Thrive Leads (Review) Build Your Email List Faster & Easier Like A Pro

Thrive Leads Review Featured ImageToday I am going to be looking at a premium plugin called Thrive Leads and giving my full honest review. This plugin can only be used in conjunction with the WordPress platform, which is probably the most versatile platform there is with nearly half of all websites on the internet being run on WordPress.

The general purpose of the plugin is to create capture forms that you can use on your website to build a targeted email list. If this is all new to you then don’t panic I will go though everything you need to know about this subject plus more.

If you are looking to start your own website then read my other article covering building your website for free this will get you up and running in just a few minutes.

Okay let’s jump into this review and show you exactly what Thrive Leads is for and how you can use it effectively. I have started with some quick information for you.

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Quick Stats

Name – Thrive Leads

Website –

Owners – Shane Melaugh

Price – $19 +

Overall Rating – 9.7 out of 10

Why Use Thrive Leads

Every business online should be building an email list. Thrive Leads gives you the ability to do just this. The only other thing you will need is a place to collect these details. One of the benefits of Thrive is that it can be integrated with all the top email service providers so if you already have a company that you use there is no need to change.

email service providers that can use thrive leads

I found this great as I use AWeber as my email service provider. Just a simple integration was all that was need to hook everything up together.

Of course with Thrive Leads it’s not just about building your email list. It’s about doing it faster and easier.

Easy To Use

There is no complicated coding to do with Thrive Leads even if you choose to build your own optin pop ups and widgets then everything can be done using their simple and fast drag and drop elements. This is probably the best WordPress page builder I have ever worked with.

Pre Built Templates

You also have a huge choice of pre designed templates so there’s no need to worry that your site will look unprofessional. In fact these actually make your site look even more professional. Although, you can use these templates every part of them can still be edited making it easy to create fully brandable items to match your website.

Individual or Multiple Placements

To help with conversions even more you can even have individual optin forms specifically for each page and post, meaning that what people are looking for you can offer right there and then. Conversion rates can go through the roof using this method. But, that said you can also offer something relevant across your whole site too.

Maximize Your Conversions

A lot of other plugins just give you one or two options for your optin forms with Thrive Leads you have ten to choose from.

Although, you can use various options at the same time you may want to do some testing and work out which opt ins work best on your site.

I am currently doing conducting a test between as exit pop up and the sticky ribbon. (These may have changed of course now and you may see something different).

Here are the different boxes you could be seeing. Thrive opt in boxes choice

Thrivebox Pop Up Lightbox

This is the most commonly used on websites and one I am using myself. I have mine set to appear when the visitor attempts to leave as I find

this less obtrusive and is better for my bounce rate. Hoover off my site and you will see it appear (if I am still using it of course).

Sticky Ribbon

The other one I am currently testing out is the ribbon. This appears at the top of the page and stays there even when the reader scrolls down the page. Love this as it is always in the eye line of the reader but not too in their face so they get annoyed.

In Line Forms

These are added as part of your post or page information. Great as a pattern interrupt, but beware of what you are offering is related to the post or page otherwise your conversion rates will be very low.

Two Step Optin Form

These can prove a great way of getting people to take action. Normally triggered within your content but this time with a call to action. Buttons work best for this one and when the button is clicked a pop up with appear for the visitor to take the next step. These work well as people have already reacted to the call to action so the next step generally has high completion rates.

Slide In

This style is great as it seems to creep in and not interrupt the reader as they continue with the article. There eye is then drawn to the box that has appeared at the bottom corner of the page. I find the right-hand side works best but always do your testing to see which works best on your site.

Optin Widget

Probably the most iconic lead capture form. Ideal to use if you are incorporating a sidebar within your site, and with your blog posts. A great focus point that can be used for a general optin form across your site.

Screen Filler Overlay

Personally not a fan of this one, maybe because it blanks out the background and forces you to take so kind of action before going on which can be annoying. But, that said I may not be your perfect customer. It’d always worth a short test before you dismiss it.

Content Lock

Less common this one but great for maybe a membership site where you could offer some content to non-members and then have them sign up for the remainder of it.

Scroll Mat

The scroll mat can work really well on some sites as you have to negotiate it before heading through to the page or post you required. Your offer must be very targeted here otherwise visitors could just click away which would disastrous in terms of SEO best practices.

Yes or No & Multiply Choice Forms

Allowing people to become part of a journey does work well with opt in forms. By clicking on a yes for argument sake you are already saying that you want to sign up. Believe me a physiological trick that plays right into the hands of the visitor and gives them what they want. Of course if you fail to deliver what they want they could leave, never to return.

Go Mobile

Another great feature with Thrive Leads is that once you have created you opt in form you can then see how it looks on tablet and mobile. Nothing new there I hear you shout!

But, what if you could make design changes, even hide elements for both tablet and mobile views and better still leave the desktop view unchanged. Now that’s cool!

Recent stats show that over 50% of people are viewing blogs on a mobile devices so you see how this truly is a game changer when it comes to list building.

Mobile responsive info for opt in forms

How To Create An Optin Form Using Thrive Leads

Okay, so let’s quickly show you how simple it is to create your first opt in box for your website. thrive leads tab in dashboard

I am presuming that you have already uploaded and activated the plugin and are all set to go. The first you will need to do is click the thrive leads tab on the left-hand side dashboard menu. This is generally near the bottom.

You are then taken to the Thrive leads dashboard where you can then see various sections for the purpose of this post we will be looking at the Lead Groups section. This is where all your groups will be accessible from when you create them.

Click add new and name your group.

Thrive Lead group information

Once added then click on the cog wheel to the right-hand side. Here you will be able to choose where your optin form will be seen.

You can choose from all posts, all pages, home page, blog index. You can also drill down and select individual post and pages for even better targeting. Categories can be selected too.

display settings for thrive leads opt in forms

Next you need to add an optin form by clicking the button (bottom left) and then selecting which optin form type you would like to create. For this run through I have chosen the ribbon type. This adds the optin to your lead group. You can select more than one type for each lead group.

Thrive leads opt in form options

Now you need to create your opt in ribbon, they make this easy by prompting you to click on the green icon on the far right. Choose create form and add a name for the form.

You will then be able to decide the frequency you want your form displayed 1 day 7 days or every day. Plus how your form is triggered is it going to be straight away, after a certain period, at a point within the visitor scrolling down the article. Maybe at the bottom of the article or even when they go to exit the page.

The choice of settings will vary depending on the opt in form used. Finally, a position can be selected with the ribbon you have top or bottom I chose top.

Test ribbon display options

From this section now choose the blue icon to edit the design of your optin box. No need to worry on this part as no coding or design skills is needed. You can choose from a large selection or pre designed templates. All you have to do is edit the information to what you need.

Scroll the designs, select one and then click choose theme. This will then open up a new page with your form loaded into the editor. You can then drag and drop new elements, change the color, edit text and even add images. In fact everything is totally editable.

Thrive leads form editor

Once you are happy with your design, this can take a while with your first one as you are discovering all the different elements that can be used.

This would also be where you need to integrate your email service provider. If you still haven’t decided on which one of these to use I would recommend AWeber then even have a 30-day free trial.

When you are happy just save and exit, and then activate whether you want the form showing up on desktop or mobile (or both).

Voila ! Congratulations you now have your new opt in form live on your site.

A B Testing

With Thrive Leads AB Testing you can create different optin forms for the same offer and then test them against each other. After you test in complete the system automatically selects the best performing one and continues to show this.

You can also test elements to see which one performs best… EG you could test a Slide In Optin against a Ribbon one. If you want to test more than two elements or optin forms no problem just add more to the test.

This feature means your optin forms are going to have the maximum chance of building your list.

Smart Links

Ever visited a site, opted into an offer, and then returned to the same site only to be offered the same offer you just signed up for. Well, with Smart Links you can create special links so that when you direct people from your email list back to your site you can show then a totally different offer.

Now that is marketing on steroids !


Pricing structure for thrive leadsThere are various ways in which you can purchase Thrive Leads.

The first is by signing up for the Thrive Membership. This will give you access to ALL their plugins and themes to use on up to 25 different sites that you own.

Which is unbelievable value at just $19 a month (paid annually) This would be my recommendation!

You can however purchase just the Thrive Leads plugin :-

  • 1 License – $67
  • 5 License Pack – $97
  • 15 License Pack – $147

All licenses come with unlimited updates so you are never stuck with a plugin that doesn’t work due to WordPress updates. Just another great reason to grab your copy.

However you purchase your copy is of course up to you all I would say is GO PURCHASE IT TODAY!

Final Thoughts

As you see from this full Thrive Leads Review this is probably the most comprehensive lead generation plugin there is on the market. But at a price that is not going to break the bank.

If you are serious about creating an amazingly successful online business then building an email list will definitely help you. By purchasing this plugin you will be in the forefront of your competition which of course is always the best place to be.

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2 thoughts on “Thrive Leads (Review) Build Your Email List Faster & Easier Like A Pro”

  1. Hey,

    thanks for sharing this product! It seems really great, I have always wondered which plugin websites use to create all these optins, ribbons etc. It is good to know that some businesses take on the difficult coding part and enable users to focus on their business’s development.

    I use Elementor to customize my site but I have only used the basic features so far. Do you happen to know if this plugin fulfills the same purpose? Or does Thrive Leads offer more options or just a totally different service?

    • Hi Alex, Thanks for your questions. Elementor is a great product that is focused mainly on page creation, although it does have the ability to create opt in forms. Thrive leads takes lead generation to the next level by far, I personally have never seen anything as good for solely this purpose. 


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