starting up. The problem is most of these new businesses fail within the first couple of years.

Should You Join R Network

Although I like the concept I would certainly hold off and wait until at least the card is released. Also, it would be great to have more information on the 3×10 matrix and the potential earning power of this.

They are of course urging you to get your position in the matrix, which seems weird as they don’t give you any details about it on the website. Would you pay for something without seeing it… No!

An Alternative

For me, I will be sticking to affiliate marketing as it gives me the passive income I desire without having to rely on others to do things for me. We all know people have their own agendas and it normally doesn’t involve you. If you would like to start your own business today with minimal cost. A proven trusted business model that has many multi-millionaires then check out my no1 recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate.

You can even grab a free starter membership and get free training there is a whole community of fellow entrepreneurs waiting to help you succeed (me included) There is weekly live training and both the owners are visible on the live chat and within the community which is amazing. Click the link above for a full overview of the business model and how you can start.

Any questions about R Network and or Wealthy Affiliate please leave me a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase
through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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  1. It’s good that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate than this R Network. I share the same sentiment with you that people should not easily trust any company that withholds identity of the operators or owners of the company as it is a sign that the company is not “all out” with their integrity. Also, be wary of network marketing companies that do not divulge their compensation plan, as it is also a sign of being not transparent. 

    By the way, how did you learn about this company? Did you join as a member or affiliate?

    • Martin

      Thanks for your comment Gomer, I found out about it via my Facebook group as another member was promoting it so I thought I would take a look. 

  2. Dear Martin,
    I have read your review to see what you know about rNetwork.
    You know some details but not all of it.

    The Discount Rewards portal is already included in your back office and it does not only have a hotel portal but a lot more from local shops in the USA which you can easily find in it.

    Thanks for your time

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