OnPassive / GoFounders Review Are You Going To Lose Your Money

Firstly, congratulations on doing your own research on Onpassive and GoFounders you will be glad that you have found this article. If you are already a founder member then let me know in the comments how your business is doing and what you think the future is for Onpassive, I would be interested to know.

This article is the information that I have found out from people that have referred mine to the company plus their own website and social channels.

Currently, Onpassive is still not launched as a company (even though the domain was registered back in June 2018). However, they are accepting payments to become a founding member.

Humm, nearly two years of taking payments from members which by the way are reported at around 65,000 members (That’s over $6.3 Million).

I will need to do some more investigation here but before you read my finders you may want to check out my article what is a scam

What Is OnPassive

onpassive website

Onpassive is a multi-level marketing company that was created by CEO Ash Mufareh way back in 2018. It claims to have an AI (artificial intelligence) driven platform where you can take your business to new heights, by transforming how businesses actually work.

Although as previously mentioned the company is still to be launched, even though it’s claimed to have over 65,000 members. None of which currently have access to any of the products yet… More on the products later!

A little info on Ash Mufareh

Ash does have social platform accounts and there’s some interesting information. On his Linkedin profile, he claims to be the world record holder for the most referrals in 7 days (306) to a company called GDI (Global Domains Internation), so he knows how to get people to take action and join companies.


ash mufareh linkedin profile world record

In fact, Ash was claimed to say at a board meeting back in April 2019 that he was quitting due to being a workaholic. I did find some information that he has also been involved with previous businesses that were shut down (although I could find any official documents to back this up).

What Is GoFounders

gofounders website

Their actual website gives nothing away when it comes to what GoFounders is or what it’s about.

However I have done some more digging and found that it is a Unicorn IT company set up in 2018 by Ash Mufareh, or at least that’s when the domain was purchased according to the “who is” website.

When registering you will receive all the help needed to be financially free and have a successful business. What they don’t tell you on the website is that none of the products to assist in these claims are available yet.

At the height of his marketing efforts with GoFounders Ash was telling people they could turn $25 into $2 million a month, how can people be so hypnotized by this statement the mind boggles. If you didn’t read my article on what is a scam then scroll back up and read it.

Does Onpassive Have Products

As I have already mentioned they claim to have an AI-driven platform with a host of products. Here’s what I found out about the products they have for their members.

onpassive product solution

  • Autoresponders – There are hundreds of autoresponders that you can use for your business some are even free for the first number of subscribers. I use AWeber and have done for over 10 years, in fact, I have just become one of their certified experts so always happy to help with anything to do with AWeber. They also have a free 30-day trial. Read my AWeber review online email marketing services
  • Web Hosting – I had my own web hosting company for a while they are super simple to set up and no experience is needed, be interesting to see how many sites you can have within your membership, especially as there are currently reported over 65,000 members. I am presuming they will be using a platform such as WordPress for the members. I do however like having separate hosting that I am in control of. If you are the same read more about the best WordPress hosting site
  • Domains – This comes with the hosting company so nothing new there.
  • Website Creators – In my opinion, WordPress is by far and away from the best platform when it comes to website creation. These days with page builder plugins like Thrive Architect creating a website is not only a simple process but very limited skills are needed.
  • Bulk Emailers – Used these a long time ago, mainly for email lists I bought. Never worked then and certainly not good practice now. If you have an autoresponder then this will send all the emails you need to send.
  • Landing Pages – Again using products such as Thrive Architect will give you the tools to build landing pages, in fact, if your sign up with AWeber you can use their own landing page templates for free, you never even need a website.
  • Rotator – This I can only imagine would be for the ads which you can purchase, it will, of course, depend on where this rotator will sit and who will see it, my bet is probably just the members.

There are many other products that really give no value at all to the member, in fact, some I have no idea what they are even doing there. These include daily campaigns, daily funnel, social platform, SEO, Private inbox, Printshop, Crypto leverage, and crowdfunding platforms.

There is nothing new here and they don’t offer any training on how to actually put all these products into use. Done wrong and you may as well have not bothered. If you need training and many of these products I would recommend a site called Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member there for several years now and I have yet to come across anything as good.

You can join as a free member here and look for yourself.

Also remember NONE of these are actually available yet and we are now nearly 2 years after they started recruiting members, come on Onpassive this is a joke!

How Much Does It Cost To Join Onpassive

Even though the Onpassive products ae yet to be available and the program seems to have been in prelaunch for an eternity you can still buy a founders membership with will cost you $97. This is a one time fee and rumors have it that this will increase to $997 when the program launches. Truthfully they are saying that so people grab the membership now, I personally think this will not happen but hey only time will tell.

Onpassive Compensation Plan

I did manage to get some details of the compensation plan that is currently in place, but of course this could change as and when they ever go live.

onpassive comp plan

There are four parts to the comp plan these are the different levels at which you can pay.

  • Level 1 = $25 a month
  • Level 2 = $125 a month
  • Level 3 = $250 a month
  • Level 4 = $500 a month

I am not going to go too much into how much you can actually earn as at the moment it’s totally irrelevant. Also remember the average multi-level marketing business owner only recruits 2.5 people into their business. Hence why so many people fail with this business model.

To learn how I make money every month with a proven legal business model keep reading…

Is Onpassive Legit

At this current moment, I would not class Onpassive or GoFounders as a scam but they are concentrating fully on recruiting and don’t have any products to sell. Which should start to raise questions with the authorities about possible Ponzi and pyramid schemes?

There were reports that some members had asked for a refund and their money had been paid back, not sure how true this is or whether it was circulated by the company themselves to show people they were legit.

As I have already mentioned even when (or if) they ever launch the products they are offering fall way short of anything they are advertising. Most of these you can use for free or little cost.

In my experience companies that have a pre-launch period of any sort do not tend to be around that long two to three years max, I feel that Onpassive and GoFounders are heading the same way leaving a hell of a lot of their members out of pocket.

Their major downfall is to offer a matrix style compensation plan as with the products they are offering they do fall short of compliance issues with the direct selling association. However, if they had just made it an affiliate program then they would have bypassed these regulations.

There are of course some great businesses within the MLM / Direct selling industry but this is not one of them.

More information here on the best internet marketing companies.

I would recommend NOT joining this program/business and look at a business model that has a proven record over a long period of time (decades even)

How I Earn Money Online – My Recommendation

I have been making money online for around 10 years now, across various business models but the one that has proven to give me the most success time and time again is affiliate marketing.

With this model, you are recommending other people’s products and services in return for a percentage or pre-set amount of the sale price.

Therefore you can start affiliate marketing with no money You don’t need to purchase any products, or deal with any complaints, product returns, or even speak with anybody if you don’t want to.

Also, your earning potential is unlimited and your business can easily be scaled up at the pace directed by you.

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing and following some training is always the best ploy. I recommend learning from others that have already been successful.

Now I have concentrated solely on affiliate marketing my commissions are increasing every month.

If you would like to follow mine and many other affiliate marketers successes then I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate where you can start your very own affiliate marketing business for free, access some free training and even get a free website that you own.

If you grab your free account here I will be your mentor for free, you will get access to me via private message and I will share with you everything I have learned over my years online.

Once signed up I will connect with you inside of Wealthy Affiliate I am currently ranked in the top 200 members on WA and am one the top helpers, I am around most days.

wealthy affiliate top 200 rankings

I look forward to working with you soon.

Car FAQs

Is GoFounders Legit?

Is GoFounders a scam or a totally legitimate company? From what I have found I don't think it is a scam as such although the way they are operating there is a chance that you could lose any money that you invest in the company.

There are some issues regarding the products and the way the compensation plan is built. Only time will tell if they get shut down or not.

What is OnPassive?

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing style business that offers users a way to build a successful income from home. Their products are a done for you marketing system that can be used to promote any online business.

There are some legality issues with the products and how you can make money with the system, but until the system is launched we will never know the full extent of these.

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