Regal Assets Wealth Partners Review – $33,000 With Just One Click? The Truth!

Before I dive into the details of the Regal Assets Wealth Affiliate Program and what it can offer you, let’s quickly address the elephant in the room.

Can you really make $33,000 from just one click?

Short answer YES, although unfortunately, it wasn’t me who made is an amazing commission but, I know the man who did and it’s backed up by Regal Wealth too.

More on that later, but for now I want to show you what I found when investigating this high paying affiliate program.

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Who Are Regal Assets

Launched back in 2009 Regal Assets have helped 1000’s of clients to move their retirement funds into precious metals such as Gold and Silver.

In 2010 they earned an A+ rating from the better business bureau which is the highest that can be awarded. By 2012 they had started to receive celebrity endorsements, this I am sure helped them enormously. Just one year later they become an INC 500 company and even rank 20th
in the United States for financial services.

By 2016 they were being featured in the Forbes investment guide.

With the rise of cryptocurrency in 2017 Regal Assets were quick to offer these as an alternative to the precious metals and with it become an official alternative assets company.

Finally in 2018 RA became an official member of the Forbes Finance Council

As they now celebrate 10 years in business they continue to strive forward and stand out as one of the companies to trust in the financial investment sector.

Joining RA Wealth Partners is really simple just head to and then choose the join as an affiliate. If you want to know more before you join then continue with this overview as it will show you it’s a no brainer.

how to join RA wealth partners

Why Join Regal Assets Wealth Partners

By becoming an affiliate you get access to the Regal Asset Wealthy Partner program. But you may be thinking why you should be joining in the first place. Well, here’s some more information that I researched before I joined up.

Regal Assets are no1 in this industry within the United States what other reason would you need not to promote them.

Well, just to reinforce this here’s a few other reasons

why join regal wealth partners

There’s a very hungry market out there wanting to do something with their retirement fund especially when the US government is deep in debt. People are looking for alternatives for their pension pot.

There are some amazing commissions available with RA. The payout is on a pay per lead, pay per call, and rev share for the life of the customer.

RA has a variety of marketing materials and cutting-edge tools available as well as mentorship program too where you can hook up with someone that has already made $1000’s with the company

Do you need to be a financial expert to succeed with Regal Assets?

By being an expert in any niche will, of course, help you to promote it, but to be fair there are many online marketers that have no experience at all in the financial sector that are making serious monthly cash.

In fact, sometimes having marketing experience gives you an edge over others as you know how to get people to the website.

who promotes regal assets

What Is The Commission Structure

Many affiliate programs just offer a set commission but with Regal Assets, they offer a few ways that you can get paid. This makes it even better for you as the affiliate.

Per Referral

The first way you can earn commissions is through their pay per referral program. They pay $100 per verified email or telephone lead.

That’s a great figure just for a lead, 10 of those a month and you are looking at a grand.


If any of your referrals become clients and invest funds into any of Regal Assets investment avenues, then you get a 3% commission on the total investment for life.

With the average investment around $65,000, that’s a cool $1950 on average so just one sale could then push your commissions towards a monthly figure of $3000. Now that’s starting to be life-changing money.

And there’s more…

The final income stream is by referring other affiliates called your second tier. You actually earn 1-2% of their commissions too. That’s just mind-blowing

You can see why affiliates are making HUGE money with this program.

Join Today and start your affiliate success story

affiliate success with regal assets

If you are still wondering whether RA is for you it’s time to take action and sign up as an affiliate now.

What Marketing Tools Do They Have?

They have some amazing marketing tools to help you obtain a constant flow of leads. They consist of:-

  • Banners
  • Landing Pages
  • Free Guides
  • Articles


They have a good selection of professionally designed banners that you can place on social media, ad networks and even on your own blog if you have one.

If you haven’t got one you can start one here for free

Landing Pages

They have numerous landings pages covering various subjects. Some are aimed towards the precious metals market and others look towards alternative markets such as Cryptocurrency.

Remember – A verified lead will get you $100

Guides & Reports

As every affiliate marketer knows giving something away is probably the easiest way to obtain somebody’s contact details and start building an email list of leads.

Regal assets have created plenty of reports and guides specifically to answer certain questions and fears that people have about their retirement and investments.

Although not a verified lead you are certainly one step closer by using these guides.

News Articles

Sharing articles that cover things that people will see in the news is a great way to get leads as they are looking for answers to headlines they have seen in the news. As we know most news articles are based around fear and people will be looking to ease their fears.

Targeted Keywords

Targeting and demographics is another section that not only holds the top 20 keyword phrases for your marketing plan but market research and data profiling. This means you have all you need to target the right people and get even better results.

I would also suggest doing your own research for keywords an concentrate on long-tail keywords for your blog content and marketing campaigns which will help your articles rank higher in the search engines and get organic traffic.

Hey, we all like free targeted traffic ????

Mentorship Program

Having a mentor in any type of industry is always a great thing, they have generally been there and done it!

As you can see these mentors have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting this program, so you are going to be led by who is smashing it.

mentors for regal assets wealth partners

Within the mentor program, there is a discussion area and resource of files.

State of the Art Back Office

All of the above are accessible via the back-office dashboard. You can also get all your stats and info on your leads and commissions that you have generated so far.

There is an area for notes and a full analytics program that will keep you bang up to date with how your marketing is going.

FAQ section – With currently 37 questions and answers in this section it is very comprehensive and allows you to find everything you need to know about this affiliate business.

Paid Ads

This is, of course, a very competitive market and very targeted so I would also look at using the power of paid ads to enable you to get results much quicker. If you have not set up any ad accounts yet then most will actually give you money to play for free.

Networks such as Google and Bing give out vouchers up to $100 when you spend your first $20. Facebook, Linkedin, and other networks do similar giveaways.

Beware though start slowly and keep checking your stats every day to make sure you are making more than what you are spending.

Summing Up

Even if you are not currently involved in the financial sector can you really not ignore these commissions. With this one program worked well you could be looking at huge monthly pay-outs.

I will certainly be looking to invest both time and money into this great opportunity.

You can sign up for Regal Assets right now and get started.

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Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase
through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks


10 thoughts on “Regal Assets Wealth Partners Review – $33,000 With Just One Click? The Truth!”

  1. Wow, what a very vital information. Retirement plan is actually one major problem amongst people who are close to being retired at work. Although I’m still far from retiring, I feel this is a very simple way of making money even at retirement… I will certainly talk to my mom about this, so her penson can bring something meaningful to her. Thanks for sharing this information. 

    • Pleasure Dane, It is a worry for some people starting to think of their retirement. At least there is a solution in RA

  2. Wow, I never thought that regal assets have an affiliate business for affiliates. This is one of the affiliate partnerships that I’ve seen. Getting 100 dollars for every referral is really awesome plus the commission that one can get once referrals can invest. One still gets Commission on downliners too. That’s very good. I’ll definitely give this platform a shot.

  3. Regal Assets sound like the real deal. Will I need high end clients? I do have history with affiliate marketing and look forward trying my hand with a new affiliate program. Because of the detailed and informative review given here ra is high on my list. I can and do appreciate the effort that was put in delivering this review thanks for sharing 

    • Hey glad you liked the review and Regal Assets program, once you join up they give you a data profile for marketing purposes and surprisingly you don’t need high-end clients.

      • What I would say is click through and join as an affiliate, it does give Nigeria as a country you can choose.
        Good luck!


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