8 Simple Steps To Brand Yourself Online

Why Brand Yourself

branding imageBranding is all about identity people need to know your brand through a logo and color palette. Choosing something that suits your brand can be a time-consuming job and some companies spend $1000’s to get their branding just right.

Is this article we are certainly not going to tell you to go and spend $1000’s to brand yourself. In fact, you could do all the following steps without even spending a dime.

1. Create An Online Base (Your Website)

The first thing you need have online is a website. I see so many entrepreneurs without a website some even just have a Facebook page, which is good but it’s not a website. A website will build trust for your brand where are an FB page is primarily branding Facebook. Now they have enough money lol.

But a website cost money… yes it can cost or you can create your own for free

The one thing you will need is a domain name for your website if you can get one with your brand within the domain that would be great… I have a web design business and my domain is Designed-4-U.com so my brand works in my domain. When choosing your brand may not be available in the dot com if not next go with dot org. Using hyphens can be okay but not ideal.

2. Your Logo

Having a logo for your brand is paramount you will discover as we go through these steps your logo plays an important role in your branding online. When creating a logo it has to be not only eye catching but also represent what your brand stands for.

Run with what you think is great you can always update it as you go through your journey of building your brand.

Watch the video below as I run through exactly how to create your logo for free.

3. Social Media Accounts

Unless you have been living under a rock lately then you will know that social media is MASSIVE and not only for BIG brands but small ones too. Now I am not advocating spending every waking hour glued to social media, but having a presence on ALL the major players is a good idea.

Use the same colors as your website and logo to show people, yes you are in the right place… strategically adding in your logo is a great idea too. You can do this in your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter headings here is my main Twitter account as you can see I have sneaked the logo in the top left-hand corner and my colors match my website branding.

twitter branded header

4. Video Marketing

Now I know not everyone uses video but sites like YouTube will generate traffic and get your brand noticed. If you are not keen on being on the video personally get someone else to create the video, or maybe record your PC screen and use a power point.

For creating stunning videos is minutes I recommend Content Samurai. As well as branding your header as previously suggested how about creating a video intro for your videos. Click the image below to watch a 5-minute video from Nathan one of my fellow Wealthy Affiliate members.

video branding fiverr

The advantages of being on YouTube

  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Ranking high on YouTube will give your brand great exposure if used correctly.
  • If you allow, people on YouTube can embed your videos on to their websites giving you an even further reach.
  • Lastly, YouTube is free, although you may spend a few bucks creating videos after that it’s free advertising for your brand why wouldn’t you want that.

5. Images

Pinterest image example branding
Share this image to Pinterest…

With sites such as Pinterest and now Instagram being so popular, images are now a big part of social media and getting exposure. You will even get more retweets and engagement on Twitter if you tweet and image as well.

Let’s show you how to create images that you can brand with your logo and website URL.

You can get free images from sites such as Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels. Take these and add them into Canva.com with Canva you can create any image you like. Upload your logo and then add this to any image, you can add text too to bring your image to life.

Share your branded images to Pinterest and Instagram every time you get a like, share or download your logo (brand) gets seen. Branding your images also creates a form of protection from anyone else who uses it without your permission.

6. Hashtags

On sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest you can actually search hashtags, so how about creating a hashtag just for your brand. This enables people to find your images, tweets and videos by typing in you hashtag. You would need to be consistent with this one so all your content can be found.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the best way to build trust with your customers. Although creating great subject lines is a must when emailing out, remember add in your branding. This is just another just to get your brand in front of your audience for them to recite when chatting to friends and colleagues.

Adding a branding image at the top of the email and a logo and website links at the bottom. Again once these have been set up they take two seconds to add in.

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8. Email Signature

This is one that people forget but you can add your logo, website and social links within your email signature. Meaning every time you email people will see your brand, follow you on social media or even visit your website and buy your products.

Set this up the once and it can be added on every email. Simple but effective!

All of these steps added together will give you a massive advantage over your competitors as I am fairly confident that most businesses are not utilizing these tactics.

So how many of these are you currently doing to brand yourself online ? Let me know in the comments below…

Good luck with growing your brand

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6 thoughts on “8 Simple Steps To Brand Yourself Online”

  1. I always thought that stepping into the world of ‘branding’ with your business was going to be hard work, especially online. You’ve managed to show me that it’s not rocket science – it’s very doable if you do it section by section. 

    On the subject of social media marketing/branding – how do you gain enough followers so that you don’t appear like a newbie business? Is there a quick fix for this?

    • Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. As regards to Twitter there’s no quick fix as such but using these strategies on this article will certainly help

  2. Hi,

    I always want to try email marketing, but I can’t build a mailing list. My site wealthbuildertips.com have addthis plugin to collect email of my readers but no one is registering to it.

    Can you teach me how to effectively build a mailing list?

    John Greg

  3. Branding is so very essential and the 8 points mentioned here would do it perfectly. Images, videos and other media can be a great digital assets for branding and to establish authority as well as promote in the right way.

    Great post about such a dynamic and intriguing subject! Thanks!!


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