Kidazzler App Reviews Earn Up To $4800 A Month

Would You Love To Earn An Extra $4800 A Month? 

kidazzler app join imageThere is no need to answer this as you probably earn less than this a month already so of course, you would want an extra $4800. The Kidazzler App is a free app to help parents give their kids the best life possible. Who doesn’t want that?

I will go into more detail about the app shortly including the official launch date, and what you have to do to earn money from Kidazzler.

Let’s face it nearly all parents want the best for their kids, and having the idea of an extra income could give you and your family a better life. Maybe you are struggling financially at the moment, have huge debts, a mortgage to pay and working seven days a week just to keep going.

Kidazzler would certainly tick a few boxes that would help you right now, but I wanted to take a closer look at this and just see if it’s at all possible to make any money let alone $4800 a month.

What Is Kidazzler

Kidazzler will be the go-to parenting online directory for everything to help you and your kids have a better life. From what I can see the site will be available worldwide without any restrictions.

Co-Founders Alex and Julia Rehman had the idea of the main directory for parents to get all the information you need to answer any questions and queries you have.

Is Kidazzler Free To Join

kidazzler notificationYes, it certain is free and you can sign up via Facebook or by entering your name, email and then select your country where you live. So to find out I went and joined up…

And got this after confirming my email.


Note that they are launching in Canada and the United States of America first and then roll out around the world.

How Does Kidazzler Work

This is according to the video on the website home page.

Once you have signed up for your free account, you will then be asked to recommend businesses, that might benefit from being listed within the directory.

Any business that you recommend is then locked to yourself. A business can only be listed once and not multiple times. The team at Kidazzler will approach these businesses and try and sell them advertising space within the directory. When this happens you as the referer you will then get a cut of the revenue, thus creating you a monthly income.

Businesses will be able to claim their business listing and then have the opportunity to enhance their presence with a mini website and personal feed where they can keep followers up to date with deals, events, and promotions. Plus they will show up in relevant categories to prompt people to visit their business profile and discover more about them.

How Much Will A Business Advertising Package Cost 

claim your business on kidazzlerBusinesses will be charged a monthly fee of $29 to have all these enhancements added to their listing. Prior to launchng there had been over one million businesses already added.

What Categories Are Included In Kidazzler

Although I wasn’t able to gain access to the site at this time as it is not yet available in the UK, I did manage to discover what sort of topics are going to be covered these are.

  • Pregnancy
  • Days Out
  • Eating Out
  • Nurseries
  • Events & Parties
  • Doctors
  • Play Areas
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Childcare
  • Tutors
  • Coaches

In fact, this has no boundary as the members themselves can add in any business that is associated with kids, parenting or similar.

Getting Paid By Kidazzler

kidazzler ceo alex rehmanEvery member will have the opportunity to become an influencer and be part of the influencer program. It will be everyone that shares the same vision as the team behind Kidazzler.

“To give your kids the best life possible”

I found out that there will be different levels of membership including the highest level (The Inner Circle). This is beginning to sound a lot like a multi-level marketing company and even in the best network marketing companies, people do struggling to make any money.

Although full details of the program have not been released yet, well I couldn’t find anything 🙂 But, that’s why one of the top executives from Avon is on the board of advisories… Humm!

Watch this space for updates as and when I find them, in the meantime…

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My Concerns And Thoughts

My first concern is as always the way these online businesses build a base of people through hype and fear of missing out. These are tactics of many scams on the internet, now I am not saying that Kidazzler is a scam, only time will tell that when they launch.

Although I get the concept of the directory and involving the members to add in businesses really does help it build to a massive community.

In reality though, how many businesses are going to continue to pay the monthly fee, or even take up the adverting package. Answer very few.

This is why the so-called Influencer Program is being launched too because they need an incentive for members to tell other people about the site, and as we all know a financial incentive is the best one. Especially for anyone who is looking to make extra money to achieve a better life for themselves.

Like all these MLM based companies not many of their members actually make any serious money so quoting that people could earn up to $4800 a month without any proof is a problem that may prove harder to achieve in reality.

An Alternative Unlimited Income Stream

It wouldn’t be fair of me to knock anybody who has visited this article as a way to get out of the rat race and start their own business. I applaud you for taking action and trying to make your life a better one.

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10 thoughts on “Kidazzler App Reviews Earn Up To $4800 A Month”

  1. I want being something to our notice and it’s the fact that these online businesses are always backed with sweet offers to get people to enroll with them and we all know what most of them are, scam. Making $4800 just by signing up for free and looking at a list and sort is almost impossible, I’ve been involved in several businesses online and I know how much work much you’ll have to do to fetch you a big profit like this, so let’s face the reality. Since the offer isn’t launched yet, let’s just sit back and see how it goes. 

  2. It is really interesting to read through this information, I actually don’t have any problem with the offer because of the fact that it’s yet to be launched but I’d love to call our attention to the fact that making up to $4,800 isn’t an easy task as it’s been painted here in the video. Well, it’s good that we have prior knowledge of what it’s likely to look like so I’ll just wait to see for myself. 

  3. Very good review. I was looking for how to make money online when I found your article.

    The truth that Kidazzler’s idea looks interesting. The main idea of achieving a community that helps each other among the members. And more if it’s about being better parents!

    But also, like you, it makes me doubt when it becomes something like MLM. I was involved in the MLM and I liked it a lot, but the behavior of many people sponsoring prospects, at any price, makes this whole legitimate business go dark and lose reputation. I hope the same does not happen with Kidazzler!

    I am very interested in the alternative marketin of affiliates that you offer, it seems more “linear” and more personal, without having to go chasing people at funerals: D. I’m going to check it out right now.

    Thanks for the review

    • Thanks for your great comments Paul, I would always recommend affiliate marketing over anything else. 

  4. Wow… This does look like a great way to earn some cash online without having to do too much like you do on get paid to do sites. If this was available in UK I was totally going to go for it but im pretty sure it won’t be as easy as the people say it is, making money is never easy. Will see if they launch in UK soon, quite an interesting site for sure. Thanks for this eye opener wasn’t sure if this really does work.

    • As they say, Donny only time will tell if this works or not 

  5. I have yet to hear about my payments. When are u going to launch? I feel like it just keeps getting pushed back.

    • Hi Rebecca, This article is just a review of the business for any payment questions you will need to contact Kidazzler direct.


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