Easy Shift Review 2020 – Can You Really Earn Big Bucks

If you love to shop and love to make easy money using just your mobile device then the Easy Shift App could have been made especially with you mind.

But, online I have seen all these bold claims before so went to investigate some more and see what all this was about and whether making money with Easy Shift App really is as simple as they suggest

Discover exactly what I found, including a few surprises along the way. You can also look at sites such as Swagbucks and Oh My Dosh for earning online

UPDATE:- Because of the massive impact of CoVid 19 across the world all shifts associated with Easy Shift have been temporarily halted. You may still download the app, join the community and be ready for when restrictions are lifted.

What Is Easy Shift

easy shift dot com

Easy Shift is a mobile application where you are connected with “Shifts” linked to your local stores. You can use the map to locate each store and reserve the shift.

Within each shift you are asked to visit the store, answer a few simple questions and take some photos. Each task will take about 15. All this is done within the app itself. Simple!

Is Easy Shift Legit

From my first look at Easy Shoft it looks like a legitimate business, with an association with Paypal as their chosen payment provider it looks like this could be an easy make to make money by visiting local stores and doing simple tasks.

How To Get Started With Easy Shift

Getting started with Easy Shift is very quick and easy. From your mobile device visit the app store of your choice and then search for Easy Shift. I downloaded the Easy Shift app for Android on my mobile phone. You can also search for easy shift.com and then click on the app store logo you want to download it from.

It took seconds to install, and create a free account.

You then need to add in your Paypal account email so they can pay directly into your account.


Don’t have a Paypal account? You can open one here

Next, you need to share your location by just tapping the ok button

Upon doing this you automatically reserve your first shift (task).

However, there were currently known available but I suppose being 10.30PM might have something to do with this… 🙂

I’ll check back in the morning…

The Easy shift login is defaulted to stay logged in so just scroll through your apps and hit the icon for the app to automatically open.

How Points And Levels Work On Easy Shift

Points are used to gain a reputation and get yourself more perks. As you work up through the ranks you will be able to reserve more shifts at once allowing you to earn even quicker.

There are 9 levels throughout the app you have to gain points to move up the rankings, the higher the ranking the more shifts you are able to reserve. Here is a quick run-through of the levels, points and shift quantities.

  • Rookie – 0 Points – 1 Shift
  • Clerk – 25 Points – 1 Shift
  • Agent – 75 Points – 2 Shifts
  • Senior Agent – 150 Points – 3 Shifts
  • Manager – 300 Points – 4 Shifts
  • Supervisor – 500 Points – 5 Shifts
  • Director – 700 Points – 6 Shifts
  • VP – 1000 Points – 7 Shifts
  • General Manager – 1500 Points – 10 Shifts

Once you have reserved your shift you have typically 12 hours to complete the task in order to get paid, so starting slow is not a bad thing until you get to know the system.

How Much Can You Make With Easy Shift

Well, this is a difficult one to answer, but what I can say is I don’t think Easy Shift will make you a millionaire. In fact, you are only going to get paid a few bucks for each completed task. So even if you work your way up to the dizzy heights of General Manager you are still only going to be earning a few bucks a day.

Note:- If you are looking to earn a more substantual income then have a look at my no1 recommendation that I use to build my own successful online business.

How And When Are You Paid

Payments are made within 48 hours of the task being completed and verified. Make sure that you have answered all the questions correctly and taken the relevant photos. Failure to do this could result in a reduction in the final amount transferred to your Paypal account.

Who Can Use The App

Basically, there is no age or gender limitation on the Easy Shift app but, bear in mind that you will need to be over eighteen to hold a Paypal account.

According to Google Play Store the app is for people from 6+ and is available in English, Spanish, French and, German. On the Apple app store they say from the age of 4+

apple store age for easy shift

It does amaze me why they have made these ages so low. Would you let your 6 year old snoop around stores taking photos on your phone (unless you buy them a phone of course) Madness!

Discuss With Your Peers

easy shift community forumYou can also partake in the easy shift forum which is accessible via the app.

This is where you join in on the discussions with other members, ask questions and get help.

There are a few different discussion threads within the community they are:-

  • Getting started with Easyshift
  • Questions just about Easyshift
  • Fun stuff
  • Feedback
  • Phone and OS help
  • Everything Else

This community does tend to have some good information and should cover everything you need to know.

What Are The Easy Shift Complaints

These do vary, from the interface of the actual app being difficult to use, to people being told to leave the stores for taking photos on their premises. Having been in retail myself for many years I don’t think I would be too happy if random people started arriving and taking photos of stock and counters it would be a bit weird I must admit.

One thing that people seem to be split about is getting paid some have had great experiences and earned some money while others have said they did not get paid, but to be fair they do say you do need to follow the instructions completely in order to get paid.

bbb proflie for easy shift

If you look up Easy Shift on the Better Business Bureau there are a few complaints 8 when I visited it. Because they don’t have any good reviews on the site they have been given an “F” rating which is course is not good.

Google play reviews for easy shoft

According to Google play the app has had over 100,000 downloads and the reviews are totally split between either 1 star or 5-star which if course you can promote either way.

Apple app store has a similar split between 1 and 5-star reviews but much fewer of them

Easy Shift Hacks To Earn More

Well, the big secret is that there are no hacks to get you earning more cash with Easy Shift. The only way in which you can do this is by working your way up through the ranking system which in turn will generate more points and the ability to reserve more shifts.

Only by completing these will you then earn more cash, unfortunately, there is no quick fix here and you just have to play by the rules

You need a smart-phone

If you have an older style flip phone then you will not be able to use this app to make money. You would need to upgrade your phone to a smartphone.

This will allow you to take photos while on the tasks.

Although how many people still have these old phones these days most have all the new gadgets.

The Pros

There are a few things I do like about this app

  • Easy to set up and get started
  • It’s free to use
  • Paypal is the payment processor
  • Community forum to liaise with other members

The Cons

A bit like the reviews I have some mixed views too here is what I don’t like about it

  • Tasks are limited
  • The payouts for each task in low
  • No way of scaling up to earn more
  • Visiting stores and taking random images is not for everyone
  • Some people have not been paid out

Is Easy Shift Legit or a Scam My Conclusion

Firstly, I do think that Easy Shift is a legitimate company and you will make some cash if you follow the instructions exactly. However, will this application make you serious money? No, I don’t believe it will I think that the task payouts are too small for you to build a substantial income.

There are many apps and companies around where you can earn a few bucks a month. I have already mentioned two earlier, Swagbucks and Oh My Dosh which are both simple models to earn money from home.

Avoiding scams

When searching online it is very easy to get sucked in with the promise of earning huge money daily, the truth is nearly all of these are just scams and I would avoid joining any site like this.

To help you discover scams before it’s too read my what is a scam article where I go through 9 red flags to look out for when researching.

A Proven Business Model

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