My Daily Choice Review 2020 – Legit or Scam

By landing on this page you are obviously looking for more information on My Daily Choice. Maybe you are thinking of joining or just doing research on how you can start your own business working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home.

Well, I can help on both fronts.

First, you can read through my detailed and honest My Daily Choice review. I cover everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision on whether it is just another online scam to avoid or a business that you can make a full-time income.

To discover how I make money every single month working from home, then continue reading as I share my secret formula later on in the article.

Okay, let’s dive right in and uncover the truth behind My Daily Choice.

Before I do, let me reiterate, I didn’t write this review just to sugarcoat the business It’s an honest opinion by someone that has been around the making money online niche for over 10 years, having experienced all the different online revenue streams over the years I can guide you as you whether this would be worth your time and money.

Of course, leaving the final choice yours.

What Is My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice is a Network Marketing company (MLM) centered around the health and wellness sector. The company is very adaptable and over recent years has moved in to focus most of its product lines around CBD oil.

As you can see from these figures from Google trends, this was a good move to diversify the business. You can see there has been a massive growth for CBD oil over the last three/four years peaking around May 2019.

google trends for CBD oil

Discover whether this trend is set to continue later on in the review as I uncover some interesting facts that you will want to consider.

The CBD product range has been developed under the name Hempworx, which itself has a good name in the CBD health industry. Other product lines they sell include essential oils and daily sprays all of which I will go into more detail shortly.

When Was My Daily Choice Founded

My Daily Choice was founded back in 2015 by Entrepreneurs Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Both were already involved in marketing businesses and they actually meet through Facebook before joining forces to create what is My Daily Choice.

josh and jenna zwagil founders of my daily choice

The name originated by adding “My” to make it personal “Daily” to represent how using the products on a daily basis can help you and “Choice” to emphasize that the customer always has a choice and they are in control.

Simple but great!

When Jenna fell ill and was diagnosed with Celiac disease (something I have been living with for many years). She went in search of a product that may help and was introduced to CBD. After using it, she never turned back and they introduced a whole range of products under the Hempworx brand within the My Daily Choice umbrella, and as they say the rest is history.

Note:- This review is not about whether CBD products can help you. Its main focus is on if My Daily Choice is a legitimate company where you can make a full-time income.

So, let’s dive a little deeper and start to answer that question.

How Do You Make Money With My Daily Choice

With all legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies there are always two main ways to make money and My Daily Choice is no different on this front.

Retail sales must provide the backbone to the business, so if you don’t want to be involved in selling on a face to face basis then maybe this industry is not for you.

The business model I make money from doesn’t require any face to face selling at all so, keep reading to the end if this suits you better.

The second way to build your income would be through recruiting other people into the business to replicate exactly what you are doing, sell more products, and recruit even more people. Hence the name multi-level marketing comes from. This is where you can build massive teams and earn huge money. Read the recruiting section for more info on whether this is the truth, I think you may be surprised!

Discover more about the Network Marketing business model in this article

1. Retail Sales (The Products)

Before I take a closer look at the product range that My Daily Choice and Hempworx have available, let me just say that their products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

products sign for my daily choice

Most of their products are organic, suitable for Vegans, and Celiac sufferers (Free from Gluten). There is no testing done on animals and all non-GMO.

All products have two price points, normal retail and a reduced member-only price.

CBD Tinctures

This range includes full-spectrum and broad-spectrum THC free. All products are available in different sizes 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. They also do 7 flavors that you can choose from when ordering.

cbd tinctures

CBD Topicals

Note this range is not vegan or gluten-free

Creams infused with 80mg of CBD oil. The range consists of products renew, revive, and relief. Renew is a face cream, Relief is 80mg of CBD oil mixed with Emu oil and is used to relieve pain by applying to the affected area. Revive is ideal for moisturizing and hydrating with just 30mg of CBD oil.

relief CBD cream

CBD Softgels

cbd softgelsThe Curcumin soft gel is to aid with healthy joints. Curcumin is found in Turmeric which is the main ingredients and they are suitable for vegetarians, Just one size of 750mg available.

The Coffeeberry softgel has Neurofactor which helps in brain function and is mixed with Araciba coffee cherries. Available in 750mg bottles and veggie-friendly.

The last in this range is Melatonin soft gels which will help to drift off to sleep and wake invigorated in the morning. Melatonin is a natural peptide hormone and ideal for vegetarians.


CBD Pet Products

CBD Pet oil has only 5mg of Cannabidiol and is mixed with a bacon flavoring for all our furry family members. It is used to maintain the pets’ overall good health.

The dog treats are the other product in this range and are totally natural being grain, soy, and corn-free. There is 2.5mg per treat.

CBD dog treats

CBD Bath Bombs

Time to pamper yourself with the Hempworx pack of 6 bath bombs. Each bath bomb is infused with one of 6 essential oils and 30mg of CBD.

They contain no added colors or dyes.

cbd bathbombs

CBD Coffee

Made from natural Arabica beans and organic Chaga mushrooms completed with hemp infusement. At only 5mg per cup, it has plenty of health benefits.

It can also be added as part of a keto weight management program too.

cbd coffee

CBD Gummies

Each pot contains three delicious flavors but no artificial sweeteners or colors. Each chew contains 10mg of CBD with 45 sweets per purchase.

hempworx fruit gummies

Hair Care

Not something I have to be concerned about these days but for those that are Hempworx and My Daily Choice have put together a range of shampoo, conditioner, hand and body lotion, hair serum, and hair mask.

hempworx hair mask

Note: The hair products do not contain CBD but are infused with hemp.

Daily Sprays

How do you use the Daily Sprays

Daily sprays are simple to use and can be applied orally whenever you like. There are few in the range and are designed to give you a much-needed boost.

daily sprays from my daily choice

There are a few other ranges that my daily choice offers, these are a range of essential oils, their high life travel package which offer the cheapest discounted and wholesale travel rates.

Tote bags, coffee mugs, magazines, and diffusers complete the product range. There are also mixed packs of the most popular products for you to sell too.

2. Recruiting

The second way in which you can earn money with My Daily Choice is to recruit other people to join the business. As I have already mentioned this is known as multi-level marketing and has been around for decades. Although some would always question the legality of this type of business model, some of the most well-known companies operate like this.

Read this article on the top 10 network marketing companies and see how many you recognize.

How much can you earn with My Daily Choice

This is, of course, a difficult question to answer as every affiliate has the same opportunities but some will always be better at selling or recruiting than others.

So, let’s dive more into the money side of the business and show you some figures that may go some way in answering this question more deeply.

By joining this MLM there are the normal benefits offered, here are the best ones.

  • Discounted prices on all the MDC products
  • Earning potential through the company compensation plan (more on this shortly stay tuned)
  • Access to world-class trainers
  • Your own “done for you” marketing system
  • Tools such as apps, landing pages, and back office
  • Events

There is nothing new here every legitimate network marketing company offers these benefits the only thing that may be slightly different would be the compensation plan.

One huge advantage with My Daily Choice is that you can actually download the compensation plan and go through it offline.

My Daily Choice Affiliates

As an affiliate, you do get some benefits but commissions are not given for sponsoring or recruiting other members. You do however get a discount on all the products that the company is associated with. Affiliates do not have to buy products on a monthly basis but there is a welcome pack fee of $20 which is refunded should you wish to reconsider membership.

There are three different ways you can refer people to join. Preferred Customer, Retail Customer, and Independent Affiliate so next I will run through and explain the differences.

Preferred Customer – Refer people as a preferred customer who becomes monthly purchasers of the products at member’s prices. If you refer three preferred customers to join you then receive one product free.

Keep referring 3 people and receive another product free… simple!

preferred customers of my daily choice

Retail Customer – A retail customer, is someone that pays retail prices on their purchases. As an independent affiliate you will earn the difference between the member price and retail price this is BV (business volume) and this counts towards your affiliate volume AV… confused yet? These comp plans are never simple things 🙂

retail commission example for my daily choice

Independent Affiliate – As an independent affiliate you have the possibility to build a full-time business by accessing the complete compensation plan and the commissions and bonuses available. Note;- These figures are what you could earn not what you will earn, unfortunately, most MLM marketers earn very little and only a small percentage actually earn big!

Let me run through some of the compensation plans in more detail, although bear with me as these can become very confusing.

Can You Make Real Money With My Daily Choice

The Compensation Plan

Jump Start Bonuses

These are paid weekly and are paid across 10 levels of your business.  A maximum payout of 85% of your business value (BV)

jump start bonuses for my daily choice

Note:- Affiliates must hit their (PV) to qualify for this bonus.

Binary Commissions

These are paid monthly. The Binary is the matrix that is where your referred team members sit and you get paid on the lesser leg so, you will need to build two strong legs to earn good monthly income.

Depending on your company rank there are huge commissions available with a great incentive to grow your business. You will need to be qualified every month to get these payouts.

binary commissions for my daily choice

Leadership Check Matching

Check matching is a percentage of the total binary commissions paid every month. This is when you need to start doing some due diligence and work out how much the company is actually paying out too much could mean that it is becoming a Ponzi. Read more on Ponzi’s here.

leadership check matching in my daily choice

Note:- Affiliates must have 40PV to qualify for this.

Global Bonus Pool

My Daily Choice sets aside 2% of the business volume and places it in the global bonus pool. Affiliates earn shares in this pool by working hard and getting results. Recruiting 4 affiliates in one month will generate one share. Rank advancing will generate 2 more shares and obtaining 4 new preferred customers in one month is worth another share.

global bonus pool in my daily choice

Maybe this is the time to mention that the average network marketer will only ever recruit 2.5 people into their business so these shares will be hard for most to achieve.

Rank Incentives and Bonuses

One time bonuses paid out for the top recruiters… by maintaining rank advancements and 90PV per month you will be entitled to a one time bonus.

rank incentives for my daily choice

It would be interesting to see how many people actually achieve these probably less than one percent.

I will add the final two ways to make more money but realistically they will need a mammoth task by you to reach these.

VIP Auto Club

After you have reached 90 days and been successful in the rank incentive one-time bonus in the fourth month of qualifying you will receive an auto club payment.

Amounts vary depending on your rank.

auto bonus for my daily choice

Elite Expense Account

my daily choice elite expense accountThe last incentive in my daily choice compensation plan. As you advance through the ranks in order to keep moving forward you will have to start doing events, travel around the world to help build your fellow team members teams. This all costs money but hey, no problem, reach these dizzy heights and My Daily Choice gives you access to an elite expense account.

This could add another massive $100,000 a month to help you grow your business.

I trust this has given you an insight into what you can earn.

Is My Daily Choice Legit

From what I have discovered whilst researching for this article, I have no doubt that My Daily Choice is a legitimate business opportunity, however, this could change so, always do your own due diligence before joining any online business.

They have a great selection of products which demand has been high over the last few years. Bear in mind trends show that CBD is being searched less and less, this would because more health shops and retailers are now stocking similar items.

I would always proceed with caution with every network marketing company as the compensation plans are aimed more for the top earners of which as I mentioned before very few people actually reach these figures.

Hence why I swapped out chasing my dreams in the network marketing industry and have moved across to the affiliate marketing business model.

Difference between MLM and affiliate marketing include video

Let me briefly explain the difference between network marketing (MLM) and affiliate marketing so you can make a more informed choice as to whether which one is more suited to you.

As we have seen in this article network marketing, does mean that you will need to sell products and continue to sell them every single month to build your business. You will also need to recruit other people into the business, show them how the business works. There will be regular meetings and training you will have to attend.

Your success will be governed mainly by other team members as if they don’t work or end up not continuing with the business your business suffers. You may have to deal with faulty products or even returns. The product ranges in most cases are very limited which in turn limits your potential customer base.

As you can see from this there are many pitfalls you can entail.

Alternatively, you could choose the affiliate marketing business model which I am having great success with currently.

With affiliate marketing, you are recommending other people’s products and services. When a customer chooses to purchase or in some cases just take a free trial you then qualify for a pre-agreed commission. There are no sales targets to hit in order to get paid and also no limits on what you can earn.

In fact, with some products that are a monthly payment, you continue to get paid a commission every month that the customer keeps using the product. I have some products that have paid me for years now and all I did was to recommend their product once. How cool is that!

What’s more, I never get involved with dealing with the customer, any complaints, faults, or refunds are dealt with by the product owners.

I never have to recruit anybody into my business as I am in full control. I can promote products across every niche should I wish too.

Commissions can vary from a few percent right up to 100% and like I have already mentioned promoting recurring commission products is definitely the way to go.

Oh and to start this business is a very low cost, whereas most network marketing businesses ask for a joining fee and some even a monthly membership fee.

Sound good so far?

Read more here on affiliate marketing versus network marketing

Yes, there is stuff to learn, yes you will need some tools as your business grows, but these are minimal especially as business costs go.

Interested in affiliate marketing?

Read my complete beginner’s guide.

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