Clickfunnels Review – Sales Funnels That Work

Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels is an amazing product for designing, creating and building your custom sales funnels. There is no experience needed and you can have your first funnel in place within minutes of using the site.

Let’s dive into some more information that you will need before you start building.

Quick Insights

Name – Clickfunnels

Price – 14 day free trial – $97 a month – $297  month

Owners – Russell Brunson

Overall Ranking – 9 out of 10

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The Good and the Bad

What I like about using Clickfunnels

  • Easy To Use – From the sign up process to creating your own sales funnels. All of this has been made so easy even if you have no experience at all.
  • 14 Day Trial – This is major plus as to test drive a product before committing to a purchase is really important for the user. It also shows the Russell and the Clickfunnels team are up front, honest and genuine about helping you. (Although be warned you will need add in your credit card details so that your membership can continue without interruption) Start your free trial today
  • Pre Made Templates – There are hundreds of pre- made templates so even if you have no design skills at all your pages can still look amazing just as if a professional designer has built them. Note they are all editable too so you can add in your own images, text and videos.
  • Everything You Need – Clickfunnels gives you everything you need, they host your funnels, you can use their own lead generating system. You can even add email campaigns and broadcasts to your email list. All built in Clickfunnels.
  • Affiliate Training – This will not appeal to some people but as an affiliate marketer they have an amazing affiliate program and training site. Well worth joining to promote too.

What I thought could be improved

  • Price – The price is quite steep the full package suite being $297 a month, you can downgrade to the basic package (just clickfunnels software) for $97 a month.

In depth Overview

Funnel Builder & Page Editor

An easy to use drag and drop page builder similar to others used with the WordPress platform. There is no experience needed to use this. By using their pre- made templates and then editing to brand to your business pages can be up and running in just a few minutes.


Automated email marketing and messenger features so you don’t have to add extra tools for your business. Everything is accessible directly from your account.


Get affiliates to promote your own products and services. This is a no brainer let others do all the hard work and you sit back and take the money. If you have products already what better way to get them noticed by having an army of affiliates out there promoting for you. Yes you have to give them a commission but no up front adverting costs, you only payout once the sale has been made.

As you can see Clickfunnels are always improving as they have other features waiting to be launched to help you build your business even faster.


The support given by Russell and all the Clickfunnels family is amazing, they will always go out of their way to help you. They offer a full help desk directly from your account, plus you can always ask the Clickfunnels community where support staff and experienced members will all help you.

They have live chat support too. A library of support articles and documents are available too, so whatever you need they have you covered. Great job!


  • 14 Day Trial – This gives you a full two weeks trial of the full suite of products
  • $97 a month – This only includes the clickfunnels software package and you are limited on visitors, pages, funnels and domains.
  • $297 a month – The full works clickfunnels software, email marketing system and affiliate system (not sure if this will include the new features coming soon) I will report back on this when you go live with them.
  • No lengthy contracts to worry about upgrade, downgrade or even cancel to suit your needs at the time.

Final Words

Having used Clickfunnels and built a simple funnel this is a great product. It’s ideal for Online marketers, Business owners and Entrepreneurs who don’t want the hassle of building a full website. These of course can cost thousands of pounds with everything integrated.

Although I love the ability to test everything out using the 14-day trial, I personally think it’s a big jump to $297 a month for the full package. However, at $97 a month you still get a great product that will enable you to get your sales funnels up and running.

I would definitely take advantage of their 14 day trial and check out all the features they have on offer and remember there’s no contract so you can cancel membership at any time.

Alternatives – If you are needing to learn how to build a business online but don’t have the finances for Clickfunnels then look at Wealthy Affiliate and to build your own sales funnels you could use Thrive Architect . Both I would recommend as alternatives.

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20 thoughts on “Clickfunnels Review – Sales Funnels That Work”

  1. Thank you for the thorough review. I constantly here this site talked about in the online community but I really didn’t know much about it until I just read this and looked through the site. I have heard nothing but good things about Clickfunnels and it certainly seems like this supports that. I agree that the price is a bit steep and I think that it’s probably something good to look at when your site is already making some money to put towards it but to each is own. Definitely going to bookmark this for later. Thanks again! 

    • Yes I must admit I have never really seen a bad review of Clickfunnels. Russell has built a great product. I think like you say once your site is creating some income then this becomes totally manageable but for newbies starting out a bit steep.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article on click funnels, I am just getting to know about it. Haven gone through the review I am convinced that I can give it a trial but after the trial of 2weeks payment of 97 dollars per month begins which I have a problem with. Though they have good packages for members but I think it’s kinda high. I hope it can be reviewed. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  3. For clickfunnels to be rated nine out of ten by you shows its worth to be tested. With the five bulleted pros you listed about it and only one con which off course the pricing, which you said could be improved on. The fact that its easy to use and it already has ready made templates in which any newbie could easily understand and use makes me love the sales funnel. Thanks so much for this informative post. It was really helpful

    • Glad you found it interesting. clickfunnels is definitely worth a look on the 14 day trial. If you are concerned about the price then maybe try Thrive Architect as a cheaper alternative

  4. Thank you for this review. I wanted to sign up on clickfunnels after all the buzz about it so I decided to find a review. Though you rated it high, I would still take advantage of the trial daysbto see if it works for me. It should definitely help my business grow. Thanks for this

    • /*Its a great product and company run by an honest guy. I would always try the 14 day trial before you commit fully

  5. The importance of this feature can not be over emphasised in affiliate marketing online. Definitely a good brand from what you have written about it on the review. I would love to have and recommend click funnels to others. But my own issue just like yours is the price. Its on the high side and even with its quality. I think the main people they are trying to reach are online marketers who are already making money and just want an upgrade. They should review the price if they want maximum patronage from all marketers 

    • Totally agree with you here, the price could make many think twice, that’s why I like Thrive Architect as it’s a similar product and just a manageable one time fee.

  6. Clickfunnels is like a powerhouse for email marketers. It is exactly what an email marketer needs to be able to build attractive landing pages with just drag and drop. I mean building landing pages has never been this easy. Great work from the team behind this.

    The only issue I have like you mentioned is the membership fee. It is crazy expensive and not something a lot of newbies just starting out online can afford to make. I do like their affiliate program and I think have a contest of winning a car if you are able to meet some certain requirements in sales. That is a pretty attractive offer.

    • Thanks Jay, Yes they do offer a car for their affiliates once they hit a certain amount of paid memberships. Maybe get rid of the car bonus and make the product a bit cheaper LOL 

  7. I feel you about the price for Click Funnels. When I looked at their prices, I personally feel it is a very expensive product. I get the rave about it, but there are so many other ways you can do the exact same thing without purchasing Click Funnels. I personally feel your alternatives are great. Thrive Architect seems awesome and Wealthy Affiliate seems like another great way to build a full business online that allows a steady stream income.

    • Thanks Evie, The price could be a barrier for some, but for those not wanting to bother with a website its a possible platform

  8. That’s a good review of Click funnels. But I wanted to know more about it. Something like what all facilities we have in $297 and why it is more beneficial than downgraded $97 version! And, I also want to know about its popular Affiliate program, does affiliate benefits in the same way for both versions? Please reply in ‘reply to my comment’ looking for your answer.

    Apart from this, all your content is engaging and I’m glad that you have also suggested alternate cheaper options. They are useful indeed. Thanks for sharing this article.



    • Hi Akshay, I have outlined the differnet packages that you get in the price section, but basic package is just clickfunnels software (sales funnels and page creation) the higher membership gives you all the products with no limits. Although I am not reviewing the affiliate program … I will do this in a separate review. But basically you get a 40% commission on the monthly memberships there are loads more products too and great training hence too much to go into here. Keep an eye for my other review. 

  9. This is a great informative and educative article. You have put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand all about Clickfunnels. From what is Clickfunnels to advantages and disadvantages, to price and your recommendation, you can’t possibly be more exhaustive! More importantly you did not paint unnecessary good picture rather you stated the absolute truth about Clickfunnels. However it should be noted that it requires effort, time and seriousness to succeed with is Clickfunnels like any online or offline business. I will like to hear more on this in future. Thanks for sharing.

    • I will be producing a video review too, where I will go through how easy it is to use. 

  10. This sounds like an interesting aid to building your website,especially with the promised help of the team, and also the help desk.

    Being a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, I was surprised at the $97.00 Basic package, when the WA Premium package is only in the $40-$50 bracket.

    The Pre Made Templates are very good, so that you have framework to build on in your website, and can juggle the various components to your satisfaction.

    The 14 day free trial is very attractive, so you can see what it,s all about without any commitment.

    • Thanks for your comments Robert, I would definitely use the 14 days to have a closer look. But like you say just puts Wealthy Affiliate into perspective


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