Wealthy Affiliate University Review – A Must For Building A Successful Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate University Review With Mortar BoardIn this article I am going to dive deeper into Wealthy Affiliate. If you have never heard of WA then this is a must read especially if your are looking to start your own online business. For a full overview visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review page, as today in this post I am going give you a review of everything inside the Wealthy Affiliate University.

How can you join

Joining Wealthy Affiliate could not be easier, just a simple registration form with your name, email, password and username there is no credit card needed for the sign up unlike most membership sites.

What does it cost

It is free to join and you will get access to some training. In order to access everything on the site then an upgrade will be needed. You can get your first month of premium membership for just $19.

Now is this review I am only going to be covering the WA University but you can access my full review by reading my Wealthy Affiliate overview. This covers everything you need to know about WA.

So, if you need a heads up on WA read this article first and then come back to here.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate University?

There are many parts to the WA site but the University is certainly the largest and probably the most important. Made up of six individual parts it is arguably the best training on the internet.

With that said let’s back this statement up by revealing what you can learn to section by section.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course DetailsThe OEC is a great place to start. It has 5 courses and 50 lessons, here’s a quick breakdown of each course.

Course 1

The first section “Getting Started” is free to every member even if you never upgrade you will still have it for reference at a later date. It will help you decide on your niche and guide you to getting your first website up and running on the internet.

These can be the first road blocks people encounter in starting their business.

Therefore this is fantastic for everyone to have access to especially those that have never done anything like this before.

Course 2

Section Two dives into building out your website in more detail. It covers huge topics such as Keywords, Branding, Visuals and the jewel in the crown, Traffic!

Increasing your productivity is a sure way to bring success even faster, they touch on how you can do this too in this section.

You also get some handy tips on how to benefit from using the Wealthy Affiliate platform itself, these were gold dust.

Course 3

This the daddy “Making Money let’s be totally honest here that’s why we want to start a business it’s to make money, well this section does not disappoint in this.

First it covers about how money is made on the internet, some interesting information here.

Understanding and using affiliate programs and links, where to find these programs and leveraging product reviews to your advantage all feature heavily in this section.

Rounding off with tracking your efforts and using paid ads.

Course 4

Social Engagement is covered in this section.

Now we are not just talking about Facebook, Twitter and the other major social platforms here, although these or all covered in detail, but creating social engagement on WA and more importantly on your website too.

This is a vital part to any business so don’t under estimate this section.

Course 5

There is a saying online that content is king and I must admit that I would agree with this, after all this is going to be the backbone to your business.

The final course covers content creation, how to write with the intent of conversions and quick ways to get your content indexed in the search engines. Writing great comments with intent is a a great way of driving more traffic and well worth learning.

They don’t just stop there, planning for your next 12 months of content is awesome as you then have a positive path forward with your business.

Remember Course 1 is available for free and well worth checking out.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate bootcamp course overviewThe affiliate bootcamp consists of 7 courses and has 70 tutorials. It covers every step to producing a profitable business promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Although there is some duplicated content from the OEC courses it is in itself more complex training.

Even if you do go over a few things twice this just reiterates what is important in your business.

Let me run through the 7 courses with you.

Course 1

This course gets you started and does have some duplicated content about building your website. However, it does go into more depth about SEO and plugins.

You’ll discover how to use Google for keyword research and to construct amazing product reviews.

Course 2

As I have previously stated content is king and in this course you will dive fully into how to create the best content you can. Optimize it for the search engines, learn how to probably add affiliate links (this one way shock you), and build even more traffic by interlinking across your website.

Truly the backbone of your business, take plenty of notes on this one.

Course 3

More detailed training on making your social sites brand friendly. Utilizing your website sidebar, and using social plugins are two other topics heavily covered here.

Adding the power of Google analytic s to your site, combined with how you use keyword research tool Jaaxy for your business. You get free access to Jaaxy as a free member and also Jaaxy lite as a premium member. Discover how amazing Jaaxy is here.

jaaxy keyword search example

Course 4

This one is mainly about creating.

From images to videos, logos to pins for Pinterest this section covers it in detail. With leveraging videos, training s and blogs on Wealthy Affiliate this course really let you start to define your business and brand.

Don’t panic if you are not that creative, you will be after this section. It’s easy and taught so you can just copy as you go along.

Course 5

Getting to know your audience and building relationships with your referrals. Two major parts to making your business grow. WA has some amazing tools for this such as branded profile creation pages, with or without video.

An email follow up sequence for your referrals, and a six-week plan of action to get your business rocking.

Course 6

The power of Google, Bing and Yahoo and who to benefit from them, that’s what this section is dedicated too.

This course teaches you how to get indexed correctly on the search engines. It also starts to cover the power of using PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on all three search engines.

Course 7

Ramping up your PPC campaigns and more in depth training on a long term scalable ads are covered in this final section. Not forgetting the “Double Down Approach” to PPC

My Training Activity

my tutorial activity on WA UniThis is where all your training is kept so as and when you watch a video, read a blog, complete a course it will all be sitting here making it simple to find if needed.

As a member in WA you have your own blogging platform right inside the members’ area. Here you can document your journey, give advice or even add some tips for fellow members’. This is a great way to meet others as people will comment and even give you feedback if needed.

When you upgrade, after 3 months you able to add training that will be added to the relevant classrooms. You can also utilize these by promoting them out across social networks and forums.

You can tag your own training s and blogs plus tag other members’ content too. You can then help others by sharing these when I question is asked and/or use them for your continued learning.

Training HQ

Does what it says on the tin basically.

Every piece of training from courses, classrooms and live events are all housed in this section. Making it simple to find things going forward.


Classroom view in Wealthy Affiliate There are 13 classrooms and all accessible within a couple of clicks from your WA dashboard or profile. The classrooms are built up from videos, courses, tutorials and webinars.

These include training s from members’ and the official WA trainers. I am always learning new stuff here.

All the classrooms are quite self-explanatory so all I will do is list the titles for you so you have an indeed on the topics covered. Here goes…

  • Getting Started
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Everything WordPress
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programing
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Local Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC Marketing

As you can see all aspects of training are here for you to build a successful online business, all you have to do in take action.

Live Events

Wealthy affiliate live event screen captureIf you love webinars then WA does not disappoint at all. They hold weekly live events which are hosted by resident WA trainer Jay. He is not only very knowledgeable about all subjects but his training accommodates both newbies and experienced marketers.

The live events last 1 hour and are generally around 5-6pm Canadian time (that’s where Jay resides) if this time doesn’t suit you, for example if you are in the UK like me then that would be 1am in the morning, don’t worry watch the replay.

One extra benefit of watching live is participating in Jays’ (world-class Q and A session) his words not mine. You can still leave comments and questions below the video even if you have watched the replay and someone will give you the answer, so you never miss out.

The live events are all kept in one handy place with the most recent one being the first one at the top of the page.

Final Thoughts

Over the years since I have been online I have spent $10,000’s on training courses, memberships and mentoring programs most cost me lot of money but most failed when it came to delivering the goods. Some disappointed dramatically on value for money, while others were bordering on a con.

With Wealthy Affiliate I can truly say I have finally found a place that delivers on price, value for money and content. That’s why it is my no1 recommendation (hit the tab in the menu to discover more on WA for yourself). But I have not come across anything as good as this in 9 years.

Remember this is just the WA University, you also get free websites, hosting and tools that will help you achieve your life goals. More on all these in my full WA review.

I look forward to meeting you in the WA community soon.

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  1. Wow! Learning made easy indeed. There are so much to enjoy being a member of wealthy affiliate and the university is indeed a great part of the program. It gives a detailed step by step lecture series on how to be your own boss with realistic and achievable approaches. I am glad i am a part of wealthy affiliate.
    Thank you for this wonderful article.


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