Smart Dollars Club – The Truth About This Scam [Revealed]

I had heard and seen many people referring to Smart Dollars Club so I thought I would take a closer look at what people had been saying about it.

This is what I found!

web analysis smart dollars clubThere appears to be a lot of different reviews and videos on YouTube about this website but I was unable to actually find the website. The site which has the extension dot net seems to have been around for about 18 months. Nothing is mentioned about it not being accessible on the net.

If you have found the home page then please leave it in the comments so the readers here can find it. So why am I doing this review and telling about a site that can’t be found?

Well, this is two-fold…

All the reviews I have found have basically said that this site is a scam and I definitely don’t want you to join any scam site.

The second is that I have already encountered such scams within this sort of site with Viral Pay. Also, known as Viral Dollars and Referral Pay. They are probably called something different now. Just don’t join them they don’t payout!

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What is Small Dollars Club?

From what I have managed to find out about Small Dollars Club is that it claims to be a survey site that pays you $30 a survey (which is quite high for surveys). They also claim to show you how to make $300 a day! They even claim to reward you with a survey that on completion you will give you a $100 bonus. This doesn’t happen…

smart dollars club
In fact, all they are doing is collecting your email details and then sending you emails. These have links to various sites that they are affiliated too, so if you do join then they get paid.

This, of course, is spamming and NOT the practice I would recommend in any online business.

No Such Thing As Fast Money

I often see people asking…

How Can I Make Fast Money Online?

How can I make $200 fast?

The truth is that there is no fast money on the internet, everything takes time and hard work. Once you have put in the leg work then and only then can you produce fast money.

Don’t be lured into any program or product that promises fast money this is just a poor marketing tactic to get you to join or buy. When I first started on the internet I bought loads of products claiming to be the next best thing for quick money. I don’t want you to do the same.

Experience Is Valuable

Gaining experience in any field is always a valuable thing, even more so in the online world as there are so many scams and rubbish on offer. We all have to go through this learning curve and in turn we gain more experience towards what is a good product or program and what you need to leave well alone.

My Recommended Online Business Model

Before I tell you what has worked for me let’s go through some of the things that didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

frustrated online marketerI have tried various business models online and although I have made money with them all I have not actually made and profit. I have tried selling my own products on eBay (I reached power seller rank) but it was very time-consuming adding stock, packing it up and going to the post office to send it.

With this, I thought I would try Amazon using their fulfillment centers so I had nothing to send out. I sold over $45,000 in products but had to pay fees and advertising to Amazon which meant the profit was minimal.

I have been associated with various network marketing companies and online programs all of which I covered my outlay but the companies were either closed down or I moved on due to various reasons

Finally, I found a vehicle that has brought me a profit and one that is coming in monthly.

That vehicle is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

In its simplest terms, it is performance-based marketing where you recommend other people’s products and services in exchange for an agreed percentage of the purchase price.

These commissions as they are called can range from a few percents right up to 100%. You are then paid by the company normally on a monthly basis. Some products and services can be a monthly subscription so you only have to do the work once and get paid every month for years to come.

Now that’s a cool business model don’t you think!

  • You have no stock to buy
  • You don’t have to ship anything
  • You have no returns to deal with
  • No customer service to provide
  • No selling
  • All you have to do is recommend products and services and send people to a website

In fact Affiliate Marketing is one of a few businesses you can start with no money.

Where Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing

Like any business, if you want to be successful then you need to learn from people that have already been there and done it.

I have learned heaps since focusing solely on Affiliate Marketing and would definitely recommend a site called Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community of business-minded people, some are learning the business while many are now earning a full-time living with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Learning is made super easy with the WA university in which there are many blogs, videos, and tutorials on various subjects from WordPress to the best SEO practices.

wealthy affiliate training classrooms

For a full overview of what you can learn to check out my detailed post, I have done recently showing you what you get within this learning platform.

Start For Free

One of the many benefits of WA is that you can join for free. They even give you two free websites and hosting plus full training on getting started.

I will even guide you personally if you have any questions, although you will see when you join you have a whole community just wanting to help you too.

I recommend you check out the full list of benefits that are inside of Wealthy Affiliate right now!


When it comes to any online business, product, or service.

Remember:- if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Learn from your experiences and never give up.

Remember:- hard work and time is needed to build any worthwhile business

Stay away from scams such as Smart Dollars Club

start your own business



4 thoughts on “Smart Dollars Club – The Truth About This Scam [Revealed]”

  1. Lol, 30$ per survey? Come off it they could do better than lie such a big lie. Since I’ve been taking surveys online, I’m not sure I have made up to 30$ in total for more than a month not to talk of making it with just a survey. Surveys are one of the most difficult means of making money online because they are time consuming and the pays are not always worth it. The fact that they seem invisible is in itself, scary. And as such, they ain’t worthy of my time. Smart dollars club is just another dubious scheme. 

  2. Thank you for this review. I was wondering about smart dollars if it was a good thing to get into or not. It sounds like their claims are a little Beyond what could be the possible end they are just trying to get you to sign up so they can spam you. I am doing wealthy affiliate now and giving it a try. So far I’ve learned about how a lot of these different make money online things can be scams. I also learned a lot about how to make money online with affiliate marketing. So I am trying it now. Thanks for your article.

    • Jen, I think you could be right there 🙂 WA Is great. Be sure to connect with me on there too.


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