Top 10 Affiliate Programs With Huge Commission Potential

Affiliate Programs For Internet Marketing Tools That You Can Promote

top 10 affiliate programsThe internet marketing niche is one of the largest niches for products that you can promote as an affiliate. This niche also pays very well with commissions on average around 50%. Like with any affiliate products I would always advocate using the product before you start to promote it. This means two things. First your reviews and recommendations will be much more in depth and genuine as you have used the product itself. And of course it builds trust between you and your readers.

In this article I will be going through my top 10 affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche. They are all great products in their own right and have some awesome affiliate programs to boot.

I have added some direct links to all the affiliate programs below should you feel this could be something that you would be interested in adding to your business.

So, in no particular order lets crack on and go through them.


Clickfunnels is a site where you can create your very own sales funnels with no experience about coding or design. They have everything integrated on the click funnels site so no need for autoresponders, hosting. Just create the sales funnel you want from some of their premade templates.

The product is ideal for network marketers, bloggers, small business owners, coaches and consultants, non-profits and e commerce.

There is a two-week free trial for customers (if they participate in a short quiz, after this there are monthly fees (as an affiliate marketer I love monthly fees as you do the work once and get paid over and over).

Your commissions are a healthy 40% recurring every month your referral stays active. Check out the full commissions in the table below.

There are heaps of different sales funnels to promote making it very simple to start earning some big bucks with Clickfunnels. Become a super affiliate and they will buy you a car (Yes you read that correctly A CAR) well worth joining then :).

Go and join their affiliate bootcamp for free

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the best online marketing training platform I have used (and I have used a few) They offer training on blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, wordpress, social media and loads more. A free account is all that necessary to start learning so easy to get people to sign up through your affiliate link. For a more in depth look check out my Wealthy Affiliate Full Review although you might as well just create your own account as its free to join.

With healthy recurring commissions it’s another great product to add to your portfolio

By signing up you automatically have the ability to promote WA as an affiliate so no hoops to jump through there.

Create your account today

Thrive Themes

Thrive affiliate programs gives you the ability to promote all their products. These are a full range of WordPress plugins such as their page builder (Thrive Architect) which is the best front end editor on the market. They currently have 7 different plugins plus a range of premium themes. All of these can be promoted individually or promote the Thrive membership which covers all of them.

Commissions are 50% across the board but vary as there are different license options that customers can choose. The membership is a monthly / yearly recurring income, Nice!

Sign up to Thrives Affiliate Program and start earning fast


Aweber is one of the oldest email marketing providers. This is always a great one as once people start to build a list they very rarely change providers. I have been using Aweber for years now, so who ever referred me has earned a good lot of commission. 🙂

Commission is only 30% but the retention of the customers can be years. Just a basic affiliate program to a solid company.

Sign up to their Affiliate Program


Shopify is one of the main e commerce sites and with everyone wanted to sell their products online this is just growing big time. The trial period helps build your business nicely. Only a one off commission but that is at 200% so each referral that signs up to a paid plan you get $58 and if someone takes the Plus account you earn a whopping $2000 now that’s well worth the promoting of this product.

Start promoted Shopify today


Siteground is a website hosting company. The one thing you do want from a hosting company is reliability and the same goes if you are an affiliate promoting it. The one you don’t want is getting people to use the product and its just not up too much. This is why I choose Siteground.

Commissions are on a sliding scale the more you sell the more you get paid. Who said hard work never paid off.

Join siteground affiliate program


Jaaxy is a keyword research tool and is part of the Wealthy affiliate community. With Jaaxy you can search keywords, affiliate programs, competition sites, and niches research. You can also check where your sites is ranking for certain keywords. It’s a keyword tool but on steroids !

By signing up to Wealthy Affiliate you also get access to Jaaxy and the ability to promote it as a standalone product. A healthy 50% commissions are paid on a recurring basis.

Create your WA account and check out Jaaxy too.

Content Samurai

Video is massive these days and only gong to get bigger. Content Samurai is a video creation site which makes creating videos child s play. There is a free trial offer which is always easier to promote and commissions are 50% on the monthly recurring membership. So again do the work once get paid monthly. Retention for me has been between 3 -6 months for customers.

Join their affiliate program and start promoting

Social Oomph

We all know how big social media platforms are these days. We also know that time is a very precious thing, so having a site that can post out scheduled updates to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc has got be something that people will want to get there hands on. They have a free account that you can direct people towards, ongoing commissions are at 40% recurring on a monthly basis.

To sign up just open a free account then scroll down and hit the affiliates tab in the footer menu.

Web Talk

A new kid on the block but may be of interest. A social network with an affiliate program which is about to be released shortly. You can sign up with Web Talk for free and connect with like-minded people. Commissions will be 50% of all revenue spent by your referrals. This goes down 5 levels (10% each level)

I must admit I am not quite sure how this one is going to go as its still in beta testing.

To join Web Talk you need to be invited… well here is your invite if you want to take a closer look

Your Thoughts Please

As you can see these products work across the whole Internet marketing niche, and can be targeted at entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketers. These are of course my top 10 affiliate programs maybe you have some great programs that you would like to share too, if so please comment below with your suggestions.

If you found this article interesting and useful please share so others can benefit from it too.

Disclosure :- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link then I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Affiliate Programs With Huge Commission Potential”

  1. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am currently using Wealthy Affiliate as my top affiliate network but Shopify is my second one. I heard that so many marketers are obsessed with Amazon but it truly have poor commission rates, you need to have massive traffic on your site to make money with them.

    • Daniel you are of course right Amazon commissions are very low, but bloggers do make money using them on their sites. Like you say traffic is the key and lots of it. I personally like higher paying programs like Wealthy Affiliate

  2. Hi, 

    Thanks for sharing all of these. I personally use Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy. I have no complaints about them. They offer great value for their services. 

    I like Wealthy Affiliate because the community is nice and they will answer all of your questions. Kyle and Carson made a really good and comprehensive step-by-step on how to do affiliate marketing training that really helped me a lot. They also have a very generous affiliate program. Since the value that you get from Wealthy Affiliate is very superb, you shouldn’t be able to have a problem promoting it. 

    I use Jaxxy to find keywords that I used in my blog for SEO purposes. It is free if you are a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate. They have many very cool functions that make searching for keywords very easy! 

    Regards, John Greg

    • Indeed Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy are great products thanks for leaving your thoughts

  3. Hello,Searching on the internet I was able to find you and I truly find that we share the interest towards affiliate marketing. 

    They are my first steps, I am looking to make a site like yours. 

    For this, I need a company that gives me very good training and support. 

    I have many doubts and I would like to have quick answers. 

    You mention to Wealthy Affiliate what do you think if I register with them? 

    Thanks for all the help you can give me. 


    • I am glad you found us, you will find that Wealthy Affiliate has all the training that you need to create a site like this. Feel free to sign up and take a look I will be here to help you if needed too.

  4. I am  new in the online business, I have been thinking of a niche, now I have knowledge on clickfunnels, more on wealthy affiliate, thrive themes , siteground, some I have not heard before I will go back and study them more, to me the internet is a very big platform. Thank you so much for this information . 


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