Super Affiliate System For Making Money Online [The Facts You Need To Know]

john crestani super affiliate systemEver wanted a business where you don’t need to own any products, speak to anyone or have any previous experience then you need to check out Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. This success system really can give you the freedom lifestyle that most people can only dream of.

Keep reading to discover how John’s system has helped others become million-dollar students of his.

Before I dive into what you actually get when you sign up for Super Affiliate System let me just tell you a little about the CEO himself.

Who is John Crestani

john crestani ceo of super affiliate systemJohn is an entrepreneur who has built multiple million-dollar businesses. He started online in the health industry but has become one of the top affiliate marketers in the world. His earnings have top 10 million dollars and now turns over 1 million dollars plus a year.

John certainly is changing lives and even boasts 4 million-dollar students that he has taught. He has been recognized as a great mentor by some of the biggest names in the media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, CBS, and Yahoo Business to name just a few.

John is CEO of Internet Jetset and has produced Super Affiliate System his business enables him to travel the world, raise a family and work where ever he is in the world.

How cool is that!

What Is Super Affiliate System About

Super Affiliate System is a 6-week step by step guide about using paid advertising with high ticket affiliate marketing products. It’s a business in a box and one of the few high ticket programs to have a full affiliate program.

suer affiliate system guaranteed income

Who Is SAS For

  • Brilliant for those that what to start a business online
  • A must for people looking to quit their 9-5 job
  • People with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • People who like working hard and investing in their future
  • Marketers who want another income stream

Who Is SAS Not For

  • Get Rich Quick enthusiasts
  • Lazy People

What Is In The Training

Week One Training

training for super affilate systemFollow John as he guides you through setting up your own affiliate success system. All the tutorials are done through video which makes it very simple to follow along step by step.

This includes setting up your website, joining affiliate networks, uncovering common mistakes, Facebook ads and even a bonus gift.

Week Two Training

This week is all about earning commissions by placing ads on Google. This sounds an easy thing but I know from experience that if you are not too careful you can lose mega-money here.

John again walks you through everything including adding conversion pixels plus the mistakes you do not want to make. On completion of this week, there is another gift.

Week Three Training

bonus money in super affiliate systemUtilizing the second largest search engine on the planet this week. Have you guessed it?

YouTube… all the great information to setting things correctly and using their advertising platform to get maximum results. Walking you through placing your first ad on YouTube and don’t forget the mistakes you might just have made. Well, that is of course before John tells you them first so you can avoid them.

This week the gift is MASSIVE, not quite sure if it’s just big and something that is a total game-changing. You will just have to sign up to find out.

Week Four Training

Social media is the topic in week four John focuses a lot of his time on Facebook and these lessons reflect just that. He covers about Facebook affiliate marketing rules, constructing and placing Facebook ads and setting up and using Facebook retargeting pixels.

With valuable video and audio resources that you can download and refer back for life. All of which John has created from his own experiences that have generated him millions of dollars from Facebook alone.

Week Five Training

All about having your business working for you every day and night all year round.

Setting up your affiliate website with a step by step walkthrough, including guide you clear of the fatal mistakes most other marketers make. Discover how to split test your pages to gain even higher conversions and sales.

Plus of course his normal additional weekly gifts. This week concentrating on making you a marketing Jedi

Week Six Training

proven ads to make money with super affiliate systemScaling up your business in what the final week is all about. Ramping up your business to get the $1000 profit days. Discover payout bumps sounds cool I want them, please 🙂

Automation is also covered heavily too, let’s face it if you have a multi a million-dollar business why not fully automate it. Increasing your profitable ads to give you even more commissions with effecting your costs.

Free Webinar

As part of his training, John has a free webinar and online course that you can sign up for which costs absolutely zero and gives you a heap of great information about earning online using affiliate marketing.

Even if you are not thinking of taking the full course I would 100% recommend watching the webinar and signing up for his free email course.

Sign Up For The Webinar Now

free webinar for super affiliate system

Meet The Coaches

super affiliate system coaches

Although John Crestani is your main coach there are two other multi-millionaire marketing coaches. The first is Brian Pfeiffer who is CEO of Surreal Media and the other one is named as Tim Burd who is co-founder and Facebook ads specialist at Agency Y.

Both have great track records in the affiliate marketing space and Brian is recognized by Clickbank as a Platinum affiliate.

$900 Advertising Credits Bonus

John states that there is a bonus of $900 in advertising credits which if you work it out makes this a no brainer really as you have all these credits to make your money back and more.

Remember also John shows you how to get high ticket affiliate sales so you may only have to make one sale to be in profit.

You can’t say fairer than that…


The price for the whole system is $997 which does seem high when you see it first off but when you consider everything that you are going to get plus the $900 in advertising credits and the full money-back guarantee it makes it a much better proposition.

Plus you are getting access to John and his team of millionaire coaches all of whom have proved the system works.


Having testimonials is of course what every high ticket product has but unlike most other online products the Super Affiliate System has genuine testimonials from real people, that have been highly successful after using the product.

This is quite refreshing to see. At least it’s not the same actors from Fiverr you see on so many below-par products

Here is a small selection just for you

Money-Back Guarantee

Now you very rarely see this on high ticket products. That’s right full money-back guarantee. Heck… This means you have actually no excuse but to try John’s Super Affiliate System right now.

This only proves how confident John is with his system, or maybe it is just that all Clickbank product owners have to offer a money-back guarantee. Either way, it’s a win for you the purchaser.

Also, having just a 12% refund figure it only reiterates that the product is not only great value but that it is helping many others gain some income online.

Summing Up

There is a lot here, to sum up, but in my book, it’s all great stuff, from the free webinar and online course through to the full in-depth course with not one but three multi a million-dollar marketing coaches.

John never hides online and always forthright with all his views, comments and videos. I can only have total respect for product owners that have worked hard proof the system works and then help others achieve great results too.

With additional resources and gifts along the way John just keeps giving. And remember if you are not 100% happy then just activate your right to a full refund no questions asked. But as you mentioned not many do this which is yet another massive plus.

As I mentioned earlier I would totally recommend signing up for the free webinar and going through the follow-up email course. I would never force anyone into a high ticket product as sometimes funds as just not there but remember you could use a credit card and if not happy get a full refund before your card is even due for paying off.

super affiliate system recommeend by

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  1. The post is good, very informative. I actually wanted to read every word to see where it was going. Very thorough post. As a review, I think you should not neglect to tell your readers about dedication and hard work that is needed and you have really done justice to that. I have heard of John somewhere before and his tools and I believe he is really doing a good job helping people, I think I should try out his webinar. The price is abit high though. Thanks for this review

    • Thanks Jackson, glad you liked the review. The webinar is totally free so well worth a sign-up to watch it.

  2. Wow! This is awesome; that clickbank earning screenshot is mouth watering. I’ve being really frustrated on this path of financial freedom through affiliate marketing. I should give this super affiliate system a try, I hope it gives me the long last solution I’ve always seek.A free webinar course and money back gurantee is really cool for me.

    • Jordan, John himself is testament that the system works I would certainly sign up for the webinar and watch it. 

  3. Hello Martin,

    Thank you for this review of the Super Affiliate System. I like the fact that you have included a bio of the company owner/CEO to bring reality to this system.

    It is nice when you can see the people you will be dealing with. You have described what the course is all about and how the weeks are split up.

    I assume you are very happy with the product.


    • Thanks for your comments Derek, Yes it makes a pleasant change to see the owner at the front of his business so many hides away which does put doubts of the legality of them. No worries here though!


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