Oh My Dosh – Scam or Legit Cash Back Site

“Can you really give a little time and make a lotta dosh”?

I was searching the internet for making money online, I quite often do this to see what is ranking high in the search engines. Let’s face it we have all been sucked into get rich quick schemes at some time or another and seeing a phrase such as the one above makes me not only intrigued as to whether you really can work for less time and make huge amounts of cash.

So me being me needed to find out if this was a true claim or just another enormous scam.

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The website I came across stating this quote was called Oh my Dosh! and today I am going to show you exactly what I found when I dived inside and took a look round.

Quick Stats

  • Name – Oh My Dosh
  • Websitewww.ohmydosh.co.uk
  • Owner – All the staff are listed on the meet the team page but, no owner (shame)
  • Price – Free
  • Overall Rating – 6 out of 10


What is Oh My Dosh

oh my dosh

Oh My Dosh is an online portal where you can get paid for completing tasks or purchases. There is no joining fee and it was super simple to sign up.

You just need a current email address with your name and a password. On signing up you receive .50p assed to your account and another 50p is added when you confirm your email.

Please note that this site is just for United Kingdom residents and you must be over 18 years to complete most of the tasks and or purchases.

How Does Oh My Dosh Work

There are many ways to earn with Oh My Dosh the more lucrative payouts require you to make a purchase, but that said there are free surveys and trials that you can sign up for that will still earn you cash.

Here are some of the different areas that you can earn

  • Hot Offers – These can range from surveys to purchases. But, the commissions can be quite tempting with some topping out at £40. Are these offers going to be things you already have yes indeed, but if you are thinking of changing company then earning an extra £40 and getting a deal has to be a win-win.

hot offers on oh my dosh

  • Lightning Payouts – You can get paid out within 3 days when you take up these offers. Note there is a £10 payout threshold to meet before any payouts are made. Offers include surveys and downloading free apps.

lightning payouts with oh my dosh

  • No Spend – Be careful of this one as quite a few of these are free trials so you will need to remember to cancel or downgrade before you start getting charged. Maybe stick to the survey sites if you have no money to spend.

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no spend with oh my dosh

  • Gambling – These are all restricted to over 18’s but can earn you £10 for signing up. Note gambling can become an addition so always gamble responsibly and if you need help then contact the relevant helplines.

gambling deals with oh my dosh

  • Shop and Earn – Earn a percentage discount when shopping online with a host of various stores. Includes fashion, beauty and food outlets including top brands such as JD Sports, Bodyshop, Miss Pap, Pretty Little Thing, Groupon and The Works, which pays a whopping 12% now that’s a great amount to have back.

shop and earn with oh my dosh

  • Insurance, Utilities and Finance – I have grouped all these together just for ease of this review, these are things we all buy and need so why not get money back when purchasing through oh my dosh. A lot of big names are in there, but what I would say is always do your research thoroughly so you are getting the best deal.

insurance on oh my dosh

How Do You Get Paid

The most important information is of course how will you get paid. There are enough scams online these days I have even reviewed some such as Viral Pay, so caution is always needed.

One good sign is that Oh My Dosh is using Paypal to make all their payments. Paypal is not only the top payment site in the UK it is also very vigilant about fraud and will remove itself from associating with any business that is not legitimate.

No worries if you haven’t got Paypal you can add in your bank details and they will pay via BACS. Personally, I think would open a Paypal account it’s free and you are more protected. You can link your Paypal to your bank account and still download the extra money straight to your account anytime day or night.

Who Can Benefit From Using Oh My Dosh

There are only two restrictions on using Oh My Dosh that is it’s based only in the UK currently and for a lot of the offers you need to be over 18 years of age. Otherwise, the doors are open to anyone…

  • Students
  • Stay at home mums (and dads)
  • Unemployed
  • People wanting to earn but have no money to invest
  • People looking to earn some extra cash
  • People looking for deals and cashback opportunities

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What People Are Saying About OMD

There are plenty of favorable reviews about Oh My Dosh they are available on their website and you can view them without having to join. There are articles from the Sun newspaper and publications such as Love It and Metro. Most of the others were personal blogs but still honest reviews.

If you want more information about OMD before joining then visit here and read through their reviews.

You can also find more information on Trust Pilot they have amassed over 3300 reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 which is great.

trust pilot reviews oh my dosh

The Pros

  • The website is well put together and there is no pressure to grab your details or get you to join or sign up to anything.
  • The site is associated with some big names, within the fashion, food and finance sectors.
  • Easy to set up and get started.
  • Fast payments via Paypal and or Bacs

The Cons

  • Be wary of free trials and make sure to cancels so as not to incur monthly costs.
  • With most offers the amount you earn is very small, this will not earn you a fortune.

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Final Thoughts

There is a lot I like about Oh My Dosh and I have no doubts that the site is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash. But if you are looking for a more substantial business that you can grow and become your full-time income then this will never get you there.

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