9 Ways To Be A Successful Affiliate

happy man successful affiliateIt’s easy to become an affiliate for most products or services, generally its a simple sign up procedure and you are good to go. In this post I wanted to take this to the next level and give you ways to be a SUCCESSFUL affiliate.

So let’s jump straight in and take you through 9 things you can work on to become and even better affiliate marketer.

Become An Expert

What ever product or service your are promoting learn everything you can about it. Find out about all its features and what the benefits are for your customer when they use it. That way when it comes to converting visitors into customers you will be the go-to expert for this product or service. This will truly help your conversions.

Knowing Your Customer

customer affiliate high fivingAs well as becoming an expert on the product itself, discovering who the product is aimed at is always going to help you. If you are able to, build a profile of your ideal customer for each product.

Are they male or female? What job do they do? What income do they earn? anyway, you get the idea…

Write all this down as you can add to it as time goes by, building a solid customer characterization. You will be surprised how you will become more focused on where you promote and who you chat too ..weird but effective!

Content Is King

Focus your efforts on creating great content as this will be key to getting engaged readers. Make your content clear and informative but unique to you. Go one step further and offer free content that your visitors can download, such as cheat sheet, checklists, PDF’s and tutorials.

Engage With Your Customers

Let’s face it we all like being looked after and felt as if we are valued… well I l know I definitely do!

Do the same to your customers, check they are liking the service, offer help if they need it. Maybe offer some additional free bonuses that enhance the product or service that they have just purchased.

Remember… A happy customer is one that will buy again. Remember the more they buy from you the more commissions you will be earning.

It’s A Numbers Game

chart successful affiliate Testing and tracking are vital to becoming a successful affiliate. (I definitely need to work on this one)

Tracking your results and then making small tweaks can prove to be huge when it comes to success. If you can split test various items that is always a good way to go and easy to implement. Sometimes a very small change can make a massive difference, so test, test, and test again.


Don’t be afraid to use outsourcers when it comes to content and other tasks, Things such as social media posts, banner ads, Pinterest pins and answering emails can all be done by an outsourcer. This leaves you free to work on more content and liaising with customers to get even more sales.

As your business grows you can outsource more, but even getting someone on Fiverr to create some images for you will be a massive free up of your time… Try it!

Stay Updated

In most niches things change, new products emerge, laws get tweaked and updates happen. When they do, be at the front of the queue when the information comes out. Learn it and then transmit it to your followers and customers this will endorse you as an expert and give them even more reasons to stay tuned to what you say.

Don’t forget some tools associated with your niche can not only help you but most of them have affiliate programs too so you could add more income streams just by keeping updated.


networking successful affiliateChatting with other affiliate marketers is a great way of growing your business. Offline conferences are amazing to discover what is working for other affiliates. You can also look for Twitter chats, and Hangouts (well until G-Plus goes that is, shame I liked G-Plus) anyway I digress!

I hang out with 1000s of affiliate marketers on Wealthy Affiliate which is probably the best affiliate marketing training platform there is. Oh, and did I mention it’s free to join too.

Other great places to network are Facebook groups and forums. Just search your relevant niche plus forum and see what comes up.

Don’t forget the Affiliate Summit too… The affiliate summit brings together affiliates, exhibitors and keynote speakers in various venues across the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Be Patient

Patience is definitely required as it takes time to build your network. Don’t expect to sign up for an affiliate program and start to earn thousands of dollars in commissions straight away.

Use your time wisely to create more content and turn your readers into loyal visitors, and your profits will come.

As they say …. and now it’s up to you to take action and create the life you have been dreaming of using affiliate marketing as a great income stream.

In the comments below let me know what has been successful for you and what you still need to work on. It would be great to compare what everyone is doing, and if you’re just starting out that’s great I would love to hear from you too.

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  1. The ways listed for becoming a successful affiliate are all crystal clear. The most important things are to be an expert of what you do and to also be patient with the online marketing business. To be an expert entails knowing everything about the products you are dealing with but is not limited to that. It also narrows down to keeping in good touch with your customers and making sure they are satisfied and by so doing, they will love to come back for another time.

    • Thanks for your comment, sounds like you have it all covered 


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