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Thrive Architect Plugin Review

Thrive Architect is a premium WordPress page builder, which enables the user to build pages and posts on any WordPress theme but without having to use the classic editor. WordPress 5.0 now includes a block editor which most find difficult to use. Thrive Architect provides a solid alternative with heaps more features and benefits.

It has been developed by Shane Melaugh who is CEO of Thrive Themes products of which the architect plugin is just one.

Quick Insights

  • Name: Thrive Architect Plugin
  • Website: www.ThriveThemes.com
  • Price: $67 Single License $97 – Five Site License
  • Owners: Shane MeLaugh
  • Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

The Good and The Bad

What I like about Thrive Architect

  • The plugin is easy to upload and use, with all the features and elements can be added by clicking or dragging and dropping into your page or post.
  • Thrive have an amazing university full of create videos to help you get the most out of the plugin and its elements.
  • All future updates and improvements are currently included for life when you purchase the plugin.
  • You can also build standalone landing, thank you and download pages to name a few.

What can be improved

  • When I bought my license they offered an unlimited number of sites and now just 5, be great to reinstall this please Thrive.
  • You only get a 12-month free support on the plugin. (although I never had an issue to need support)
  • You can only use on a WordPress self hosted site.

Who Is Thrive Architect For ?

Who would benefit from using Thrive Architect plugin. Well just about anyone who has a self hosted WordPress blog. Ideal for anybody who is setting up their own sales funnels, such as Internet and affiliate marketers even small businesses and entrepreneurs love it too. If you are looking for something to help you build WordPress pages and posts faster and easier than be sure to take a closer look.

Thrive Architect Elements

Thrive has the ability to create pages and posts using the following elements, Paragraphs, Headers, Images, Background Sections, Column Layouts, Click to Tweet, Social Share, Disquis Comments, Facebook Comments, Custom Menus, Dividers, Fill Counters, Progress Bars, Icons, Post Grids, Star Ratings, Tabs, Toggles, Video Embeds, Table of contents, Google Maps, WordPress Content, Custom HTML / CSS and Data Tables.

All of these can be added by just dragging and dropping onto the page or post. Making it the ONLY true front end page editor.

Thrive Architect elements

Thrive can be used with any WordPress theme, or you can buy themes directly from Thrive to save you time. And talking of saving time Thrive have over 200 ready-made customizable templates you can load onto your website with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Every thing can then be editing with your own headers text images and colors. It’s just so simple.


Wordpress page builder thrive architect templates

There’s no reason to worry about building your email list either as you can create lead generating forms at the click of a mouse. Thrive allows you to add any of the email service providers mentioned in the image.

Wordpress Page Builder

I personally use AWeber but as you can see they support all the major providers.

Thrive Architect Support

Although Thrive only give a 12-month support package for the actual plugin, they have an abundance of support regarding how to use and get the best out of the plugin.

You get access to Thrive University where you can follow video tutorials on subjects such as…. Building a targeted email list, SEO, rapid page building, building a landing from scratch and many more.

They have an amazing YouTube channel too with videos about new features and elements they are launching, and the beauty is any new elements added you will get access too.

Thrive Architect Price

The one thing I do like about Thrive is that although it is a paid plugin there is no monthly fee like some others page builders on the market. You have 3 different options available when purchasing.

  • Thrive Architect Single License – $67 only use on one site.
  • Thrive Architect 5 License Pack – $97
  • Thrive Membership – $19 a month if paid yearly access to all their other plugins and themes. Use on up to 25 websites. Unlimited Support, this package is ideal if you are creating loads of websites or a web designer.

There is also Unlimited free updates and 274 templates on all options.


My Final Opinion On Thrive Architect

Well I absolutely love all Thrive products but Thrive Architect is the one I would not be without, it is so simple to use and makes creating great looking web pages a breeze. Although there is a small cost involved I would definitely say its money well spent. Without any doubt it is the best WordPress Page Builder I have used. You can discover more about Thrive Architect on their website



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26 thoughts on “WordPress Page Builder – Thrive Architect”

  1. Thanks for sharing this website. Soon as I get home, I’m going to be working on my website for awhile. I have to make some money on this. I need to work on my content.

  2. I’m really happy right now for coming across this post because building my page on WordPress is a great concern for me.i have a lot contents on my page and still looking forward to post more. Posting content on my page is such a slow process but now that I’ve seen a remedy , I believe I won’t regret making a purchase and I believe this will meet my needs.Thanks

    • I am glad you have found what you are looking for. Thrive should help you create posts and page with ease. If you have any questions about it going forward just shout. 🙂

  3. I was looking for a simple and user friendly WordPress page builder. And after came across your article, I have made a purchase of it and now I’m so happy to see the result.

    Although there are free WordPress themes are available but they don’t give you more option to customize your website. Which was a big deal for me and I don’t have any HTML programming knowledge. 

    So I desperately looking for a solution on how to customize my website and Thrive Architect has solved my problem. It doesn’t required any coding or programming, just drag and drop and you’re done. It’s so simple.

     I would like to say thank you for your effort and hard-work to make this review. 


    • Great to see this has been just what you have been looking for, I am sure you will love Thrive its a great product. If I can help you going forward in your journey just shout.

  4. Thanks for sharing your exprience with this plug in.I have been using this for few weeks and absolutely happy with it. It is very easy to use and create page with this tool. I would recommend this plug in to everyone. Though there are few thing that you have mentioned here need to improve but still worth the price.

    • Thanks for your comments Sanjay indeed Thrive are always making improvements to all their products, thats part of the reason I use them.

  5. Hi! I have always heard good reviews concerning Thrive Themes. And I really don’t expect anything bad with Thrive Architect. But I still wanted to review it. I’m glad I found your site.

    There are plenty of interesting features that will make this purchase a game changer for me. I really like the dragging and dropping feature. It makes things much easier! And I’m also thankful for that AWeber can be used with Thrive Architect.

  6. Thrive Architect – this is the first time I am hearing about this plugin. After reading the review about this Thrive Architect, I realize how useful it can be for any WordPress site. I especially would use it more for creating videos and stuff. The price is a bit expensive for me, but once I save up money I will definitely buy this plugin.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  7. This same to be a great product to get the job done. I am sure that your viewers will love what you are sharing about this amazing system that can make this online business so much more easier.

    • Indeed Norman this is an amazing product and one that is well worth the investment.

  8. This is a very timely post, as I just watched a YouTube video where an online marketer recommended using this them to build out a one-page training course with an opt-in form but was unsure exactly how it would work.

    After reading your review I have all the answers I need, and I think I will go ahead and purchase it!


    • Thanks for comment John< I am sure you will find that Thrive does everything you want it to do, remember if you purchase through these page I can give unlimited support gong forward.

  9. Love the idea to evolve and improve any website, myself always try to make my sites better and if Thrive can help me do that I will definitely try it. I have had a lot of problems when in WordPress you have this new Block Editor that if anything just gets on my nerves so if I can find something that will help me get rid of it and improve the look of the site and I am more than happy about it.

    • Indeed Barbara the new block editor is new and a lot of people find it difficult to use. With Thrive Architect it is much better as you can see how the page looks and don’t have to keep looking and adjusting… just tweek as you go right in front of your eyes. Although it’s a paid plugin for a few dollars you can use it on your site forever with free updates for life.

  10. Hey there Martin. Thanks for this thorough review on Thrive Architect. I find the price a bit high for what the plugin offers. I use the Avada wordpress theme and it comes with a page builder called “Avada Fusion Builder”, which also allows me to manipulate blocks and elements rapidly without too much hassle.

    Is Thrive Architect also included when you buy a Thrive wordpress theme?

    Thanks anyway, I didn’t know about the plugin.

    • Thanks for your comment Ben, I haven’t seen the Avada Fusion Builder so I can’t comment on any differences these may have. The best way to choose a theme with thrive is to join the Thrive Membership this includes use of all the their themes and plugins.

  11. Yeah WordPress with no theme plugins have a big learning curve. I hadn’t heard of Thrive Architect, but I agree with you 100%. Theme builders and visual editors make life much easier with WordPress development. A few years ago I researched and tested many WP editors and finally landed on one that is very user friendly. The best part though is the front end drag and drop editor, saves me so much time and headache. I will respect your post by not posting a link but you may check out my website to see how its working for me. (the editor link is on the bottom of my page)Cheers!

    • Hey Vince thanks for your comments so glad you have found a page editor that is working for you. I must admit I find Thrive unbelievable. I have tried others but nothing has come close so far for me. I will check out your site.

  12. in the world today there are wide variety of web design to choose from, and I have luckily come across this website which made me understand not all platforms are created equal. Some platforms only come with a few basic elements while others can be overly complicated. I’ll be willing to apply this thrive architect to my website page for a better experience. much greatful.

    • Thanks Seun I am sure you will find Thrive Architect the best addition to your website. If you need any more information you can visit my You Tube channel or just message here.

  13. Hi Martin,

    You did an awesome job in giving detailed information about Thrive Architect Plugin. The specifics are all given so there’s no need for your readers to look elsewhere for information plus you have the video. I am a newbie with website building so this kinds of information is a good read.

    You seem to have established an authority with this niche which by reading your review of this theme made me realized that you know what you are talking about. By giving your readers a first hand information of your experience with it is another specific detail that one likes to get as we always look for reviews before purchasing or availing of a product.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you.


    • Thanks for your comments Nida, if you ever consider purchasing any Thrive plugins I give life time support to anyone who buys through my link, please bare this in mind.


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