Landing Page Traffic – How To Achieve A Constant Flow Every Month

In this article, I am going to cover various ways you can get Landing Page Traffic so you have a constant flow to your offers every single month. And I am not just talking paid ads here I am going to be showing a range of traffic ideas both paid and free.

So, let’s dive in and get started…

Before I do you may just be asking yourself what is a landing page and why do I need one. Let me cover this first, if already know this information then skip down under the video and continue reading.

What Is A Landing Page

Also known as Lead capture pages, opt-ins, squeeze pages and lead magnets. Whatever people are calling it the page will have the same process in place. That is to collect people’s names and email addresses in exchange for a free piece of information that will solve a problem that the visitor has.

How do I make a landing page

There many ways that you can create a landing page. The way I use is to add the Thrive Architect plugin to my websites and then use their easy drag and drop editor to create all my specific pages.

Learn how I use Thrive Architect here

How do I send out emails

Once you have your landing pages created you are going to need an email marketing service to collect and store the details and then deliver automated emails to your email list. Again there are many of these companies on the internet and most are very similar regarding features and benefits. But, beware prices do vary and many cheaper companies will still deliver you exceptional service.

I would recommend Aweber free account especially if you are just starting out.

I have been using AWeber for over 10 years and why I would always recommend them, read my best email marketing service article  to discover why

If you are not yet using landing pages and email marketing you are missing out when it comes to more customers and sales.

Now for the easy part which is getting traffic to your landing page, yes it is easy and I will show how.

Search Engine Paid Traffic for Landing Pages

I am going to split our traffic sources into two sections paid traffic and free traffic. I will start with paid traffic as this can get you instant results should you wish to go down this route.

Google Ads

The first and probably most well known is Google ads. When you place your advert they can then show up

google ads on google

The get started with Google ads you will need a Google account these are free. If you have a Gmail email address then you already have an account.

Just search Google ads and then click sign in to access your dashboard, from there you can search keywords, audiences, create multiple campaigns, and read all your reports. The campaigns can be paused at any time, and new variations created to test against each other to see which one works best.

WARNING! You will need to place bids for your clicks set these at a small amount, to begin with until you have optimized your ad. Otherwise you could rack up a hefty ad bill.

But if you can get on page one then you are almost guaranteed traffic!

Bing / Yahoo Ads (Microsoft)

Microsoft ads or formally Bing ads as it used to be called is another search engine paid traffic method. This works very similar to the Google ad platform with keyword and audience niche selection.

You can easily set a budget so you never have to worry about overspending. The costs can be dramatically less than Google but of course, the Bing and Yahoo search engines will get a lot less traffic, so it’s about weighing up the cost against the amount of possible traffic.

Microsoft ads may be better for high competition keywords and niches.

YouTube Ads

The last of the search engine methods is YouTube. Yes, YouTube is a search engine and you can set up ads for targeted videos as part of the Google ads platform. You don’t have to create your own videos, neither do you ever need to be on the platform to use the ads.

There are a few different places where you can place your ads but the most popular is full-screen intro ads. These will play to the viewer before they view the video they required to watch. These ads only have a few seconds to get there point across before viewers can skip and continue to watch their video.

youtube ad preview

You use the same dashboard for both Google and YouTube ads so both can be very targeted and cost-effective.

Social Platform Paid Traffic For Landing Pages

Social networks as you know are very powerful and full of targeted customers that you could add to your email list. Once these sites realized just how popular they were it didn’t take long before paid ads started to populate our newsfeeds.

Facebook was the first to introduce paid ads as our organic reach on the platform seem to drop making it the only real way to get eyes on your offers. This was soon copied by all the main players such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Even when Facebook introduced Instagram to their armory the paid ads once one of the features added.

Some of the advantages across all the platforms are.

  • Highly targeted
  • Ads can be retargeted after visiting a website
  • Small budgets
  • Daily budgets
  • Cheaper click rates than search engine ad companies
  • Various positions to place your ads

facebook ads preview

Although these paid ads and promoted posts can be used to increase your following on the platforms, I recommend that you use these to build an email list instead.

Social platforms could disappear at any time but your email list is yours and you own it and you can then promote your offers at no cost at all… plus you can do this all automatically.

Other Paid Traffic Alternatives

There are many other paid traffic methods so be sure to shop around and test which ones work best for your business. Solo Ads and banners ads are just two more that are very popular and fairly cheap to get traffic moving.

Free Traffic For Landing Pages

Social Networks

Facebook Posting and Sharing

The most common way of promoting your landing page is to share it with your page and groups that you are a member of. You can also create lists of people who follow your profile. When you share with your profile you can select the group of people it would reach.

Although, as previously stated Facebook’s organic reach has fallen dramatically.

Read more on marketing in Facebook groups

Static links

You do have the ability to place links on Facebook in fact there are 10 different places links can be placed. Watch the video below about where these places are… I think you may be surprised.

Note:- In the video, I use blog links but any link will work on most of these places.

Twitter – Tweeting and Retweeting

Although Twitter is not everyone’s first choice these days it is still a powerhouse for driving traffic and if worked well can produce great results.

There are various rules to follow to maximize the potential This video below will help you set up everything correctly.

Even if you don’t want to be on Twitter then use a scheduling tool such as Buffer and just post automatically through their app. Retweeting others within your niche can work very well too, but consistency is key here.


Again using links on your profile can create some easy free traffic too.


The largest network for business professionals in the world. If you are promoting an offer that business pros would want then Linkedin is where you need to be. A highly keyworded profile is where you need to concentrate, this will enable people to find you and invite you to connect.

Posting great content always gets you noticed, creating stand-alone posts can get you a flood of traffic to your landing page so check this out from your profile.

linkedin profile


Sharing links on your feed, in groups that you are part of, and in posts that you create will get eyeballs on your landing pages.

Like all social platforms spending time every day on the network will help build trust and gain you more followers and views.

YouTube Description & Header Links

youtube channel header

Video is growing all the time and is now included on most platforms. Utilizing YouTube can certainly produce results if done correctly.

The best way to do this is by creating regular targeted content across your niche, this will get you more views on your videos, whereby placing a link to your landing page in the description will get you free traffic.

If you can get people to subscribe to your channel and visit your profile then there is another chance for them to see your offers. This is by placing a link on your channel header directly to your landing page.

You can check out how I have done this on my channel here


The last social platform I am going to cover is Pinterest, yes I know there are plenty more if you are using any other platforms and getting results to drop me a message in the comments below.

Anyway back to Pinterest…

As you probably know Pinterest is an image sharing platform originally, recently though they have introduced video pins too. Some people prefer to look and watch rather than read so strangely this can produce heaps of free traffic.

Once you add an image you can also add a link to any URL which lends it well to driving traffic to build your email list. The better your images are the more clicks and shares you can obtain.

Some Pinterest users are achieving massive traffic by doing just this.

Watch more about Pinterest in the video below


Not for everyone but if you are dedicated then blogging is in my opinion probably the best way to get free traffic to your lead magnets. Notice I stated dedicated, as blogging can take a while to get going but once you start growing you can gather momentum very fast. With this comes to traffic and lots of it, every month, on autopilot.

By creating regular, quality content that is related to what you are giving away on your opt-in page you will definitely gain the traffic you require to grow your list fast.

You can place direct links into your content, on pages, headers, and even menus which gives you a good opportunity to get more subscribers. The beauty of your blog too is you can add opt-in forms directly into the content and site so people don’t even need to venture to your actual landing page.

Read my article 5 simple ways to build your list faster 

To start your own blog then join me on Wealthy Affiliate where they give you a free WordPress blog and some training to get you started. Click on the banner at the bottom of this article to get your free starter membership.


Forums are a great place to get traffic from. They can be highly targeted but can take up some of your time. Sites such as Quora have worked well for me. By asking questions, there is a chance your question will be ranked in the search engines directly linking back to Quora. Place links within an answer to this question and bingo you could have free traffic for years to come.

To find forums in your niche just search “your niche follow by forum” and see what comes up there are thousands out there.

Email Marketing

The final way to get more traffic to your landing page is probably one that most people forget. Just because you have one landing page doesn’t mean you can’t add various ones with different gifts and freebies.

Your email list is a very powerful marketing tool, remember if you build a list for a certain offer then there is nothing stopping you emailing your list about another similar offer that might appeal to them.

Hence why using your email list to gain traffic to your opt-in pages is a no brainer really.

Wrapping Up

As you can see from this article there are plenty of ways both paid and free to drive traffic to your landing pages. Yes in some cases it takes time and effort but remember, once you have built your list all your emails are then pumping out on autopilot earning your business more customers and sales.

If you have not yet started using landing pages and email marketing then you need to start right now.

Oh and by the way you get many landing page templates included with your AWeber free account so you can start email marketing without the need for a website or any investment… What are you waiting for!

Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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  1. I had heard the term “landing page” in the past a variety of times and never really understood the difference between having a website and having a landing page. However, now I see it as having a homepage or a website that demonstrates the business. Isn’t this it; or am I wrong?

    • A landing page is not really your home page although it could be if you wish. You can have numerous landing pages on one website. Each individual landing page will be designed with one particular objective, getting people to sign up to your email list. Hope this has explained it better for you  

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  3. Landing page traffic is something that we strive for each month as affiliate marketers. Achieving a constant goal can take some time and be fairly difficult sometimes, but once achieving it is worth the effort for sure. I appreciate the reference to Thrive Architect. I’m always on the lookout for the best, tried and true plugins, and Thrive Architect looks pretty outstanding for landing page creation. You’ve provided some excellent recommendations here for traffic outlets and I’m looking forward to checking Thrive Architect in particular. Thanks!

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  7. I was once one of the people who always got lost when landing pages, lead generation pages and the likes were mentioned. I couldn’t differentiate between it and normal pages as well as a blog post and the worse thing was I didn’t know its essence. 

    I couldn’t be blamed because I was new to all the stuff about affiliate marketing. Now I’m able to create a landing page but it appears my email list is not growing as I want which brings me to your post. You’ve provided me with some insights and it’s time for me to adopt some ideas and make changes to what I’m currently doing. I hope it makes a difference. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Pleased you have found some information to use on your own landing pages. If you would like me to look at your landing page and see if this can be improved to I am only too happy to help

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