The Penny Hoarder Review – Can You Really Make Money Though?

More and more people are looking for ways to make extra money alongside their normal 9-5 job. With the rise in the cost of living and jobs becoming squeezed side jobs are definitely the way to go.

People often turn to the internet when searching for side hustles but can Penny Hoarder deliver on this front too. In this review, I am going to show you why I think they certainly can deliver on both fronts.

the penny hoarder

First I am going to cover the burning question that you are probably asking yourself right now. Is Penny Hoarder a legitimate way to make money. Let’s answer it…

Is The Penny Hoarder Website Legitimate

The Penny Hoarder is a site that concentrates primarily on personal financial matters. It offers tips, articles, and information on saving and even make money.

They offer many ways of helping people including debt consolidation, layoffs, and even loans. They have many articles and tips that give people valuable information on how to be more frugal with their cash.

I love these websites as I am one of those people that are always looking to save money as I believe the more I save on things such as shopping, food, and utilities the more I have to spend on things that I enjoy such as sports, family days out and holidays.

By becoming a contributor and writing articles for their website you can then earn a significant monthly amount. Admittedly, this works better if you already have experience of freelance writing. You can do this by hitting the contact us link in their website footer.

You can also download the Penny Hoarder app so you can keep udated on the move.

Who Owns The Penny Hoarder

Created back in 2010 by CEO Kyle Taylor. The Penny Hoarder is an American financial website that has is based in St Petersburg in Florida.

How Much Does The Penny Hoarder Make

The Penny Hoarder was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies back in 2017 and they are still growing with their revenue topping $20 million dollars in 2018 alone.

It just goes to show the volume of people that are looking for solutions to sort out their financial problems whether that be debt management, looking for online jobs or just make some additional income on the side.

I can only see more sites popping up just like thjis in the future. A great niche to get into if you are looking to start a blog.

A couple of stats that back up this option.

They currently have on 6.8 million Facebook followers, and an even more impressive 2 million plus email subscribers. Wow!

facebook page for the penny hoarder

Can You Actually Make Money With Penny Hoarder

Basically, their website is in four sections so I am going to go through all four and give you some more details.

Here is what I will be covering:-

  1. Jobs with Penny Hoarder
  2. Side Hustles
  3. Careers
  4. Work From Home Opportunities

jobs on penny hoarderJobs On Penny Hoarder

Daily articles are the backbone of the PH website. They are publishing these very in-depth, informative articles to the demand of their huge reader base. If you are into writing articles then this could be for you.

By joining their community you can then submit articles, if your article is accepted then a payment transaction will take place. All you have to do is share your experiences and direct people to other articles for further help, thus improving the reader experience.

I love how bang up to date the Penny Hoarder site is. They work very hard to maintain this constant flow of brilliant information, tips, and advice.

Side Hustles

This selection is very similar to the jobs section by the writing jobs will be temporary and it also includes things like survey websites, writing contests, and other similar opportunities.

So if you are into looking for a side hustle then this section is one that you must visit. Everything is bang up to date and all the articles and information is top quality.


The career section is a bit lightweight when it actually comes to career opportunities. It rather focuses on how to set up things such as your Linkedin account, how to navigate through job interviews and creating a great resume.

That’s not to say that there are no careers listed here, there are, but if you are looking for huge amounts you could be disappointed. However, its still worth a visit to gather these vital tips which will definitely help to in obtaining or starting out on a new career.

Work From Home Opportunities

By far in a way the most popular section on the Penny Hoarder site, well for me anyway. Here they offer genunine work from home opportunities that you can apply for straight away.

They offer some very unique opportunities and all of them are related to working from home. I love this section as I am always looking for new ways to make money from home.

They also have some great information, tips, and tricks on working from home, well worth a read!

My Thoughts On The Penny Hoarder

I think the Penny Hoarder is a great site, especially for those people who are looking for different ways to improve the income. They offering huge amounts of great information, tips and tricks to guide people in the right direction.

I also like how you can even make money directly from them by becoming an article writer. A brilliant concept as this helps others by giving geniune information from people’s personal experiences and at the same time keeping the articles bang up to date and relevant.

Although I have enough wrting to do for my blogs I would certainly visit their website on a regular basis to see whats new in the work from home space. I am always looking to ad income streams to my portfolio.

I would recommend you visit The Penny Hoarder on a weekly basis to check in on whats happening, maybe follow them on Social Media too if thats your thing. Remember you can also sign up to their email list and recieve updates that way to.

Which ever way you choose I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Just before I go if you are looking for an extra income source then check out my no1 recommendation by hitting the banner below and I will see there. 🙂

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