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Do we need another drag and drop sales funnel builder. Now we all know that building an email list for your online business is one of the essential elements to being a success so anything that makes this procedure simple to do has to be worth it.

Let’s dive into showing you more about what Inter Funnels has to offer.

Quick Insights

Name – Inter Funnels

Owners – Bobby Shahzad and Yasir Abbas

Price – $39.95 – $79.95 monthly fees

Overall Ranking – 6.8 out of 10 (untested)

The Good and The Bad

What I liked about Interfunnels

  • Hosted totally online in a web based app – This gives you the ability to build your business from any laptop, PC or mobile device which is great for the busy lives we lead.
  • Newbie friendly and no previous knowledge required to use it – A very simple system that can be easily learned by anyone that is looking to build sales funnels for their business
  • Pre Designed templates and easy to use drag and drop system – No real design skills need as you can use their pre made templates.
  • Integrate your favorite auto-responder and payment processor – Ideal if you already have an auto-responder and have an email list set up.

What I dislike about Interfunnels

  • Monthly Fees – This is obviously great if you are the affiliate as you do the work once and get paid every month, but I think they could have made this a one off payment (like Thrive Architect) which would have got more people to try interfunnels.
  • No Autoresponder included – Beware although they say you have a complete system they only give 3 months free usage of their own autoresponder after the 3 months there is a $35 a month fee. I would not mind if I wasn’ having to pay monthly for building the sales funnels.
  • No hosting included – another thing that is needed and apparently included is hosting. Well they again give you the first 3 months and then charge anything from $9.99 upwards per month.

Good move on their part regarding giving 3 months free as people rarely give up autoresponders and hosting once they have them. I have not used either of these products and so would recommend some research to look at getting your own accounts on other products.

I would recommend AWeber as an autorepsonder, which I used for the last 8 years online.

Drag and Drop Features

inter funnels drag and drop dashboard

Everything within the pre made templates are totally editable by using the drag and drop editor.

Here’s a list of the features you can add and edit.

  • 8 x Value Boxes
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Comparison Boxes
  • 35 x Testimonials
  • Arrows and Bullet Points
  • 18 x Number Lists
  • Attention Grabbers
  • 48 x Text Buttons
  • 58 x Image Buttons
  • Pricing Tables
  • 11 x Pop Ups
  • 15 x Count Down Clocks
  • 28 x Optin Boxes
  • 12 x Bonus Boxes
  • 21 x Order Boxes
  • 48 x Text Boxes


There are three different price points for Inter Funnels or if you hurry you may still get their launch price.

inter funnels price table

Standard to all the packages are these features – Host Video Content, Pre Made Templates, Memberships Sites, Discussion Forums, 3 months free hosting, 3 months free autoresponder, drag and drop editor, autoresponder integration, unlimited visitors, unlimited orders and dedicated customer support.

Lite – Regular Price of $39.95 a month. Which includes everything as standard plus 10GB free video hosting space, 100GB free bandwidth for video hosting, 500 members, up to 20 funnels and 5 custom domains.

Pro – Regular Price 0f $59.95 a month. Which includes everything as standard plus 50GB free video hosting space, 500GB free bandwidth for video hosting, 1500 members, up to 50 funnels and 20 custom domains and mobile application.

Agency – Regular Price of $79.95 a month. Including all the standard features plus 100GB free video hosting space, 1000GB free bandwidth for video hosting, 5000 members, up to 100 funnels and 100 custom domains with mobile application too.


24/7 Technical Support is through instant chat, help desk, and over the phone.

Although there isn’t a free trial opinion there is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

My opinion of Inter Funnels is that the drag and drop system is not new but they do state that this is breakthrough software, the only disadvantage with this is my book is that you have to pay monthly for it. Whereas if you use a front end editor such as Thrive Architect there is just a one time reasonable fee. Admittedly you will have to host your site and use your own autorepsonder but you will have to pay to use these after the first three months, using Inter funnels too, so no real difference on that front.

One of the good things is your 60 day money back guarantee so you can of course try Inter Funnels out with the security of having this in place.

More Alternatives

An alternative you may want to have a look at is Clickfunnels which is a very similar drag and drop system, but if their case your hosting and autoresponder are included within the monthly fees.

If you are looking start your own online business then Wealthy Affiliate is worth a look too, with free training, websites and support.

Disclosure :- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link then I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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15 thoughts on “Inter Funnels Review – Is It Better Than Click Funnels Or Thrive Architect ?”

  1. I love reading this type of review simply because it is written out of your experience. I am happy that I came across this review because I almost got this product once because someone referred me to the product. I was a bit skeptical and wanted to make sure I was getting my money’s worth but after reading this review, I don’t think I will opt for it.

    1. This product is new so there maybe some teething problems so time will tell how Inter Funnels will fair.

  2. Thanks for writing this review on inter funnels .i have been having a hard time picking the best one to use on my website either to use click funnels or inter funnels due to the fact that am new to affiliate marketing and I want look professional as much as possible. Out of the two which one will you recommend for beginner like me in term of cost 

  3. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This is a well written review about inter funnel,its really an eye opener for every affiliates marketers.i would love to bookmark this page and share with other affiliates marketer. Thanks for the review. Best regards 

  4. Hi there

    This is really educating. Basically, building email channel is really crucial for online business. This Inter funnel is a good product to subscribe too. But obviously has so much to catch up to the likes of click funnel. Their pricing is really ok and so far it is newbie friendly, Its really cool but not including autoresponder is a big minus for them. But I will choose Click funnel over them. Thanks 

  5. What a great comparative article! More than 20% of businesses have reported that they do not have an effective strategy for landing page testing. One of the reasons behind this can be the lack of knowledge related to tools and services meant for creating great landing pages. I support the fact that Inter Funnels is that the drag and drop system is not new but they do state that this is breakthrough software, the only disadvantage with this is my book is that you have to pay monthly for it. Whereas if you use a front end editor such as Thrive Architect there is just a one time reasonable fee, but One of the good things is your 60 day money back guarantee so you can of course try Inter Funnels out with the security of having this in place. While on other hand we may want to have a look at is Clickfunnels which is a very similar drag and drop system, but if their case your hosting and autoresponder are included within the monthly fees. I may say am not really part of these programs because Wealth Affiliate had make everything better for me on joining them and it’s still helping me. Great platform. Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

  6. Thanks for sharing this article on Inter funnel. I have only read about click funnels, never knew we have inter funnels. Reading through the lines of your article I can say that it us worth giving a trial but I have an issue with the price as it could have been made a one time payment and also having to pay for my own hosting after 3 months is not ideal. Thanks for the article. 

  7. An informative review of Inter Funnels. Very clearly analyze in separate sections for likes dislikes, pros, and cons. You are pretty much right in your final opinion. Before starting using this have to think about the monthly payment mainly for the newbies like me. I think it is necessary to be a little bit familiar with these things first. This review is actually of great help and thanks for sharing this valuable post.

    Take care!

  8. While I haven’t had any experience with Interfunnels, it appears to be a good program.
    The fact that it has a money back guarantee is a plus too.
    There are many affiliate programs available today and this one is new to me.
    I look for something that gives the best value, training, support, and expertise because that is what helps you to become successful.
    I would give it a try but I feel that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better program.
    How many members does Interfunnels have?

    1. Inter Funnels is a brand new product launched recently so as regards to people using it this figures are yet to be released. 

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