World Global Network (VyVo) Scam or Legit!

What is World Global Network

Firstly, WGN has had a rename recently to Vyvo, there is no explanation why this has happened on their website, but maybe because website visitors had dropped dramatically over the last few months.

Remember Vyvo and World Global Network are one and the same, as I may mention both in this article.

World Global Network is the distribution leg of technology company Helo Corp who is a public listed company on the United States of America stock market.

Helo Corp develops innovative products using a concept they call “Life Sensing Technology”. This uses technology to improve people’s lives.

WGN is also part of the direct selling industry which is also known as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.

The MLM industry is not a new thing there are many companies that have been trading for decades. But that said there is a darker side to the MLM industry too with many companies failing to last more than a few years and some even being accused of running a pyramid scheme or Ponzi.

So which bracket does World Global Network fall into?

In this full and honest review, I will be diving into the products they sell and your ability to earn money with WGN. Are they another scam site or do they deliver what they promise?

Let’s go and see…

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Quick Stats

Name – World Global Network (VyVo)

Website –

Owners – Fabio Galdo CEO and President

Prices – $300 – $3500 plus ongoing monthly amounts

Founded – Utah in 2011

Overall Rating – 4 out of 10

How Does World Global Network Work

helo LX Pro and Extense

With the combination of the smart technology products from Helo Corp and the distribution set up with World Global Network and their distributors, this is surely a marriage made in heaven.

More and more people are looking to take care of their health and wellness preventing things such as chronic disease. People are interested in their bodies, ancestry and what they can do to achieve a good quality of life. To add this to ground-breaking technology then they are ticking a lot of boxes.

WGN uses individual distributors to not only sell the products but to increase the sales force. This is known as network marketing.

What Products Do World Global Network Sell

Smart Life Solutions

Includes your helo band to record your vital parameters (I am thinking heart but it’s not clear). Send them your DNA test and they will give you a full health and wellness report. Also, receive a 30-day health and wellness action pack tailored directly for you.

Helo Range

Medically-certified Biometric Sensors in 3 different products the LX, Pro, and Extense. The one thing that did catch my eye was that the patent was still pending. Could this be a factor to copycat products if they don’t get the patent?

One to think about before becoming a distributor!

The Helo band measures and records blood sugar levels, cardiovascular condition, blood pressure and oxygen levels resulting in stress levels changing.

DNA Profiling

Discover whether there are any nutrient deficiencies that could harm your chances of achieving your fitness goals.


Using Artificial Intelligence to gain vital information to help with your personal health and wellness plan. It also can prevent disease.

Smartlife Nutrapak

smartlife nutrapak

This is a monthly nutritional pack of vitamins minerals, amino acids, and herbs. These are all made from raw ingredients and have gone through rigorous testing. They are also Vegan and Gluten-free friendly.


This is said to reduce the radiation from such things as mobile phones. Take a look at the video below which explains in far more detail about the product.

All of these products are, of course, to benefit us and improve our health. But do they work and are there cheaper alternatives that you can use.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. After all, I can’t even get my pedometer to work on my mobile phone… ????

Their products have also been mentioned in news broadcasters across the US doesn’t say if it was good or bad publicity.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Distributor For World Global Network

wgn opportunityWe have discovered that WGN has a good selection of products that can be ordered individually or as packs, now it’s time to find out how much it costs to become a distributor with the company.

Looking closer the WGN opportunity is split into two areas…

  • Freedom
  • Business

Let’s take each in turn and dive a little deeper into what they both involve and the potential you have.


There are no membership fees or start-up fees with this opportunity, that’s because you are only becoming a customer so that’s slightly misleading and annoying.

Let’s forget this one and move onto the Business section.


Well no more information on the business link, so I clicked the join tab and only then does it change to VyVo which is the new name of the business.

Yeah, I now have a video to watch which hopefully will give us some answers to our questions.

VyVo opportunityThey state they are in the fastest-growing markets in the world, well health and wellness is definitely that. That their products have a great demand and so should be easy to sell.

Their customer referral program is free to join, which is great, but do you get paid for referring people like affiliate marketing?

A lucrative compensation plan is suggested but I am struggling to find the figures to back this up.

Ooh and exciting instant bonuses. More on all these in the next section.

There were no visible joining fees on their website but from further investigation, there are many people that say the products are overpriced. Some have even complained and have returned them saying that they don’t work. A few are still waiting for their payments back.

Pack prices seem to range from $300 up to $3500 which is a huge amount to fork out when starting up a business.

There are also ongoing monthly costs from $9.90 up to $79 just adding to your business costs.

Also, shipping is not included in their packs so make sure you allow for this too.

Just more expense, try starting your own business for free with my no1 recommendation

World Global Network Compensation Plan

Free Customer referral program 10% so basically affiliate marketing model similar to Amazon. This is one of the instant bonuses mentioned previously.

You also get paid when your referrals refer to others although they haven’t mentioned what percentage.

Become a Team Builder or Developer

unmatched compensation plan

This is the next step up from the referral program. Becoming a team builder and then onto a Developer

The most powerful pay plan in the industry (their words not mine) Doesn’t every network marketing company say that!

  • Fast referral bonus – 10% of any customer referral sale
  • Team volume commission – Paid every cycle of 300 SV points $10 Partner level $20 Executive level
  • Moneybox commission – You have to be active for 12 months but you get an extra $1 per cycle
  • Builder brick bonus – Every time a customer referral joins the VyVo opportunity you get a $10 brick bonus
  • Generation matching bonus – Matching bonuses as per the diagram below (it’s easier than listing them lol.

team volume matching

  • Business development bonus – Up to $1000 when you qualify and can be used for things such as Airfares, Hotel accommodation, and meeting venues.

These all seem very small amounts but of course, the main objective with network marketing companies is that you build a huge team of distributors. This apparently is easy to do, whereas, in reality, figures show that most distributors struggle with recruiting just two people before they end up quitting.

And that’s a fact!

I find it so very strange that companies say they have the best compensation plan in the industry but figures are very hard to find. I did find this though!

Average Earnings Chart

By law MLM companies do have to give average earning figures and as you can see this is shocking proof that it is very difficult to succeed especially with VyVo (World Global Network).

Only 22% of people are earning from zero to $1000 a year and an even smaller percentage (less than 2%) are earning $10,000 plus. I am presuming that the missing percentage is free members that don’t earn at all.

World global network average earning chart


For those that do become successful, there are more rewards such as holidays and cars. According to their website, only 200 people have achieved any of these.

What I like about WGN

Health Benefitsvyvo smart technology

I am all for improving people’s health although technology I do struggle with (probably an age thing). So I love the concept and products.

What I not so keen about with WGN

Comp Plan

After trying to find out information about this I had to revert to other sites as I couldn’t find any info that I required. Disappointing to say the least!

Hype Overload

The whole network marketing industry has been built on hype which I hate. I love honesty!

Cheaper Products

There are other products that will help improve your health too and some are even cheaper than the Helo products mentioned here. If purchasing be sure to do some research prior to your purchase.

Little Success

As the earnings chart revealed there is little chance of success with the World Global Network as less than 2% have gone on to earn life-changing income.

Change of Branding

With the company recently changing its branding and name this could be a sign that things are not going according to plan. This would put me off joining them as a business opportunity

My Verdict And A Real Alternative

If you are now totally confused by all these different payments and bonuses then welcome to the MLM world. My verdict would be to not join the World Global Network. With the patent on the technology products still pending. The recent rebranding of the company and the overall toughness to actually make serious money. The odds stacked against you.

There is an alternative though. If you would like to have an easier life then check out my no1 recommendation it’s far simpler to understand and make money with.

What’s more, I can be on hand to guide you through the training. It’s 100% free to get started which includes free websites, hosting, training, community support, and tools.

I am making money from this business model every month and you could too.

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8 thoughts on “World Global Network (VyVo) Scam or Legit!”

  1. In truth, this company has got some nice technologically inclined products  and would definitely make up a good sales and also, the commission structure and compensation plans here are all seeming very tantalizing to me but then, the chances of making any money with the MLM business model that it follows is really discouraging and I’m kind of wary of joining.  Also, world global network’s change in branding to vyvo and all other stuff that would come alongside too does not make it very encouraging to me. I’d still keep my fingers crossed while observing this. Thanks

    • I think you are right to be wary at this point in time maybe one to look at again in 12 months time 🙂

  2. Oh, this is a really good one here to inform us about the world global network. I have heard of this and some of their products are also really popular I have never used it before so I can’t tell about its authenticity. I generally do not like MLM aches, they don’t have big success tendencies and it takes a lot of time and meeting with customers in person. They do really have some juicy compensation plans for competitors but it doesn’t change the fact that one’s possibility of making money is slim. Overall, a great great review and I’m happy to see that just like I wouldn’t recommend MLM, you don’t as well.

  3. I want to say a very big thank you for this educating yet comprehensive review on this particular platform called the world global network…I have heard about a lot of MLM programs bit I never knew that this platform can be classified under it because if his it was been well painted by a friends. I’m glad I’m been educated by this review on how it works and how it has changed this name to be able to look different in the public. Thanks for this great platform. I’m grateful.

  4. I joined WGN and found out quickly it is a total scam and shell game from start to finish. I lost $1400 on the 5G thing. Waste of time trying to get answers or refunds. The only thing that saved me was I bought some stock and made my money back. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS COMPANY.


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