Viral Pay – Viral Dollars – Referral Pay Review What’s It Going To Be Called Next?

viral dollars referral pay reviewI thought about starting a poll as to what this site will be called next. As you can see from the title I am not sure which company this review is for. The truth is it covers them all as it’s the same site but just a different name.

What I want to know is…

How do people get away with scamming people so openly? Maybe we are just gullible and always looking for some quick get rich scheme. I know I used to get sucked into this type of business chasing quick money, but not now. That’s why I try to warn you about them.

Well whether you have joined Viral Dollars / Referral Pay of even Viral Pay (which I did a few months ago) I can guarantee YOU WILL NOT GET PAID IT IS A SCAM!

These scammers do is keep changing the name and when they come to pay out they say you have broken the rules and delete your account.

Rewind Back To Viral Pay

viral pay welcome message I joined Viral Pay just to do a quick review and see whether they did actually give you the $25 they claim just for signing up.

For a full explanation read my viral pay review I think you will be amazed just how easy it is to scam people.

They are very clever though as of course you never have to pay anything so all you are really losing is your time.

This, of course, continues even after your account has gone as no doubt you will be bombarded with phone calls from the tasks you have been trying to complete to get paid out.

This is of course where they make their money, they get commissions for getting people to sign up for the marketing companies.

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Where Did My $820 Go?

When I joined Viral Pay I had no intention of promoting it, in fact, if you read my review (link further up) you will see I actually tell people NOT to join.

But, people did click through and join so I thought let’s do the tasks and get the cash-out.

HAHA… Completing the tasks was time-consuming and frustrating as you would do exactly what they said and it would not give you the completed task in your dashboard.

Let me know in the comments if you are having the same issues with Viral Dollars and Referral Pay I am sure you are, after all, it’s the same site.

My Account Disappeared

I eventually managed to complete four tasks and my payment was approved. Well, why shouldn’t it I had played by the rules?

Yes, I got loads of traffic, heck I was on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So I knew everything was legit and waited for my payout.

Of course, it never happened my account disappeared and the site changed the name to Viral Dollars. But, get this my link still worked and I signed in with my same details. I thought okay maybe everything is okay and I am going to get paid out.

My account was empty.

Did I really expect anything else, no!

Money Kept Coming In

At this point, I was just happy I was getting loads of traffic still and people were signing up to my no1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. If you are serious about building an online business then check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Anyway back to Viral Dollars review or is it Referral Pay review LOL

Because I was still getting traffic and my link still worked people STILL kept signing up.

viral dollars referral pay dashboard

Look closely according to Google search bar at the top I am on Viral Dollars website (well Viral Pay really as it’s the same site). But the logo now reads Referral Pay so beware everything will be changing soon and accounts lost.

But, more amazing is that I have made $247 and I never even created an account with Viral Dollars.

Note I will NOT be completing then tasks either, although if someone wants to buy my account for $100 and do the tasks you should earn about $300 plus…

Only joking!


I am not promoting this for you to join I have purposely not even linked to the new site. I am not even going to review the site I would just be wasting my time as I said earlier in the post check out my Viral Pay review if you want to know more about it.


More importantly, there are 100’s a good site that you can actually make money with. Always review any site and if it sounds too good to be true remember it probably is.

If you are looking to build a long term business, one to be proud of. Then I would consider affiliate marketing you can even start your business if you have little or no money.

My no1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate allows you a starter membership and gives you two free websites, free training, and support and even free tools to get you up and running.

I would get started today.

Your Thoughts and Experiences

I would love to hear your experiences of Viral Pay, Viral Dollars or even the new name Referral Pay. Have you ever been paid out? Have you had your account disappear? I want to hear from you leave a comment below so together we can stop these people from wasting our time.

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12 thoughts on “Viral Pay – Viral Dollars – Referral Pay Review What’s It Going To Be Called Next?”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of scams that are out there claiming that they will help you make money. I will admit, that I have been sucked in to a few scams on my own. Pretty quickly you can see that these websites promise things that they can’t deliver. Really great post. Best of luck and good job.

    • Yes, unfortunately, we all have to go through it and most people learn, but others don’t!

  2. Viral Dollars is a complete scam. Unrealistic claims and shady marketing tactics. Not only that, but if you have a look at their YouTube channel and check out some of the positive comments; It’s easy to see that those comments are being made by new accounts specifically set up to leave positive feedback. 

    Viral Dollars will shutter its doors soon and open up shop as something else.

    • Totally agree Nate looks like they are all set for another change with the referral pay logo in the dashboard area. 

  3. While reading your blog post, I was wondering what could have happened if you attempted to withdraw that $247 that’s sitting idly in your account, or would they allow it? If I were you, I will attempt to withdraw that money with a payment processor like Paypal. Or, did they freeze your money, I mean your earnings, and won’t allow you to touch it? That’s yours and you deserve to get it because you worked hard for it.

    • Hi Gomer, If you read my previous review on Viral Pay then I followed the process right through. I did have to complete the 4 tasks and then I could ask for payout. That is when the site changed names and my account disappeared. So I wont be bothering to complete any more tasks. 

  4. I was wondering the same thing myself. How do people get away with scamming others over and over again? I just wondered why Viral Pay doesn’t pay you out, as I see you have amassed quite a fortune within your dashboard?

    I far prefer building up my own online business rather than spending time building up someone else’s. These sorts of tasks take up a lot of valuable time that you could be using more productively. That is why I don’t even do survey’s anymore, as most of the time you are booted out before you even finish, which is highly frustrating.

    Thanks for a great review and for warning others about this company.

  5. I used to be that person that used to jump from system to system looking for the next best thing just like you did, and unfortunately none of them worked… not surprising I suppose.

    The sad part is that the creators of Viral Pay or whatever you want to call it aren’t the only ones to just rebrand and start selling their crap with a new name… I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I know there are others.

    Anyway as far as the challenge of actually completing the tasks, it sounds incredibly difficult and it reminds me a bit of some survey sites that I’ve joined. Where it takes so much work where you end up getting paid pennies for the hours you spend on them.

    It’s a complete joke that you didn’t get paid, and I’m sure you’re one of the few that have even reached the threshold to get paid… do you think ANYONE has been paid or are there others you’ve heard of that have reach payout but not gotten paid?

    • I think we have all done it Josh it’s why scams work people chase silver bullets all the time. The tasks are achievable eventually. On my viral pay review, there are loads of comments from people waiting to get paid out. None have so far.  

  6. The fact that these people get away with these scams is what actually has me bothered. The anonymity of the internet is what actually makes this possible. The internet is so huge that anyone can do whatever they like online without the law being able to track them down.

    It is easier done in some countries but not so much in others. For these guys to create a website, scam people and then abandon the website and move on to another website shows just how easy these guys have it. A lot of people fall for these scams without even knowing only to realize it is too late after they lose something valuable.

    I have come across these guys before but did not actually register. Now that I see they closed down the site and moved on to another site makes me really happy that I did not fall for their scams.

    • Like you say Jay the internet is such a vast space that it is difficult to police it properly. After a while, you do get to see the signs of a scam and tend to avoid them like the plague. 


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