Can You Make Money With Udimi Solo Ads

marketing strategy solo adsMost home-based businesses require that you generate leads, sales, or both. Maybe you are looking for just some highly targeted traffic. There are many different ways to generate all of these such as social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, and even organic traffic from the search engines.

Sometimes these methods are a bit slow and you require a faster approach which is where solo ads can help.

Before I dive into how you actually make money using solo ads let me explain what solo ads are and what other tools you need to make this happen.

What Are Solo Ads

Solo ads work by sending emails to a highly targeted audience with offers that they would be interested in. Although due diligence is needed before you part with any money as there are some bogus dealers that promise you high traffic and then fail to deliver either no clicks at all or clicks but no optins.

For solo ads to work you may need to start a blog especially if you are looking to drive traffic to certain pages, including optin and sales pages. Email marketing is a great way to use solo ads as you can offer a targeted free offer and then back it up with special offers of your own products or even affiliate products.

Which I will show you how to do shortly.

Sites such as Udimi have been set up so they can monitor any foul play and elevate people losing money.

Solo Ads With Affiliate Marketing

Although you can use solo ads to drive traffic to your blog, sell your own products, or even build your own email list, making instant money by incorporating solo ads with affiliate marketing is probably the best way to utilize the system to its fullest.

Follow these steps to start making money this way:

  • Choose a relevant niche and affiliate program ideally this could be a product or service that you already use and recommend that way you know its quality. Note by recommending or promoting products that are less superior or not known would result in fewer optins and possibly reduce the number of solo ad dealers that will want to do business with you.
  • Find a solo ad vendor. You can search the internet for these, or there are groups of Facebook where solo ad vendors hang out. But for the best results, I would use a site such as Udimi who will vet all its vendors for you.
  • If you haven’t used a site like Udimi then research will be needed when selecting a vendor. The best way to do this is to find others that have already used the vendor and given a review or rating.
  • Create a landing page, also known as a squeeze page or optin page this will enable you to build your own email list so you can continue to build a relationship and offer further products and services in the future.
  • Use tracking. Tracking your results will mean that you can know what is working and improve what isn’t quite right for next time.

Joining Udimi Solo Ads

Firstly it cost nothing to join and you receive a $5 discount instantly after registration, let’s walk you through the simple process.

udimi home page

Step 1Creating your account within Udimi is a simple process from the home page just select the get started button and then add your primary email address. Once on the site, you can then add your name and a profile picture.

udimi profile picture

Step 2 – Next you want to verify your account, you can download the app from whichever store suits your phone, or like me, you can verify via SMS message. This took me less than 20 seconds to complete.

Step 3 – This step is up to you but I went into the notifications tab and turned off a lot of the different notifications otherwise I think you will be swamped with emails to your inbox. The other way around this is to use a totally new email that you will never check, but that seems pointless as there will be some emails you will need to receive.

Step 4 – Read the T’s and C’s. There are only a few rules to follow and this only takes a few seconds to read through and accept.

Step 5 – Buy your first solo ad. You are now ready to buy your first solo ad or if you are a seller you can activate this.

Going Prime

There are of course some good reasons why you would go prime so let’s just run through them so you can decide if this is something that would help your business. Here are just the important ones

  • Double commissions. The main one for me is that as an affiliate your commissions double when you refer other members to prime membership. It goes from 25% to 50% which means if you have two people paying for prime you are actually getting your membership for free.
  • Microsites. You can have up to 10 microsites on Udimi these can collect optins and even add them to your favorite autoresponder such as AWeber or Get Response
  • Advance Click Filtering. Prime gives you click filtering this just enhances what you already have in place but could save you more money on wasted clicks, so it could be worth looking at.
  • Email Validator. If you are building your own email list then this could be worth it as it will validate the emails on all your solo ad campaigns.

Prime membership starts at $29 a month but reduces the more months you buy with the 12-month membership being the cheapest at $287.52 which is $23.96 a month. It is was me I would stick with the monthly as the savings aren’t that great.

Join Udimi Today

Buying Your First Solo Ad

Let’s run you through the process of buying your first solo ad and after show you the best ways you can make money using this form of marketing.

find sellers on udimi

Step 1 – Search the find sellers tab on the main menu. This will show a couple of promoted campaigns and then loads more underneath. This page gives you a lot of information about the campaign such as price per click, percentage of sales, plus how many successful campaigns that people have liked.

Step 2 – Visit their profile and find out more about what they are offering, you can also message them.

udimi sellers profile

Step 3 – If everything is a go then you can pay for your clicks right from their profile.

Note you can also use the solo deals tab and do the same three steps to find the deal right for you.

solo ad deals

Making Money From Solo Ads

There are two main ways that you can make money using solo ads.

Affiliate Offers

The first requires no website or autoresponder so you can start very quickly and choose any niche the like. By finding an affiliate program in a particular niche then buying some clicks and driving traffic directly to the sales page of the affiliate offer. Any sales that are made will then be paid directly to yourself.

As long as you make more in sales than you do buy the solo ad you have a profitable business, just rinse and repeat!

Building Your Own List

This would be the route I would take as it gives you far more scope to make even more money.

Create a great landing page that you can use to build your own email list. By doing this you will get more people to sign up and grab your offer. You can then direct people to an affiliate offer after they sign up. If they don’t buy you still have the email details that you can use to build a relationship with them send more great gifts and of course more affiliate offers.

By doing your marketing this way you have a far better chance of making more sales as you can promote more than one product. Some people will buy every offer you send them, others may only buy in a year’s time after you have built up a relationship. Either way, it’s a WIN-WIN for you.

As you can see using solo ads can be very lucrative and is an amazing way to grow your business really fast.

And More Money…

The opportunities don’t stop there as by joining Udimi you also become an affiliate and you can promote out the platform too. If you haven’t already worked that out this is what this review is doing recommending Udimi.

Affiliate commissions are 15% of any solo ad campaigns plus 25% of any Prime membership fees that are referred by you. So if you build up a few regular solo ad users this could provide a nice steady income stream.

Wrapping Up

I will be using some solo ads to build up my email list so I will report back as you how I got on so watch this space! Remember joining Udimi is free so start building your business today too.

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20 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Udimi Solo Ads”

  1. I have always wondered about Udimi ads. It’s great reading a detailed post on this. I now understand how to use this effectively to drive traffic. You’ve also explained how to make money from solo ads as before,I used to think it was only about buying the ads and nothing else.

    I will check back to read your report on how you got on. Thanks for your honesty.

  2. Hello Martin, thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Starting an online business to make money is what lies in the heart of so many people, but having the required traffic to help you bring the money is also essential. Udimi Solo ads from your review is a nice offer as email marketing is one very trusted means to drive traffic to a site. Getting to register for free and even get a discount on it is quite cool. I have has issues with verifications and I would like you to shed light more on how it is done here. Best regards

    • Hey Benson, Great to have your comments. The best way to verify your account is through SMS (text message) on your mobile phone. 

  3. Hi Martin I really like your website, I really didn’t know anything about Udimi Solo ads so reading your blog was a good insight. This may come in handy for me. Can you tell me how long have you been with Udimi and have you tried any of there competitors?

    • Thanks, Marc, I have only just started using Udimi myself so I will be reporting back my findings. This is the first site I have used for Solo ads. 

  4. I personally like Udimi concept. Most people just focus on the traffic but I think quality traffic is more important than driving people to your website and they do not purchase anything from it. Solo Ads is very similar to cold calling and I can see that it can covert better without having to send the blast emails and we can build the email list like you suggested. Thank you for the review, i will check Udimi out.

    • Thanks for your comments Nuttanee, indeed its certainly worth a go to build your email list

  5. Hi Martin,

    Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer & Blogger I often come across products and programs advising to purchase Udimi Solo ads for traffic. Since I am on a budget I was afraid of paid traffic as you know very well if it’s not done properly we might lose our money with paid traffic. As you mentioned there are some solo ad providers who will just send traffic that is of no use.

    However, I wanted to know whether it is really possible to generate potential and targeted traffic from Udimi solo ads and your post is a greater help and an eye-opener for me.

    After reading your post I have decided to Join Udimi Solo Ads and give it a try.

    Thanks a lot for the great walk-through.

    • Hi Paul, Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, come back and let us know how you get on. All the best Martin

  6. Thank you! This helps a lot. Now, I know how to use Udimi effectively.

  7. Thank you for this information. I believe, Udimi is a safe place where you can buy or sell advertising.

  8. Thank You for detailed information. I have been using AmitSoloAds also along with udimi. The quality of email traffic from AmitSoloAds is very good as well. Lot of my friends have been using them. One interesting thing about AmitSoloAds, I found they share 25% commission for every order I refer them, way higher than udimi. This itself helped me earn lot of commissions(lot higher than udimi) while promoting my own offers.

    • Hey Karen, thanks for your comments and for sharing your experience using solo ads.

  9. I’m glad I was able to find your post. I am a newbie and using Udimi so this really helps a lot.

  10. Great stuff. I am into solo ads and using Udimi so this helps me too.


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