Kash Tree – Does Money Really Grow On Trees or Is It A Scam!

My parents always use to say money doesn’t grow on trees and as a small child, I wondered why they even said this as most people know this isn’t true. Although, I do have a money tree in my office LOL.

But… Was I jumping the gun with my thoughts here as according to Kash Tree you can now earn $500 today!

Is Kash Tree legit?

kash tree scam

My first instincts say no, but without looking more closely I will hold off this statement until I have investigated more.

Read my What is a scam, 9 red flags to look out for article now.

Let’s go and take a look now, interested? Come with me on this investigation and see what I discover, I may be proved totally wrong.

Quick Stats

  • Name – Kash Tree (But this might have changed by the time you read this)
  • Website – www.kashtree.com
  • Owners – None to be seen
  • Price – free to join
  • Overall Rating – 1 out of 10 (Not recommended)

What Is Kash Tree

Kash Tree is a platform where you can make money by sharing through social networks. By using your influence and referring others to join up you will be rewarded with $25 this will be added to your $50 sign up bonus. Ohh free money everybody loves that… read on to discover that there is no money at all.

kash tree bonus

On step three of their sign up process, it claims you can cash out instantly and use payment processors such as Paypal. If Paypal are involved this gives you some clout in the making money market as they do not keep their associations with unreputable companies.

So let’s dive a little deeper and see what I can find.

Is Kash Tree A Scam

The short answer is YES – Do not join and waste your valuable time with this site.

Here’s why I know this is the case…

  • I have come across other similar sites that are set up to mirror this one, they all offer a $25 referral bonus and a signup sign bonus. The concept is exactly the same, in using your influence and social media to promise huge money.

The truth is there is NO money, you will not get paid out…

Read how I made over 880 bucks on Viral Pay but never got paid a penny.

They claimed that I have broken the rules and so would not payout. Humm no comment.

This seems to be their get-out clause as it keeps cropping up.

non payment of kashtree

More False Claims

kashtree domainKashtree states on their about page that they were founded back in 2015…. oh no they were not.

I have done some more investigation and found that the domain name was only bought and activated in August 2019. What’s more, it expires in 2020.

So, not expecting it to last long then by only purchasing a year at a time.

This only is bad enough but now take a look at the payment proofs nearly all of these having dates prior to the date that the domain name was purchased.

I can tell you why I know because the same payment proofs where on sites such as Referral Pay when I reviewed it back in 2019. Not only is this a clear scam, but they are also crap at implementing it. By just reproducing more duplicate websites will not work.

Or am I being nieve here, let me know in the comments below if you have come across any similar sites and what they are called. Let’s get the word out on these scumbags once and for all.

payment proof kashtree

There are some great sites out there such as Oh My DoshSurvey Junkie, and Swagbags all of which have great track records when paying members.

Although if you want to start a business online that you can grow with huge income potential then read how I gained success online here

Fake Kash Tree Video Testimonials

Well, I should have known really before I even clicked on the testimonial page.

I don’t even think these young ladies have even signed up for Kashtree let only earned any money.

Let’s face it none speak about payments none show you their accounts to prove that this money was even earned.

Oh, and they claim to pay you for your video testimonial as you get paid to post videos on YouTube.

Get real guys this is laughable. How do people get sucked in this crap? Scroll back up and read my article on how to decide what is a scam.

fake testimonials kashtree

What I Like About Kashtree

I must say this is a hard one as there is not much to like at all.

The only thing I can think of is that it is a prime example of what a scam website looks like. As I mentioned before there are many duplicated sites out there all with different names so knowing this and seeing how it operates you will be able to avoid all the others.

What I Dislike About Kashtree

There are many things wrong with Kashtree, as I have proved that this website is nothing more than a scam to get your details. Here’s a list of what I found that alarmed me!

  • No owner – There is no one coming forward as the owner of this site, which is always a worry.
  • Easy Money – Figures showing that you don’t have to do much to earn big money with this site, but in reality, there is no money at all.
  • No Payments – From what I have seen for myself (and experienced on their other sites) no payments are ever paid out. Normally the member is told that they have broken the rules so they will forfeit their earnings.
  • False Imagery – Images of people getting paid via mobile phones are all false, even the dates don’t match up when they founded the business.
  • Fake Testimonials – The video testimonials are absolute rubbish, they are poorly done (not even natural). They all state they have earned several hundred dollars in a couple of days, and none say they have received any payouts.
  • Duplicate Sites – There are many sites like this, I have even reviewed a couple before, they are identical in every aspect including not paying out.
  • Email – They also just have a Gmail account as there contact email, not a good sign. If you are a business you would pay and have an email to match your domain name and not a Gmail address.
  • Social Accounts – These links are disabled or the accounts have been closed down, no surprise there then.

I could go on, but you get the point. Kashtree is a scam do not join this program you will NOT get paid.

An Alternative

Before I finish up it would not be professional of me if I didn’t offer you a legit business to look at. After all, you looking to make money right? Of course, you are otherwise you would have never landed on this page.

Now, I just want to run through a few things you need to know about making money online. There are as you now know many scams out there but, also there are many businesses and programs where you can make money, I even mentioned a few earlier.

In truth any business takes hard work and dedication for you to be successful, yes once you have put in the hard work you can earn $1,000 a day even more but you gotta work for it!

If you are willing to put in the time and effort then I am more than happy to help you make money.

Still interested! Let’s go then…

I have been using a site called Wealthy Affiliate which has helped me make money every month. The site is free to join and you can get started with the training from day one.

They have ongoing training given by qualified coaches plus you get to interact with all the members (a lot of which are full-time marketers).

If you want to take a closer look, click the banner below and grab your free account, I will then connect with you inside the members’ area and I can hep you all the way.

Ready! Let’s Go!

start your own business

Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

12 thoughts on “Kash Tree – Does Money Really Grow On Trees or Is It A Scam!”

  1. Thank you so much for saving my time! I almost joined this fraud program using an affiliate link from my friend on Facebook. I’m sure he didn’t know that he was also scammed. This program is free to join, right? Do you know what is the benefit for them if for this kind of fraud, since no real transactions (buying somethings from their site) has really occurred? Thanks for answering my curiosity.

    • Yes, it is free to join, I am not 100% but I think they may gain revenue from the companies which compile the surveys and tasks. They also have a very big list of emails of which they could sell on to third parties. 

  2. It’s funny, but I find that a business name that has a word intentionally misspelled will immediately feel less trustworthy. So, something with the word “kash” in it makes me cringe from the beginning. Plus, it’s crazy that as you write your article / review, that the name is something that might change. This is a quick 2 strikes against the company! 

    Thanks for sharing your insight into why this is something to avoid and to save people from wasting their time and effort on a “business” that doesn’t even share who owns and is behind the idea. I’m happy to know in advance that they are not trustworthy! 

    Thank you so much for sharing all the detail behind the insights as well.

  3. Hello Martin, this review is definitely detailed and straightforward. When I first heard about the ludicrous offer kashtree came up with, I knew straight away that something was amiss. I couldn’t tell exactly what it was but I was bent on finding out. This review has confirmed my suspicions. I just knew that it was too good to be true. Now, I have to say that you have done a very thorough job, going as far as investigating the domain details, that’s just deep and passionate work.

    Thanks for sharing 

    • Thanks for your comments, I do try and find the evidence to prove my case. LOL

  4. Thanks for this unbiased review on Kash tree as it would be of great help bro the public as it has been of help to me. For me anytime I here about things like this the first thing that come to my mind is scam but after reading your article thoroughly I can’t say its a scam but I won’t advice anyone to go into it as it too clouded.

  5. Thank you for exposing Kash Tree. From their statements claiming we can make $500 today is simply the opposition to our parents saying money does not grow on trees, lol. Kash Tree does not have re products or even services to offer. It’s simply a waste of time and energy. I see my friends wasting their time on it and other similar sites; they don’t want to believe me. Well, one of my friend learnt that the hard way; after making up to $600 in a similar website, he was unable to cash out.



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