OLSP Training YouTube

YouTube was how I made my first commissions in OLSP, in this video I run through some simple tips that you can implement, if you are going to use YouTube.   

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the video :-

Canva is a great site for creating all your images including thumbnails and YT channel headers

Vid IQ is what I use to research keywords and make tweaks and adjustments on my channel

Vidnami is a video creation tool like no other, it is by far and a way the simplest and fastest way to create videos. They do a 14 day free trial so you can explore at your leisure and I have managed to sort a discount here.

Tube Domination is a great course for beginners and intermediates who want to use the power of YouTube well worth the $12. 

You Tube Mastery is a free webinar by my friend Matt Par, all about making money with YouTube and not showing your face on camera