Next Job At Home – A Scam? The Surprising Truth Revealed

In this age of online supremacy, it’s no wonder that people are looking more and more at jobs at home. The internet can not only allow you to start your own business online but then grow it to become your full-time income. That’s mad huh!

Even going back a couple of decades this would have been unheard of, yes there were jobs that you could do from home, typing, assembly, and good old envelope stuffing. Is that still allowed even!

As you may know already here at Newbie Affiliate we help ordinary people just like you create an extraordinary income, but hey more on that later.

Recently I came across a site called Next Job At Home which claims to help people find work from home opportunities. Me being nosey so and so thought I would check it out and see if they delivered everything they promised.

Here’s what I found!

How Easy Is It To Join Next Job At Home

next job at home

Like a lot of these sites you do wonder what you are going to find inside once you have given up your email details. I have joined plenty of home business opportunities where all they are after is to obtain your details so they can either spam you loads of rubbish or sell your details on to a third party. Yes, I know it’s illegal but people still do it trust me.

Joining Next Job At Home though is a very simple and quick 3 step process. With over 4 million registered users (subscribers) they must be doing something right.

Step 1 – Use the box supplied to enter your primary email address.

Step 2 – Head to your inbox and verify your email address.

Step 3 – Read the welcome email

You are then ready to immediately start receiving daily alerts about positions, vacancies and opportunities directly into your inbox, hence why you must use your best email otherwise you could be missing out on opportunities.

Every job, vacancy, and opportunities are checked before they are sent through.

I never received a confirmation email and therefore never read the welcome email. This, of course, is a little worrying as I will not receive any updates for new positions either.

Maybe I will be sticking to the way I am already earning money 🙂

What Sort Of Jobs Can You Discover At Next Job At Home

Having not received any emails and or confirmation of my subscription I thought I would see if I could search for jobs within my area.

It did allow me to do this but every time I searched different keywords it came back with no results found. As I live in the UK maybe, it is just USA based (although it doesn’t mention this on their site and gives you the option to search any country) so I searched for date entry in the USA and finally… Yeah! Got some results!

next job at home search results

Here are the main areas the jobs seem to cover

  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Sales Representatives

These types of jobs are not suited to everyone but they certainly are all suitable for working from home, well that’s if you have a laptop and or telephone.

Once you click on more details it does give you a brief description about the job and the hourly pay…. BUT!

It opens up another tab and directs you to a site called hum…

I personally think that New Jobs At Home is just a portal to search jobs which are then located on Zip Recruiter. You may just as well visit Zip Recruiter instead.

How Much Can You Earn

new jobs at home job details screenThe actually hourly rate seems to be around $15 an hour but most of these positions are part-time or limited hours so the amount you can earn is very limited.

That’s why I love affiliate marketing as I can work from home and I don’t have to make phone calls or sit on the laptop for hours adding in data. My earnings are not capped either I can earn whatever I like. My income is mainly passive income and my online business is growing all the time.

So if you are looking for a home business that you can be proud of check out my No1 Recommendation.

Is New Job At Home A Scam

This is of course, the number one question most people want to know about any online business venture. Well from what I have seen I don’t think it’s a scam as they are not asking you for any signup fee, not promising you massive income.

All they are looking to do is collect emails which they are free to do, anyway when I signed up the damn thing didn’t even seem to be working correctly.

Although there is no scam here I would not recommend subscribing here at all. The list has errors and could be a hackers dream, luckily all they would get is an email address, but I would stay well clear.

There are plenty of other places to look for online jobs at home or you could take the same path I have taken and learned all about affiliate marketing so I can earn hundreds of dollars a month from the comfort of my own home.

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20 thoughts on “Next Job At Home – A Scam? The Surprising Truth Revealed”

  1. Thank you for sharing a valuable and honest review about Next Job At Home. personally I wast a lot of my money and time because of scam program about earn money at home. look like Next Job At Home is another scam earning are very limited too.

    I totally agree with your recommended affiliate marketing which is Wealthy Affiliate to make passive income from home. currently, I run 3 profitable websites because of the Wealthy Affiliate training program and their support.

    Thank you for your honest review.keep up the good work!

    • Great that everything is going well with your affiliate marketing business Gihan all the best 🙂 

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I have been trying to find a good work from home job, and I really like that this one offers some part time ones, as well as some limited time ones.  I need this while I wait for my online business to pick up.  I like being at home with my family, plus I don’t have to waste gas money on going to a traditional job!

    • Glad you found this useful Jessie, I wish you every success with your work from home business 🙂

  3. I have also searched the web for jobs to be done from home and had the same experience you describe. The best result will be that the companies only collect your email but mostly there is a hidden cost involved or if not, boring jobs like data entry, etc. which will have you sitting in front of your computer for hours and earning peanuts. I am still new to affiliate marketing but I think this is definitely the right place to be for starting a lucrative online business.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience it’s always good to hear from others that have been through similar sites.

  4. Thanks very much for this alert message because by this article you have opened both eyes and minds of many people who are eagerly looking for jobs or businesses online which is an interesting and kind thing because now many who didn’t know about this platform have known it. I will be looking at your recommendation more closely.

    • Hi Mugalu, thanks for your comments I look forward to helping you if needed 🙂

  5. Thanks for the information about Next Job At Home. I am always looking for income opportunities from home as I am a grandma who is raising a grandchild, but I am always so afraid I will get ripped off! I have gotten ripped off so many times and your article has helped me make a decision on this particular “opportunity.” I am interested in your #1 recommendation and will be checking into that soon.  I’m bookmarking your site!

    • Thanks for your comments Karin I am glad you found the article helpful and look forward to more of your  comments in the future 

  6. Wow thank you for sharing the truth, at first you stated the positive news about newbie affiliate marketers and I was really carried away, but coming to the end of your content I came to realize it’s not worth it, I like the way you vary the positive and the negative factors, this makes it easy for someone to make a clear decision.

    I am looking forward to subscribing to your newsfeed to learn more about your reviews.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Martin. Good to see that Next Job At Home is not a scam. It is a legitimate way to do some side hustle just like Upwork and Fiverr. But one thing about it is that one may not get consistent jobs to do. So he may not be able to earn any money if no work is available. Affiliate marketing is better…

  8. I wonder why you didn’t get their email. Maybe it went into your spam folder in your mailbox. There are numerous ways to make money online. Most of them work always, some work at times, some work partially bla bla bla. Scammers everywhere too. Next Job At Home is not a scam website just as you have said. Anyone can give it a try but the earnings there is very limited. I like Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing.

    • Thanks for your comments. I did check the spam folder and nothing there either. 🙂

  9. This proposition sounds like it would be not a very good company to work for,as they didn’t send the confirmation or the welcome mail.

    When searches were instituted,for work, no results were obtained, except for the United States,which is of little use to me, living in South Africa.

    This site, is not one that I could trust as it is very sloppy, and disorganized,and there seems to be, a danger of being hacked,which is not good.


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