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The CBD oil market is set to increase over the next few years and possibly become the next Billion dollar industry. I see many companies springing up within the internet and network marketing space. Changing The Future Outcome is one of the newest that I have seen. It was previously a weight loss company named Chew The Fat Off but this failed to gain any traction so it was pulled by the owners and then rebranded and relaunched.

I stumbled across CTFO whilst surfing online and thought I would dive in and take a closer look as they make some bold claims. There were a few red flags I could see immediately on their home page of the website, more on those later.

First… Just let me explain that I am not associated with this company so what I about to uncover is for the benefit of you and you alone. If it is a scam, then I will tell you so, I only recommend legitimate ways to make money like my no1 recommendation

Discover what I found out and whether or not you can make money selling CBD products with Changing The Future Outcome.

First, let’s give you some quick info to start you off.

Quick Stats

  • Name – Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO)
  • Website –
  • Owners – Stuart and Steve Finger
  • Price – Free (Retail Users)
  • Overall Rating –   out of 10

Is Changing The Future Outcome A Scam

CTFO has placed itself within the internet marketing sector which can have a high percentage of companies that just don’t last the distance. On viewing the website two phrases did send out a red flag. this is what they were

  • The first was “Lock In Your Position” I have had previous experience with this phrase it points to the Multi-Level Marketing industry and is normally used on pre-launches. The best MLM companies would not use this phrase and I am not even sure what the benefit (if any) would be to lock in your position

red flags with CTFO

  • The second is “Potential Spillover” Again from my experience this very rarely happens mainly because people get lazy and let everyone else do the work and hope for spillover. If anything, you will have to work extra hard to succeed with any business that mentions this term.

red flag wording in CYFO

Although it is not clear at the moment if CTFO is worth joining or avoiding yet, having wording like this on the website doesn’t look good. Before I do more research into this I want to explain the CBD products and how they work.

What Are Change The Future Outcome Products

Although they do sell some of their old weight loss product lines the main area is now focused on CBD and the many forms in which it can be sold.

CFTO Product Range

Here is a list of the products they sell

    • CBD Drops
    • CBD Edibles
    • CBD Luxury Products
    • CBD Relief Creams
    • CBD Pet Products
    • CBD Skin Products
    • CBD Hair Growth Products
    • CBD Sun Care
    • Non-CBD Health & Nutrition
    • Non-CBD Skin Products

According to their website, 100% of the CBD is grown in the USA.

They also have loads of information about each product including the health benefits and what it contains see the example below.

ctfo product information

As you can see the focus is now primary on CBD.

What Is CBD

CBD is Cannabidiol. It is 100 of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is the brother or sister of THC, the psychoactive component that is found in marijuana and CBD is thought to modulate some of the psychoactive effects that are in the marijuana plant. CBD is now being used for all sorts of ways around the world.

It’s unsure exactly how or why it works in the way it does but people are using it with great results. It has been added to creams, oils and people are even vaporing it. Heck, they are adding it to gummy bears too.

It can be used for humans and pets which means that the CBD market will only grow and grow.

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabidiol

The benefits are wide-ranging and some cases have proved a life-saving addition to patients’ medications.

Note: Always consult your GP or consultant before taking anything with CBD in it 

Here is a list of just some of the conditions it is being used to help.

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Conditions such epilepsy
  • Sickness
  • And helps promote wellness

There are many more that I have not listed. With this in mind, you can see why CBD is going to be a huge market to be part of, that said whether Changing The Future Outcome is going to be your route is another matter entirely.

How To Make Money With Changing The Future Outcome

Compensation Plan 

Having the products that people want is the first step to making money online, but of course, the second step will be in the business sustainable and legal.

Let’s have a close look at the compensation plan for CTFO.

In the words of Stuart Finger (CEO), he invented and copyrighted the pay plan. This should be interesting then.

Even as a free member you get access to your free turnkey business, including personalized website, online marketing system and live support.

You never have to purchase any products yourself, and they hold all the stock needed so you won’t have to. You have 80 products at your fingertips and they all come within a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Without selling anything you qualify for a 20% commission on anything your direct referrals order.

Sounding pretty good so far…

There are three different levels that you can start your business they are Silver, Gold and Platinum business builder packages.

By purchasing any of these packages you then enter the matrix and Unilever and this qualifies you for life.

Here are the prices for the packages

  • Silver Package – $297 – $399 one time fee. These include some massive discounts and qualifies you to get paid down 7 levels within the pay plan
  • Gold Package – Allows you to earn all the way to level 14 in the pay plan. With package prices between $599 – $699 with even bigger discounts up to $667.
  • Platinum Package – This pays to the maximum of 21 levels in the matrix and offers the best savings across all the packages. Prices for these packages range from  $999 – $1199.

Fast Start Pay

If you chose to take up one of the paid packages then every time you sell another package to someone you personally referred you get the following payout… I have added an image for ease on this one.

fast start builder pack

Remember:- The average person in any MLM business recruits just two people so don’t get too excited here.

If you want a better income then check out my no1 recommendation

There is also the matrix team pay but that’s crazy money that most people will never see so I am not even going to go through this as it’s totally unfair, all I will say is that keep in mind the average of two recruits. By law, the company should produce an income disclosure statement which shows exactly what people are earning with the company.

I couldn’t find any such document.

Better Business Bureau

Currently, the business is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and this would worry me, although they do seem to have plenty of great reviews.

better business bureau CTFO

Conclusion And How I Make Money Online

Wrapping up this overview of Changing The Future Outcome is certainly a legit business but, there are various things that would stop me from recommending it.

The Products

CBD products although having major benefits it also has a lot of bad press and I think you may find it difficult to sell it in big enough volumes.


The company is focusing more on recruiting than selling the products, this concerns me as I have mentioned the average rep only recruits two people. With this in mind to build a healthy business could prove tough.

How I Make Money Online

I have been around the online marketing scene for a decade now and have tried many different ways to make money online. The most popular and one that I am currently making money every month with is affiliate marketing.

  • I don’t have to recruit anyone
  • I don’t have to sell any products personally
  • I can promote within any niche
  • I have unlimited earning potential
  • It’s free to get started

I would love to work with you and help you achieve success in the online space, join me on my no1 recommendation.

start your own business

8 thoughts on “Changing The Future Outcome – Make Money With CBD Oil”

  1. This is an interesting business idea. CBD oil is definitely going to grow over the next many years, so the opportunities are endless. I have never been a fan of these MLM companies, because you have depend on other people to sell to really make a lot of money, but with a new business such as this I might try it out. The start up costs are pretty high though. May have to look for something else. 

  2. I was in the search for a great business opportunity in the CBD oils and products.  That brought me to your site and was hoping this was going to be the one but now that I have read this I think I will not invest because it looks to be a difficult company to work for and you have to work in a pyramid style platform.  I will be looking into the other option of the Wealthy Affiliate program as it seems to be a really great place to start a business online and maybe even try to work with the CBD products in a better setting.  Thank you for the great review and helping to let me decide on my future online.


    • Thanks, Douglas, there are a few different companies supplying CBD products I have yet to find one that just does the affiliate marketing model. 

  3. Great article about making money with CBD oil.  I have been very interested in this idea because I have had AMAZING results with CBD in reducing pain and inflammation in my muscles and keeping me feeling better than I have in years.  To me, it really is a wonder drug and I believe I could sell it because of my positive experience with CBD.  However, after reading your article I am not sure if an MLM platform like Changing The Future Outcome is right for me. However, I was checking out the affiliate marketing idea and your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, that seemed like a much better approach (at least for me)  I am unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate so I am going to do more research to see if it would be a good fit for me but thank you so much for pointing me in this new direction.

    • Great to see that CBD is working for you… indeed affiliate marketing route any day for me.

  4. Marrying CBD products with the MLM business model is becoming quite popular nowadays. I think there’s another brand besides CTFO who does that – can’t remember the name. Anyways, I have mixed feelings with this kind of combination. Yes, CBD is going to benefit a lot of people, but not everyone will need it. As we speak, there’s already plenty of CBD affiliate programs in place to help people promote without having to buy starter package or recruiting downline – so that route seems a lot easier. As for consumer reviews, I don’t really know if CTFO has reached to as many customers as other brands that are more easily accessible online. 

    Just sharing my two cents. 

    • Thanks, Cathy, Yes there are a few companies jumping on the CBD bandwagon, you are totally correct when you say the customer base will be limited too… a good two cents well spent 🙂


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