Key To Successful Niche Marketing

People are always saying about the need to niche down and find your USP. Here at Newbie Affiliate Marketer we concentrate on all things affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a sub niche of the making money niche. So let’s tell you the secret to successful niche marketing.

Drum rooooooollllll !

Reverse Engineering.

Okay you probably how have a blank expression on your face, and thinking what is this guy on about. Well let’s show you exactly what I mean… read on!

Follow Your Competitors

follow sign postMake no mistake. If you want to make money online, you have to let your competitors do your homework for you. Believe it or not, they’re eager to do it for you. They don’t know you and couldn’t care less about you, but still they’re eager to do your homework.

Why? Well, let’s look at it this way. Whatever problems you may have in building a brand website targeting a particular niche, these problems are not new. Far from it. In fact, these problems are probably as old as your niche itself.

Given that these problems have been around forever, don’t be surprised if people who built websites before you targeting your niche have come across these problems. Chances are, they’ve come up with some sort of solution.

The Good News

Just because they started earlier than you, doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose out. Reverse engineer their solutions so you could focus on the answers that they got right. Pay attention to their solutions to look at areas for improvement. Solve these problems. When you do that, you would be able to come up with a better value proposition for your intended audience. That’s how the game works.

This is the most important piece of advice anybody can give you when it comes to niche marketing. Nothing else comes close. Why? Your competitors have put in all sorts of resources to answer key questions. These questions are your questions as well. You would have to answer them, because you’re staring your own business in the same niche.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Let your competitors do it for you.

How Do You Apply This In Practical Terms?

First of all, you can use this to find the right content. Just go to your competitors’ websites, look at their content and pay attention to the social media signals that these pieces of content are getting. Go to their social media accounts and look at their shared content that gets a lot of engagements. If you do this, then you would know that certain type of contents get a lot more love in your niche that other pieces of content.

Here Are Some Examples

Let’s take the Social Media Marketing Niche and have a look at what someone within this niche and see what we can deduce from their content.

social media post kim garst
  • I have visited the website of Kim Garst one of the top social media trainers. As you can see from the image I have found this recent post all about providing valuable content on Facebook but without creating it yourself. This post on her blog has had 2,000 + shares across her social media networks, so I think we can safely say that people like the content and want to know about this subject. Take this subject and do some research then create some similar content writing by you. You already know that this is what people want to see so you are one step ahead.
  • Kim is also giving away a Facebook live checklist, so again you could do something similar to this as you know her followers are already downloading this.

So as you can see, if you too are in the social media marketing niche all you have to do is create these types of content. This gives you a tremendous head start. You’re not starting from scratch, you are creating content that people would want to read or download in your niche.

How to Make Money Using This System

When it comes to making money, you could also reverse engineer your competitors. Go to their websites again and pay attention to their ads. What kinds of ads show up again and again? What affiliate programs are they enrolled in? Which products are they selling? These are important clues as to what works in your niche.

Copy these monetizations system and test them against your own traffic. Figure out what works and scale it up. That’s how you make successful niche marketing work for you.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take attention to detail and a quite a bit of work. The good news as time goes by, you work less and less while making more money.

If you are looking to start your own business, get a free website and free training by checking out my no 1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. Again you can use all their resources and knowledge that the members have amassed over years of being successful online.

start your own affiliate business

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6 thoughts on “Key To Successful Niche Marketing”

  1. Thank you so much for this advice, I’m currently in the fishing niche and I have a small blog I’m trying out with affiliate products…although I’m not doing too well!

    I really like the simple idea you’ve covered here about following and then copying your competitors – it makes sense that they are the ones that hold the ‘magic bullet’ to success due to the heights they have reached. 

    One question though – how do you pinpoint the most successful people in your niche?

    • Thanks for your comment Chris, there are a few ways to find successful people within your niche. Look on social media you tend to find they have a huge following. Also look at magazines they will interview top people, or even follow the magazine itself as this will tell you what your readers are looking to read… Lastly if all else fails to bring any results try Google you will be surprised what they know .. LOL Building your brand is also going to help you gain the exposure you are after. Good luck

  2. You give such excellent advice here about successful niche marketing.

    I never heard of Kim Garst but I looked her up and let me tell you, I will be following her now because she has the right attitude!

    I agree with you as far as following your competitors because they have done all the homework. It doesn’t mean to copy ANYONE’S work at all! I get that.But getting ideas about what works and what doesn’t is so important for your website and business.

    I’m going to take your advice on social media marketing because I haven’t been doing what I need to do in order to get more traffic and get ahead!

    • Excellent Rob, I wish you every success. Glad you benefited from the article

  3. Thinking of the niche is easy for me but making it successful has always been hard. I am glad I came across your post. You are so on point about following your competitors, why I haven’t thought of that! They sure are probably faced all the challenges ahead of me and I can learn from them lol genius. I will start following my competitors from now on and will see how they do their ads and will see if my traffic stats go up or not. You save my day! Happy Holidays 


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