Rat Race Rebellion Review 2020 – Is It Worth Your Time?

In these uncertain times, many people like you are looking for a change in direction when it comes to working. Maybe you are looking to move away from the corporate lifestyle for something with more freedom. It could be that you are having to start again, or just craving that dream business where you can work remotely from home just a few hours a day.

Whatever you are looking for Rat race Rebellion could be a great place to start your journey into changing your life forever.

I moved out of the rat race way back in 1999, I have over the years tried various different income streams most have worked although some didn’t, today I love having the freedom to work from home.

More about how I gained success working from home here

Buy, enough about me this is about YOU and whether the Rat Race Rebellion can help you achieve a better life.

So let’s dive straight in and show you.

What Is Rat Race Rebellion

rat race rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion is an online portal for those looking for a new job, a career change and even opportunities that you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

According to Who.is, the domain name was first registered way back in June 2006. If you check out the website on Ubersuggest (a keyword research tool) they are currently achieving over 70,000 organic visitors a month, these are just from the search engines, so you can see that this does seem to be an enormously popular website.

ubersuggest figures for rat race rebellion

That said does Rat Race Rebellion achieve it’s aimed at helping individuals find working opportunities, more on that later…

Who Owns The Rat Race Rebellion

Before I dive into the content of the website, let’s start by giving you some background to the people behind the company.
Rat Race Rebellion was created by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren (Chris and Mike) and has both involved in the virtual and work from the home business model since 1999 when they formed the sister company Staffcentrix LLC.

christine durst and Micheal haaren

You can learn more about their backgrounds on the RRR website under the “about us” tab which is located in the footer menu. But, I want to show you more about what you can discover when you visit the website.

Who Is Rat Race Rebellion Aimed At

There are many people that the website is aimed at. Maybe you are someone that is looking for a career change, or you need extra money to help with those annoying bills that drop through the door every month.

Whatever, your reasons the name of the site says it all really, getting out of the rat race is primarily where the site is guiding people. There are three main areas and I will be covering them in the next section as I break down each one in turn.

Quick Guide On Using Rat Race Rebellion

How much does it cost to join

Let’s start by answering the most common question, and that is how much does it cost to join the Rat Race Rebellion? Well, the answer is both simple and one you were probably hoping for. It’s 100% free to use. In fact as far as I can see they ask for no information at all to scroll through the website.

You can, however, register your email and have updates delivered directly into your inbox.

Jobs and Gigs

There are three sections where you can start hunting on Rat Race Rebellion, and the first one is Jobs and Gigs and is accessed via the main menu at the top of the website.

jobs and gigs on rat race rebellion

New jobs are posted on a daily basis (except Sundays and Holidays) so don’t panic if you don’t find anything straight away you can keep visiting and seeming what updates have been added.

Here are just a few of the job postings I found

  • Delivery Drivers
  • Language Teacher
  • Map Evaluator
  • Service Reps
  • Auto Dealer Manager
  • IT Service Desk Agent
  • Claims Processors
  • Customer Order Specialist
  • Tax Experts
  • Data Analyst
  • Transcriptionist

And that’s just a few…

As you can see there is something for everyone they even have a listing from large corporate companies such as Amazon.

Work from Home Opportunities

The second section is all about work at home jobs. On my brief glance through these do seem to be low quality and low earning potential jobs.

Like taking surveys on sites such as Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars to making money from your mobile phone using apps like Easy Shift and Ibotta.

There are of course the normal mundane jobs such as data entry offered too.

Most of these opportunities will only earn you a few bucks a month with no real way of scaling up to a full-time income. That’s why I prefer to do Affiliate Marketing as I am building my business every month.

Read more about how affiliate marketing can work for you too, by reading through my complete beginners tutorial

Please note that although the Rat Race Rebellion websites do say that every opportunity, company, and job is vetted first, they also tell you to do your own research too.

You can be easily be scammed online and the work from home industry is certainly one of the top ways that scammers work. With this in mind read my article on what is a scam, 9 red flags to look out for.

Customer Service Jobs

The last section is relating to customer service jobs. This can also be accessed directly on the main menu. Note most of these jobs require phone work so for no phone work choose the other sections.

customer service jobs on Rat race rebellion

These jobs include such things as

  • Call centers
  • Customer service agent
  • Tech support
  • Virtual helper
  • Telephone mystery shopper
  • Help desk agent
  • Appointment setter

To make your search even easier they produce a detailed list of companies and highlight the type of work on offer. They also use a key to break down the search even more. This is a great help when searching for either inbound or outbound calls.

customer service job list on rat race rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion Big List

They also produce what they call the BIG List which is probably the faster way to search for opportunities, especially if you are unknown exactly what you want to do.

How To Apply For A Position

Applying for a position is simple, once you have found something that you would like to know more about just click the link.

how to apply on rat race rebellion

This opens a new page with all the job details.

Things such as hourly rates and pay, what qualifications are needed, whether you need to be experienced or if training will be included when you start. Detailed job descriptions are also included so you can see if it really is for you before applying.

Just click to apply and follow the steps… Simple!

Rat Race Rebellion Is it a Scam

The short answer is no definitely a scam. You must remember that Chris and Mike have created this site as a go-to site for people to search for online job opportunities, we can not attribute any connection with the companies offering the work.

There are many positive things about the Rat Race Rebellion that prove that they are a legit business. But, as I have already mentioned being sure to do your own due diligence too and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

What People Are Saying About Rat Race Rebellion

Now, I could just post a few great reviews and even link to some great articles about RRR but I thought maybe I check out some of the companies that they say have featured them in the past. Companies such as CNN, Good Morning America, Today, BBC, Readers Digest, Oz, and ABC News.

brand logos that feature the rat race rebellion

In fact, I found this short video on Youtube which was recorded on Good Morning America it’s had over 85,000 views!

What I Like About Rat Race Rebellion

  • It’s a free resource – This is a great help when you are looking for work. They are supplying information for you to save you time and energy. What can be better!
  • Plenty of choices – Across the different sections there is a vast array of diverse opportunities that you can apply for. This obviously attracts many new and returning visitors as we have seen from the stats previously.
  • Daily Additions – There are new jobs posted on a daily basis (except Sundays and holidays) so even if you don’t find anything that fits the bill then a daily visit could uncover what you are looking for.
  • Job Vetting – As per their website all the job opportunities are vetted before they appear on the site, but I would always be aware that some may still not be exactly what they seem so proceed with caution.
  • Paid Training Offered – Many jobs offer paid training to all successful applicants meaning that less experience is needed.

What I Find Less Appealing

  • Mainly the USA Only – All the job opportunities within companies where all USA based so if you from other parts of the world you would need to look in the home business section where they are some worldwide options
  • Low Paid – A lot of the work registered on the website is very low paid. These are fine for earning some extra cash but you may well find it difficult to earn a full income from them.
  • Low-Quality Work – Many positions are with companies that are offering surveys and such like. Although there are many legit survey sites such as Swagbucks. The quality of work you have to do is low and can earn very little return for the hours worked.
  • No Guarantee of not being scammed – Although every effort is made by Rat Race Rebellion there is no 100% guarantee that you will not get scammed although if you follow my 9 red flags to look out for mentioned earlier this should see that you are okay.
  • Experience Required – With some positions there is experienced required which could rule out being successful with your application.

Final Thoughts

I think that the Rat Race Rebellion is a perfect site for those looking for opportunities, whether this is working from home, and change of career or creating a side hustle to earn some extra cash.

I would definitely recommend you take a look, however, proceed with caution would be my guide.

There are plenty of pros with this site but it does through up some things that you need to be aware of.

But, all that said, there is certainly an audience out there for what it offers.

How I Make Money From Home

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I look forward to working with you…

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