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Having come across Digital Genius Lab I was intrigued about what they had to offer. Having tried and tested most of the programs and courses on the internet, this was one that I had not yet looked at.

So, I thought that for the sake of you my loyal readers I should do some further investigations and see how Digital Genius Lab stands up against some of the best around.

At first glances, DGL seems a mixture of businesses is it an affiliate marketing opportunity or a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. Well, let’s try and find the answers to these questions and others that you will want to know, especially if you are looking to join DGL.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend other companies’ products and services by using a unique link that is tracked specifically to you. If someone you refer, then buys the product or service you then get paid a pre-arranged commission. This could be from a few percents to 100%. Many big brands have affiliate programs such as Amazon and Target

Multi-Level marketing, on the other hand, is where you are selling specific products belonging to one company. There is normally a signing up fee and ongoing monthly costs to buy products. You are also encouraged to recruit other people into the business too. Although, all compensation plans show the ability to earn mega incomes very few people actually do.

MLM’s are also linked heavily with the term pyramid scheme. This is rightly associated in some cases but network marketing is not a new concept and has been around for decades with such companies like these top ten network marketing companies

I must admit I prefer the affiliate marketing business model and its how I make money a passive income every month. You can too by joining me on my no1 recommendation site.

Right, let’s solve the mystery behind DGL for good.

What Is Digital Genius Lab

digital genius lab

According to the DGL website, they offer world-class affiliate marketing training, support, and tools. However, in the same breathe they are announcing a new partnership with a company called ACE Initiative, (more on them later).

It says that the founder’s Sean, Melissa, and Chris originally set out to make DGL the one-stop-shop for affiliate marketing, giving their tight-knit community (or small in other words) access to the user-friendly all-inclusive affiliate program.

Digital Genius Lab Login

I think the word originally is key here as when I went to the login tab on the website there is nothing showing.

Hum, it’s going to be a tight-knit community if nobody can join or log in… LOL

They do go on to say that Digital Genius Lab offers you all the resources to improve your life, well that’s a very broad statement and doesn’t really say what the resources are. 

Heck, I give you all the resources here on Newbie Affiliate to improve your life, and most are free 🙂

Anyway, I digress…

Who are the Founders of Digital Genius Lab

founders of digital genius lab

Sean and Melissa were the couple who got together to create DGL, wanted to offer the most accessible marketing platform around, and when they couldn’t find anything they created Digital Genius Lab.

Funny as there are many platforms that offer an accessible marketing platform. Sites such as David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer and John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System not forgetting my favorite Wealthy Affiliate.

Melissa had had great success in business management and growing businesses, while Sean is a serial entrepreneur with a few profitable businesses behind him.

They were quickly joined by their ideas guy Chris who had built his own business to over $1,000,000 in yearly earnings.

The DGL was founded…

Also, pictured above is their mentor the one Russell Brunson founder of Clickfunnels which itself is a self-contained sales funnel and marketing platform. Although, nothing is mentioned on the DGL website could this be the marketing platform that they are talking about… Interesting!

Giving back with Never Thirst

Note that Digital Genius Lab gives 1% of their profits to Never Thirst which provides sustainable water supplies to populations that currently have none. Whatever you think of DGL this is an admiral thing to do. Helping people less fortunate than us is always commendable.

But, I just need to know exactly what they are selling, I am going to presume it has something to do with ACE Initiative so let’s see what they have to offer.

What Is the ACE Initiative

It all seems rather mixed up and the DGL website is really not that clear but I am going to run with what ACE Initiative products are available.

The first thing I noticed on the program enrollment page was that I had been referred by DGL and also one of the products is the DGL training modules although it gives zero details of what you will be learning.

Before I go through the products one by one I did glance at the price which seemed fairly high at $99 a month, especially with what other programs cost… more on that later though.

Here is what you get in Digital Genuis Lab 2.0 (or ACE Initiative)

the ace initiative program

Read through and decide for yourself who or what this program is. Although, it starts by announcing that you only get MOST of the ACE’s products maybe they keep the others back and charge extra, who knows.

  • ACE’s Business Basics – Beware ACE is a front for a multi-level marketing company in the cosmetic skincare niche so I am presuming this will tell you about the business or maybe about starting your own business.
  • ACE Photo and Video content essentials – not quite sure what they will be covering here too vague.
  • ACE Facebook Academy – There are plenty of courses around showing you how to use Facebook.
  • 4 The Gram – Instagram course
  • ACE leader insights videos – Not sure how many leaders there are but I guess the more the merrier.
  • Digital Genius Lab Training Modules – Although, nothing mentioned about how many and what they are about.
  • Marketing Mechanics – Live Weekly Calls With Q&A & Video Library
  • ACE Lifestyle Architecting – Live Weekly Calls With Q&A & Video Library
  • Nail It & Scale It – Live Weekly Calls With Q&A & Video Library
  • ACE Aussie Weekly Talks – Live Weekly Calls With Q&A & Video Library This has a value of $1997 or could that be all of the above it’s not clear.
  • Monthly Access To Our Proprietary ACE Affiliate Marketing & Sales System value of $1188 although nearly all affiliate marketing sales materials are normally free… or are they taking network marketing sales system. There seem to be the wrong terms used here.
  • 15 Minute 1-On-1 Entrepreneurial Discovery Call I am always wary about 1 to 1 call as they normally mean a salesperson trying to get you to upgrade into a different program
  • 30 Minute 1-On-1 Offer Path Strategy Implementation Call …hum more upgrade pressure
  • Bonus #1: Access To Our Exclusive Facebookâ„¢ Mastermind Group! Normally means anybody who has paid the $99 a month not really any value although they recon on $297.
  • Bonus #2: First Access To Early Bird Tickets To Unify & ACE Live Events All Over The World! Yes, you get access to spending even more money with them, not really a bonus for us maybe them though.
  • Bonus #3: Special Private Pricing Each Time We Release New Public Courses! whoooo so even though I am spending $99 a month I will have to pay more to get new public courses. What is the point of paying the money if the training is not included sounds very dodgy to me? But hey, that could save me $2000 just think what it is going to cost me then

I can see why DGL has merged with ACE Initiative as they must be racking it in for very little work. And also very little in return 45 minutes on a call and some meaningless bonuses, that just results in you spending more money.

Read more on Affiliate Marketing versus Network Marketing here

Guys and Gals there are many other websites, communities, and training hubs call them what you like and many are a fraction of the price with better value. Take Wealthy Affiliate for argument’s sake, firstly they have a free membership so you can join a take a look round. You get free training, support, and guidance from over 1.5 million members and coaches. And even if you upgrade to get 120 training videos, weekly live events and free websites, hosting and research tools for just $49 a month… it doesn’t compare really it’s a no brainer.

What I Like About Digital Genius Lab

I must admit there isn’t much I do like about this program/website but if I had to come up with something it would be that they give 1% of their profits to charity. That’s always got to be a good thing yeah!

From what I can see there have been many changes since the founders started DGL and unfortunately, not all of them have been for the better.

What I Dislike About Digital Genius Lab

Here is what I dislike about the DGL

  • Very confusing, misleading, not really sure even if there still is a DGL
  • Could not find any products as their shop doesn’t like to anything
  • Everything is directed towards ACE Initiative now although they are offering DGL products they seem to be getting a reward to direct people across. As I said previously confusing!
  • ACE has very little to offer but have a substantial monthly fee
  • It is obvious that you will be advised to upgrade further through the one to one calls
  • The back end product/ business is a multi-level marketing company. Why not just promote that company as everything else is pretty worthless.
  • Poor value for money (there are many other training sites that offer more value for less money)

As you can see I am not a fan of this site and I would definitely not recommend you joining either Digital Genius Lab or ACE Initiative.

My Alternative Option For Starting Your Own Online Business

If you are serious about creating an online business that you grow into a full-time passive income then as I have mentioned before, I would recommend taking a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate. I have had a premium membership for a few years now and earn a passive income every month because of Wealthy Affiliate.

Probably, the best online learning portal on the internet.

It has a massive advantage, that you can join as a free member, get access to level one of both the main courses, build a free website, use premium research tools and get unlimited support, and guidance from over 1.5 million members most of which are making a full-time income online.

By grabbing my 7-day email Bootcamp and then joining WA on the thank you page you will also be able to take advantage of my bonuses that I have made available to you. At least my bonuses give you value 🙂

Grab my 7-day email Bootcamp here.

If you have joined DGL or ACE then please drop me a comment below with your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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