Glint Clix Review – Don’t Sign Up

If you are looking to earn some extra cash then I would forgive you for joining sites like Glint Clix. Directly from the home page, you are lured into signing up by the offer of free money. Although I must say they are not saying anything about what you can earn. There have been many sites just recently popping up every day claiming you can make $500 today!

Kashtree was one that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago let’s see if there are any similarities with this site.

Within this Glint Clix Review, you can follow me as I check out yet another brand new site and whether I think it’s just another scam or maybe a totally legitimate site.


Before I have even signed up I have seen a few possible red flags.

  • No description of what the site is even about
  • Generic images
  • Sign Up Bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Statements say you will earn money in seconds

One plus is that they do have a content page with a contact form, so I dropped them a quick email!

It’s said they have received the message hopefully I get an answer shortly, keep reading I will let you know more on this as I get it.

If you want to know more about what red flags to look out for then read this article

What Is Glint Clix

Normally, I would read through their about page, but they don’t seem to have one. Hum!

So, instead, I visited the earn money tab on the home page where I did find some information.


glint clix earn money

The page was mainly blank except for the heading of advertisements so, from this, I can only gather that you will have to click on ads to earn money but of course, at present, I am only making an educated guess.

There is also a statement saying that the pre-launch is started, wait for more info…

I HATE PRE-LAUNCHES! Just had to get that out there 🙂

If you are not ready, then don’t launch or at least give more information about what Glint Clix is about.

In my opinion, wait till at least they have more information and have launched, I have a sneaky suspicion that these guys will not even be launching, but let’s wait on that one!

******Hold Up!***** I just found some more info in the FAQ’s

what is glintclix

As you can see they are saying they are a professional advertising company who are selling ads with revenue sharing. You can earn money from clicking on the cashlink (whatever that is!) but, earn higher amounts when viewing ads. You can also earn 10% commissions from your referrals.

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How Do You Get Paid With Glint Clix

Now that I have sort of worked out how you are going to be earning money. I think they will push the referral route and get as many people signed up as possible, offering the bonuses I have mentioned earlier.

The payment proof tab is of course currently empty, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see testimonies there. LOL

So, I went searching elsewhere and found the FAQ (frequently asked questions) tab. Now if the site is not live yet I am sure that there will be no questions there, but let’s see.

Oh, to my surprise there were some generic questions, although riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes.

It’s was saying you can get paid 200% profit on Rev Share within 30 days but then goes on to say all payouts are instant, well clearly not as you don’t get paid for up to 30 days with the revenue share.

how much profit with glintclix

Getting Paid With Glintclix

payment processors for glintclixAt the end of the day getting paid is what it is all about that’s why you came to the site and joined in the first place. Although it does mention that you can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

No Paypal, or Direct Bank Transfer… hum, and they state they are a professional advertising company.

They actually have more enthusiasts on what you can use to pay them!

These payments will be used to purchased ad packs and cash link ads.

Sounds, similar to a few sites that were popular a few years ago such as Banners Broker, this was eventually closed down as a fraudulent business.

Keeping Your Account Active

Reading through the terms and conditions I notice a statement that implies that you have to click on ads every day to keep your account active, by not doing this could result in you not receiving any monies earned in your account.

keeping your account active in Glintclix

They also cover themselves by stating that by agreeing to these terms and conditions you waiver Glintclix from any responsibility for loss of monies. This would also cover them if you have bought ad packs and cash link ads and then the company gets pulled from the internet for any reason…

Data Protection Issues

Wow! you need to read this… I also found in the T’s and C’s that you are agreeing to allow your personal and payment details to be forwarded to third party websites and be used…

information data protection in glintclix

Note:- When you sign up the terms and conditions box is ticked by default which I thought was now illegal according to GDPR as you had to physically agree.

An Alternative

Before I sum up whether GlintClix is a legitimate business opportunity or not let me recommend one that is legit. A business model that has been working for years and you can scale up to earns hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.

This business model is Affiliate Marketing, there are no costs to start, no products to buy, no products to ship, no customers to deal with all in all it’s the perfect business model. I myself have been making money every month with affiliate marketing and my business continues to grow.

If this is something that interests you then I recommend looking at Wealthy Affiliate where you can start your own business for free as a starter member, get free training and two free websites. You can also earn immediately by referring others once you have joined.

If you set up your account through this link then I will personally make myself available to help and guide you through the training and get you making money.

I look forward to helping you succeed 🙂

Final Thoughts On GlintClix

As I have laid out in this GlintClix review I have many concerns about this website. Here is a brief overview of what I found from the very limited info available.

  • Referral Incentives on the home page, it’s all about referring others
  • In pre-launch – I hate this statements you are either launched or not there is no such thing as pre-launch it’s just a way to get people’s details without giving them anything in return.
  • Which leads me onto a major issue. By signing up you are agreeing to allow GlintClix to give your details (including payment details) to other third party companies.

There are many other little red flags that appear such as poorly written wording and spelling mistakes, no about page, a brand new company although they state they are a professional adverting company. How can this be so, if you are not yet trading and in Pre-Launch?

Join or Not Join?

Only time will tell as to whether people earn any money from GlintClix but my initial gut feeling is that this site will not pay out or at very least sell on your details.

I would NOT JOIN this, wait and see how it pans out if and when it actually launches.

Disclosure:- Affiliate links may be used within this post. This means that if you purchase through my site after clicking a link when I get a small commission, at NO extra charge to yourself. This helps me to continue giving great free content. Thanks

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10 thoughts on “Glint Clix Review – Don’t Sign Up”

  1. I had the exact same concerns about the sales page! After reading this great review I completely agree with the points you make and I don’t think it’s worth the time or effort in bothering to join. The whole pre launch thing sounds weird 

    Do you have any other recommendations for where to start? I’m serious about starting an online business 

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I had never heard of GlintClix until now, and the fact that they are in pre-launch shows why no one has really heard of them before. I agree with you in that they shouldn’t of put the website out if they are not ready to launch and with very little information. Did they even say when they are going to launch? For right now, I’ll steer clear of them, but I will check back to see if they do end up launching. 

    • Thanks for your comments Brian there is no date of a launch, which to me shouts another red flag. 

      • Glint Clix is 100% FAKE WEB SITE i buy ad pack through my perfectmoney account and convert my account from standard to premium i have 107 reff i try to withdraw my dollars 2 time but still on pending since 3 days . they uploading fake withdraw payments proofs

  3. I am a member to glintclix and am okay with ot but why do they suspend people without even informing them…i had an account which was suspended….i dont know the reason why they suspended me yet i had upgraded my account with the litle i had but now it ended into waste so i have no money and no profit from them….i have been sending them messages but no reply….so am broke because they suspended my account just 1 day after the upraded… painful to me……i wish they can open it so that i recover my only money….am a highschool student

    • Sorry to hear this Elvis, it’s a shame that you didn’t read my article before joining. If you are broke but still want to start your own business online then join Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to get started you can then build your first website for free work through the free training and then upgrade once you start making money

  4. Mr. Martin what you say about GlintClix webs either it is a true or fake

    • As I have mentioned I think the site is a scam and advise not to join. If you disbelieve this then feel free to join and let me know if you get paid. I don’t anyone so far that got paid.


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