Influencercash Can You Really Make $200 A Day The Truth Revealed

Wow! $200 a day on the internet that’s $73,000 a year. Before I look into Influencercash and see if these claims are real, answer me this one question.

What would you do with this sort of cash?

Maybe you would pay off your debts, clear your mortgage, buy a new house, or a fancy sports car, even go on a few mega vacations with the family. Okay okay, that’s got your brain working overtime now thinking of all the things you could buy.

Whoah hold up there before you get carried away let’s show you what I found out about Influencercash and whether these claims are just pie in the sky and you will still have that massive debt, only dream about owning that massive house or dream car.

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Quick Stats

  • Name – Influencercash
  • Website – (I would normally link to the site but I don’t think it will be around for long and don’t want a broken link on my site)
  • Owners – Unknown
  • Price – Free
  • Overall Rating – 1 out of 10

influencercash review

Why Influencercash

Influencercash claims that its sister company has been around since 2012, of course, they don’t mention any name or link to any other site, hmm I wonder why maybe they don’t actually exist.

The other wild claim is that they have over 450,000 members of which 150k are active members, so I did some research and found that Influencercash has very little web traffic in fact nothing like what they are saying would be if they had 150k active members.

Straight away these are two huge areas that I would have to red flag as a potential scam, proceed with caution or…

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How Does Influencercash Work

influencercash sign up formAccording to their website, you join and then you invite friends and family and the more visitors they generate they make money from ads and their sponsors.

Humm sounds to me that they are just collecting your data too, another red flag maybe let’s dive a little deeper and see how you actually earn from being one of over 450,000 members.

How Do You Earn With Influencercash

Well apparently, all you have to do to earn is invite others to join. This is just so lame it’s doesn’t mention any amounts or percentages and we all know that to make money from big ad networks you need traffic and lots of it.

I have already discovered that this particular site is getting little traffic if any at all… Without even joining myself I can see that this is NEVER GOING TO PAYOUT!

Please don’t get your hopes up you will never get your dream house or car and as for earning $200 a day, I don’t even think you will earn 2 cents a day. DON’T JOIN THIS!

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$25 Bonus

Hey, they even give you a $25 bonus payment just for signing up. That’s AMAZING! Well not really as they will never ever pay you this is to entice you into joining up.

This has all the same traits as another scam called Viral Pay which I investigated earlier this year, read my article and more importantly, the comments as many people including me never got paid!

They should have paid me $880 but I am still waiting, in fact, the site has changed names three times since then… maybe this is the forth.

Payment Proofs

payment proofs for influencercash

The only payment proof is similar images that state they have finally received their payments, come on guys if you are going to place income proof images then at least do good ones stating that you pay on time and every month.

These are obviously false or these are all that they could muster up. Either way these points even more to this site being a total scam.


fake testimonial on influencercash

These are poorly written and state things about making money with social media, 35k in just a few months, 10k plus and $300 a day. I think all of these are false as well.

Mystery Owner

The final nail in the Influencercash coffin is that nobody can locate who owns the site/company. I certainly gave it a go but found nothing at all. And with no links or clues on their website, this can mean only one thing.

They don’t want to be found.

If you are helping people earn a great income by doing nothing then why wouldn’t you want to be shouting it from the rooftops… Oh hang on that’s right nobody has been paid out and its a total scam that’s why!

Some Home Truths About Making Money Online

  • Free Money – It doesn’t exist please do not get drawn into these scams. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. How do I know I have been where you are looking to quick money on the internet, joining scams and only losing even more money.
  • To build any business online takes hard work, time and patience. Many websites and opportunities state that you can make quick money without doing any work at all.
  • Although you can start a business with no investment to grow that business to a full-time income you will definitely need to make investments.

An Alternative

As I have previously said building your own business online takes hard work and dedication over a period of time, sometimes years rather than months. But if you are up for that challenge then I would recommend affiliate marketing as your vehicle to make this happen.

I started my affiliate marketing business 12 months ago and I am now starting to reap the rewards with commissions coming in every single month. I had tried al these get rich quick schemes, products and business opportunities without success.

I am looking forward to seeing my business grow into a full-time income.

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