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Who are Enersource International


The first things you see when you visit their website are three bold claims. Financial freedom, Healthy living and all from a debt-free company. Hey, I have run my own companies since 1999 and one thing you very rarely see is a debt-free company especially as they are fairly new.

And of course, we are all striving to be healthy and have financial freedom. So, do they meet these claims or is this just marketing hype to lure you in.

Let’s dive in and see what information I can discover to back up these claims.

Network Marketing companies are always associated with the words Pyramid Scheme and Scam and although this is true of some it’s not that case for all. This is, of course, one major thing I will be addressing in this honest review.

Operating out of Tulsa in the USA the company was originally launched back in 2000 and after a major product enhancement was relaunched by founder Lindon Wood in 2016.

So let’s get cracking…

How Much Does It Cost To Join Enersource?

When you are starting your own business, this is by far the most asked question when in reality you should be asking how much can I make once I get started.

I will be covering what you can make at the moment but let me answer how much you will need to invest first.

After searching their website for this information the only thing they want you to do is to sign up as an affiliate and contact your sponsor.

With some further leg work done I have located some information and there are two options to get involved with this company.

A lower membership is $49 but this will fail to give you the full benefits from the compensation plan. The other is a payment of $249.

Note there is a $99 product purchase every month to keep you active within the company.

Then, if you stay active let’s discover how much to could earn

How Much Can You Make With Enersource

The first thing I noticed is that they are stating that they have an unmatched compensation plan. Over my years online I think I have seen most formats of compensation plans so I am intrigued with what these have to offer.

Looks like they don’t want me to know how brilliant their unmatched comp plan is as yet again information is hard to find on their website. Making huge claims and using words such as unmatched have to be backed up with information.

These sorts of things do not go down well when people are looking for ways to make money online.

enersource comp plans

As you can see they have two comp plans and they do tell us the benefits of both.

Comp Plan 1

  • Forced Matrix – Nothing new with a matrix in network marketing companies.
  • No Binary – No Balancing of Legs well this is a plus as hated those balancing acts to get paid out
  • You Get The Commissions Your Earn – So no roll-ups this is a definite plus
  • Offers a Spillover Component – I don’t think companies that offer a spillover tend to last as people have the mentality that they will get spill from people above and then don’t put the effect in themselves.

Comp Plan 2

  • Customer sales commissions up to 100% on new reps – Could be possible but you are getting into dangerous territory if the sales commissions don’t add up.
  • Upfront commissions paid when $150 worth of product bought or sold – Doesn’t actually say how much these are.
  • Customers sales commissions paid to infinite levels – If I have made a sale then I want the commission so this is a no brainer really
  • Residual Income paid to infinite levels – Again if you have done the work you want to get paid.

All in all, from what I can see here there is nothing new really and their claim of an unmatched compensation plan unless there is something they are not telling us.

In fact, they don’t really tell us much at all, maybe there is more on the products, that would be a good sign if they are more focused on these.

Let’s see what I can find out

Ensource International Products

Hooray, there is actually some information about the products they sell.

cbd oilCBD Oil

On their website, this seems to be the featured product. CBD is big business right now and will continue to grow over the next few years as it becomes more available and known throughout the world.

The price is $49.99 for a 30ml bottle

Energreens Superfood

energreens superfoodThis raw natural superfood is 100% organically sourced. It is packed full of live enzymes and 100% plant-based. It is also vegan, gluten and dairy-free. Just add to water to enjoy.

Another huge growth sector within the health and wellness niche and being vegan and gluten-free I would say is a good selling point too.

$49.99 Retail



Designed to improve the alkalinity within the stomach and thus reduce things such as acid reflux and heartburn. As a sufferer of acid reflux, I am not convinced that people will pay the $29.99 a bottle. Especially when these alements can be controlled well with avoiding certain foods.

Maybe that’s why it’s not their main product


Energreens Super Nutrient Supplements

super nitrient supplementsSupplements are another good market and great to auto-ship as people tend to take these daily and so need a monthly amount to keep topped up.

At $34.99 it’s a reasonable price point for regular order. They also work well with the other products within the range.

There are also packs available too which makes ordering even easier.


Well, at least they look like some really good products,

What I Like About Ensource International

I do like the product range as they lend themselves to easy reordering which is what you need if you are running a business. I like that they are on trend with products for vegans and gluten-free.

What I Dislike

I didn’t like that they were saying great things about their compensation plan but had very little information about it on the website.

I am never keen about having to sell a certain amount each month to keep your commissions available. Yes I know you are starting a business but for some that are brand new to selling this can be a deal-breaker. Some need to start slow and learn the ropes.

The company has only recently been relaunched which can be a slight negative as they are still getting known within the industry. Sometimes the brand sells itself.

An Alternative Solution

If network marketing is not the type of business for you, then there are plenty of alternatives. The one I would recommend and have made money from every month is affiliate marketing. The reason why I would recommend this is because there is no products to sell, no stock to store and you can build a full-time passive income without any need for upfront investment.

By joining a site like Wealthy Affiliate you even get free training, websites and hosting to get you off and running.

start your own affiliate business

10 thoughts on “Enersource International Review”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful review I’m very glad you too your them to make research on Enersource International. First I wouldn’t want to risk going into any business that gives themselves a hype above what they can actually offer, its a red flag for me in any business. Also, the idea of selling a product to keep up isn’t something I wouldn’t want to try as well, even though these products are genuine. Thanks once again for sharing

  2. Being a newbie in the industry, their credibility has not been fully ascertained and as such, it becomes very risky to join with them. Also, their compensation claims are funny because they offer virtually the same way any networking company would offer. Nonetheless, they seem to provide great products especially the CBD oil bit then, having a particular amount to sell every month becomes quite a challenge and I wouldn’t want my income based on meeting a target. The monthly cost is also kind of too overboard for me at the moment and as such, I’d rather not join this platform right now. Thanks

  3. I don’t really like network marketing businesses. I have an aunt who tried it out in the past and she wasn’t happy in the end doing business with that company though it wasn’t a health company. There is usually leads information and  making money with them is usually slim except you know your way. Like you said, this type of business is not meant for everyone really and there’s definitely a better alternative. I like though that enersource has some good health products. Great post you have put up here.

    • Thanks Henderson, Indeed MLM businesses are not for everyone 🙂

  4. Thank you for your Enersourse review, Martin.

    I never like rehashed systems but I did notice that this company first started back in 2000.

    Have they changed business names or are they still operating under the same one?

    I thought some of the products on offer were quite good and definitely some potential there but I didn’t like their compensation plan much.

    There’s not much point doing all the hard work to sell a product if you’re not going to get paid for your efforts.

    • As far as I know, the name has stayed the same just rebranded and new products added.

  5. Thank you for sharing your review of Enersource International.    It was very helpful.   After reading your review, my concern is that if they only have four products, that is an extremely  limited choice of products for buyers to choice from.     

    If I was to join a direct sales company, sometimes called a MLM, I would want to work with a company that has large assortment of items for a buyer to choice from.   For example, the most recent Avon Products brochure has 187 pages.   Most pages have 2, 3 4 or even more beauty products pictured.   New brochures come out every two weeks.  (I sell Avon.)            

    I would urge people caution about signing up with a company that only offers 4 products.    That seem too few in my opinion.  The more products you can offer, the higher the probability that you will have something that someone wants to buy.  

    • Very good point you make Sondra I think they have a few other packs of products but nowhere near Avon which has a trusted name in the industry too which will help.


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