Earn and Go Payment Proof Read Before You Join

Welcome to this overview of Earn and Go. I am going to walk you through what Earn and Go are, plus some red flags that you may want to consider before joining.

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Okay, back to Earn and Go

What Is Earn & Go

earn and go home page

According to their website, they claim to be the number one influencer network. Saying you can earn money at home, earn money at school and even earn money at work. In other words, they are covering ever demographic to get as many people to sign up as possible.

They are also targeting people with Instagram accounts as they emphasize that you can make money with your account.

Just on this first page, I have started to see some red flags appearing which tells me that joining Earn and Go could be a scam just to get your details… read on and I will explain more.

Read more about the red flags to look out for in this article.

How Do You Earn Money With Earn and Go

There are various ways that they are saying you can earn cash.

First, you get a $50 sign up bonus and then $10 for every referral that you invite to join.

You can also complete various tasks, such as surveys, games and uploading videos.

But, before you rush in and join I have not yet come across anybody who has been able to cash out. Rendering the Earn & Go site a total scam.

Please do not join and add your details

Is Earn and Go Legit

Well, I think I have just answered this question but for those that may be saying but you have not even joined the site?

This type of scam is easily recognizable by myself as I come across new websites just like these every day. The first site I joined about a year ago which was called Viral Pay read how I made $880 and never received it.

This will show you how the sites are exactly the same.

So, let me back up my bold statement and show you proof that this site is not real.

The Story of Earn and Go

If you head to the about us page you will see that they go through the story of Earn and Go From 2015 when they started out right up to 2019 when they have become a recognized name across social media platforms.

about page earn and go

I thought I would go and do some more investigations regarding these claims especially when they started as they have not been around very long at all.

I visited the who.is website where you can check out domain names and see information about them.

who is earn and go info

As you can see I found an interesting fact. The domain name was only registered back in October of 2019 which doesn’t agree with their information on their about us page.

Payment Proofs

They are many images of people claiming that they have received payouts from Earn and Go most of them have no dates apart from two which are in January 2020. All the others have had the date blurred out which you would only do if the dates did not match up. In other words, the others were dated prior to the website going live… Humm!

Another thing all the payments have odd amounts but all the tasks are set figures $10, $50 etc… So how do you get an odd few cents. Well, you can’t they have tried to make these look more legit but not really done a very good job of it.

earn and go payment proofs

As you can see they are very much over the top with the wording and doodling on the screenshots.

Terms and Conditions

I decided to take a close look at their terms and conditions. The first thing that I noticed is that they updated their terms and conditions back in May 2019, this was a full 5 months before the domain name was ever registered. This just proves that the site is not a legit site and I think they have placed the original site on the internet and then just cloned it over and over again on different domain names.

terms and conditions earn and go

The bulk of the terms and privacy policy are to endemifiying Earn and Go from any blame for loss of information. They also talk about if you are found to have been fraudulent then they will not pay-out. This is how they get over the issue of not paying out, most people are told that they used fraudulent methods to gain clicks and their account is closed down.

If you visit my YouTube channel I have a whole playlist of similar sites that are all duplicates. Please do not think you are going to make money with these sites.

You will also find a playlist with legitimate ways to make easy money online too.

What Others Are Saying About Earn and Go

To my amazement, I did see that they did have an active Twitter account with over 3,000 followers, but upon further investigation on every tweet, people saying that they are a scam, where’s my money, when am I going to get paid and similar tweets. No replies from the Earn an Go guys on these comments.

twitter posts for earn and go

If they were legit they would be arguing their case and sorting these issues but nothing. Just another reason to avoid them.

Conclusion and My No1 Alternative

Until I see good proof that Earn and Go is paying cash out then I would avoid joining. This will save you valuable time and reduce the risk of your information being used without your knowledge.

For a legit survey site check out my review of Swagbucks this site has many great reviews and has paid out to members without and issues.

My No1 Alternative

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Remember, stay safe on the internet and do your due diligence about any company, person or website before signing up.

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