Clickbank Affiliate Program – How To Get More Clicks Earn More Money

Clickbank is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks on the internet. Back in 2009 when I started looking to make money online it was by far and away from the site to use when looking to earn money through affiliate marketing.

If Clickbank is new to you then I am going to show you how to utilize this website so you can get the maximum from it. You may get some great pointers too even if you have been a member for years.

Question is… How do become an affiliate with Clickbank? If you already have an account then skip this first section and go straight onto the next part.

Creating Your Clickbank Account

This is a very simple process. From the home page on the website click the create account on the right-hand side of the main menu.

create clickbank account

Does Clickbank cost money to join?

No, it’s 100% free and your account details are never shared with any third party companies, nice to know this!

To sign up you just need to enter your

  • Country (Note:- not every country is accepted)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Primary Email Address
  • And A Password (Follow the instructions on the characters needed for this)

All fields MUST be completed, and you need to agree to the terms and conditions, and then click join.


Well done you are now in the position to making money with Clickbank.

Before I show you how to get the most out of Clickbank let me just cover a few questions that are always asked.

Can Clickbank Be Trusted?

Yes, CB has been around for years and paid affiliate millions of dollars in commissions, they only make money when people sell products so there would be no sense in every scamming anybody.

Their rating on Better Business Bureau is currently A+ and they have had no complaints in the last 12 months

clickbank better business bureau

Does Clickbank Pay Through Paypal?

Currently, No they offer two ways to pay you via a check or direct payment into your bank account you can set up payouts for a minimum of just $10 and have this sent either weekly or bi-weekly.

Do You Need A Website For Clickbank?

No, you can still promote any product without having a website, that said a lot of bloggers have great results by utilizing their website.

Read this to build a website from scratch

Okay, questions out the way let’s crack on with making some cash from Clickbank…

How Does Clickbank Affiliate Network Work

I will now show you how Clickbank works including some tips that will help you gain better success.

Let’s go then.

Your Dashboard

clickbank dashboard

Every time you log in and when you complete the sign-up process you are taken to your dashboard. This will give you a snapshot of your sales so far. You have a weekly amount and an individual daily total.

There’s no better feeling than signing in and seeing commissions staring at you.

How much does Clickbank affiliate make? A difficult question to answer some people earn $100’s of dollars a day but others make nothing at all.

After reading the rest of this post you will be armed to be in the first group of people, and hey, you do want to earn $100’s a day don’t you!

Thought so… read on!

Is Clickbank the Best Affiliate Program

Finding Products

All the products that you can promote are in the marketplace. This is found by hitting the marketplace tab on the main menu.

clickbank marketplace

You can then use the search bar by searching for various keywords or just leave it empty and hit the search icon. This will bring up the most popular products currently being sold.


subcategories in clickbankThere are many categories to choose from across various niches. By clicking on a category it then gives you sub-categories which makes it even easier to find what you are looking for.

If you know exactly what you are looking for then you can type the product into the search bar I mentioned when finding products.

Here are a few of the main categories you can discover.

  • Betting Systems
  • Cooking Food And Drink
  • E-Business and E-Marketing
  • Green Products
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Parenting and Families
  • Self Help
  • Sports
  • Travel

When you click on the categories they are then broken down into subcategories making it even easier to find what you are looking for.



What Is A Good Product To Promote On Clickbank

In this section, I will show you what to look out for when choosing a product to promote.

Let’s take this product “Cinderella Solution” one the first this that I look for is…

product details in clickbank

  • Affiliate Resource Page – Has the product got its own affiliate page. This page normally has some great marketing information that you can use to help when marketing the product. These would include banners, emails, social media images, and possible videos.
  • The Commission – I would want to make a reasonable amount in commission so I very rarely promote anything that has a small payout. This product has just over $38 which is fine.
  • Average Sale – This figure will tell you if there are more commissions possible, not essential but always worth having.
  • Rebill – Some products even have an ongoing monthly program that they pay out on, these are gold dust as I love to do the work once and get paid every month. This product has an average rebill of over $13 and a stat of 30% of customers will continue with the product every month. Lovely Jubbly!
  • Gravity – This one is very important as it gives you information about how many affiliates have sold this product in the last 30 days, some people say avoid products that have a high gravity score as there’s too much competition, I would disagree as this just gives you more people to evaluate, and then follow what they are doing. This product currently has a massive 337 gravity score. I would not recommend any product that has a gravity score of less than 20.

Using Filters

Within the marketplace, down the left-hand side you can quicken up your search by using the filters. You can ad in things like gravity score, average sale and rebill plus more.

Well worth using to speed things up.

Getting My Affiliate Link

Once you have decided which product you are going to promote then while in the marketplace just hit the promote button within the product listing. This opens up a new window so you can generate your link.

You then want to add in your affiliate ID and any tracking you may want.

hop link generator in clickbank

Your affiliate ID ensures that any sales made are then linked back to your account for the payment. Tracking can help if you are promoting the product in various places for example on your blog, on Pinterest with paid ads. Your reports will then tell you which promotion is working best.

Some products will give you different pages that you can promote if unsure which one then always start with the default one, it is normally the best converting.

When happy that all the information is good then click the create hop link button. Voila, you now have your link…

Go promote it!

Using Link Shorteners

Let’s face it… All affiliate links are just plain ugly but, there is a simple way to clean them up.

So let me show you how.

Link Shorteners is the way to go, these sites not only condense link but also make it more clickable as people are very wary these days about being scammed online.

I use two different ways to tidy up my links

The first is a free site called You just copy and paste your long ugly affiliate link and it converts it to a much shorter link which you can even customize further. link shortener

I also use a plugin called Pretty Link Lite on my blog which enables you to add affiliate links and then customizes the link to look like a page on your website. This can build trust as it looks like a normal link on my website.

If you have a WordPress blog then definitely add this free plugin it’s a gem! does give more stats but both options and well worth using, you could, of course, create a pretty link and then shorten with too, or maybe this is just too much like hard work. πŸ™‚

Affiliate Marketing Training

Just like any other business, to be a success there are many things you need to learn. Yes, I know the basics are pretty easy to understand but the truth is the majority of affiliate marketers actually earn very little at all.

That’s why I would always recommend learning from people who are already making a lot of money.

A learning platform that has helped gain a growing monthly income from affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. They have two complete step by step training courses as well as training rooms on all the subjects you will need to know.

These include WordPress, SEO, Lead Generation well there are 12 in total.

wealthy affiliate training classrooms

There are weekly live training, and access to 1000’s of members (now earning $1000’s every month) all are only too happy to help you succeed with your online business.

You can even join as a starter member for free and there’s no real pressure to upgrade ever.

Read more on how I gained success using Wealthy Affiliate in this post

I am also in the community most days and will be honored to help you on a one to one basis should you need it.


Not quite the same but still good is YouTube there are plenty of people creating helpful videos that you can follow (although I prefer the step by step approach of a course).

One to look out for would be John Crestani, he earns millions of dollars every year and is a true ambassador of Clickbank. He also hosts a free webinar where it shows you what he does in his business, it’s about an hour-long but if you are serious then go watch it!

It’s amazing…

You can subscribe to my channelΒ while you are there, I am focusing more on YT this year so I will be recording some awesome stuff for you.

Quick Recap

Here’s just a quick recap of what I covered within this article.

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate networks and is trusted worldwide, it’s 100 percent free to join and pays out either weekly or bi-weekly.

Setting up your account is super easy to do and all that is needed is few details you are then free to promote any product across the various categories on offer.

Take note of things such as affiliate pages, commissions, the average earned, rebill percentage and gravity.

Once you have your ugly affiliate link for your chosen product then use a link shortener to tidy it up and track it. This will get you more clicks, and money.

Don’t forget things change all the time in this industry so maybe look at a training site such as Wealthy Affiliate or Johns free webinar.

That’s it we are done here, get out there are start promoting. I wish you every success.

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  1. After reading your article on the clickbank affiliate program, I have to say I love clickbank! It’s just so user friendly and allows you explore different products that may be relevant to your business. I do feel that persaverence is key when it comes to success with Clickbank as many give up as soon as they don’t see any success

    • You are correct to say that many give up before getting success, follow this article and you will be more likely to succeed

  2. Thank you for your post. it is useful for me. I started my online business for a while and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. 

    Here comes your article, giving a informative introduction of ClickBank. You convince me to pursue promotion of Clickbank and I am definitely going to start my search on the promoting products. You mention that there are health/fitness products, which are my niches.

    It is kind of you spending your precious time, summarizing the information, and sharing them with us, so that we could use your information to make money.

    • I wish you all the best with your online business Anthony 

  3. Clickbank is a safe heaven for all affiliate marketers. Not only that you can promote the Clickbank itself you can promote any affiliate program within Clickbank, that what I love about it. Plus they offer the 30 days money back guarantee as well. However, just like you said that finding a good product on Clickbank can be challenging, thanks for the tips on how to pick them. Thanks for your awesome review πŸ™‚ 

    • Indeed, you are totally correct in saying that through Clickbank every product has a 30-day money-back guarantee so just look for products that have a low refund rate πŸ™‚

  4. I have been wondering if Click Bank was worth taking a look at. I am an affiliate for several other companies, but I feel like they are not being as productive as I had hoped. I think Click Bank may just be what I am looking for. Thank you for clarifying some of the questions I had in an easy to understand language. I will take your suggestions as to looking for others who have been successful and learning more tips and tricks.


    Tanya Billings

  5. Many thanks to you first for giving me such a beautiful article and I learned about Clickbank through you. Although this is an old method, I want to work because I think I will succeed and I fully understand how to work here after reading your article. I do affiliate marketing but I never knew that affiliate marketing could be done through Click Bank.

    • Thanks, Arzu, indeed Clickbank is a great platform πŸ™‚


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