The Ultimate Deal On Cash for Apps But Is It A Scam!

What is Cash for Apps

cash for apps is it a scamAs we all know mobile devices and apps go hand in hand let’s face it my niece is always on her tablet using various apps. But what about making money via your smartphone or tablet with apps? Cash for Apps is the fastest way to do just that, or so they claim.

Created by Mobvantage Marketing, based in British Columbia you can even visit their website or Linkedin page for more information on them.

This is completely new to me so as a complete newbie I am going to test it out and check just how easy it is to use and more importantly how much money you can make and whether this is legit or just another scam.

Download for free

You can install the cash for apps app by visiting either iTunes or Google play and then searching for Cash For Apps. There have been 10 million downloads already so it seems very popular.

Select Cash for App and then install. The file size is just over 8MB so it should install fairly rapidly. You then have to register for a new account. You are Done! Now the fun begins 🙂

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Quick Stats

Name – Cash For Apps

Website –

Owners – Mobvantage Marketing

Price – Free to Use

Overall Rating – 5.3 out of 10

How Does Cash for App Work

cash for apps procedure

Once you have installed and registered your free account you can then start to download various apps. Each app has a points value these points will presumably become points once completed.


Most apps come with instructions of what you need to do in order to collect the point total. As you can see I clicked on Solitaire Grand Harvest in order to get my 300 points I have to reach level 10 within the game. Test the app for 30-60 seconds complete the tutorials.

One thing I was worried about was filling my phone with apps but it does state that once you have completed the required instructions and received your points you can remove the app again. Phew!

I downloaded the game 79MB so a good job I don’t have to keep it on my phone for too long.

It’s now saying I have completed and have 300 points now for the tasks.


Within the app, you have a menu that defaults to the apps this shows you the apps available for you to download and the points associated with it.

app selection


This is where you can see your points tally and redeem against the offers available.

rewards in cash for apps


This is where you have the unique referral code that will earn you points and the person who signs up and uses the code.

My unique cash for apps referral code is 0c946dd you can earn 20 points for using this code.

More Tab

The more tab gives you access to My Gift Cards, Settings, FAQ, Support, Legal and your Logout.

Is Cash for Apps Safe?

With everything that is online there is always going to an element of risk. If you are unhappy about anything then don’t give any of your details. You can also check out their Privacy policy where it starts about data security among other details.


They do offer support within their app and have a FAQ’s page too. All support tickets are aimed to be answered in 24-48 hours through their support desk.

Cash for App Hacks (2019)

Whilst searching on Google I did notice that there were some hacks you can find which will give you 10,000 s of points.

This involves sharing your invite code and using a site called You can get an extra 20 points to your account by using my referral Code 0c946dd you can refer an unlimited amount of people.

To save running through the simple process here I have added a short video that explains the simple procedure used to get thousands of points without any work.

Note: At the point of adding this video this hack still worked. Let me know a big YES or NO in the comments below if this is still working.

Mind you this be short-lived as you can only do this the once. So after that, you are back to the grind of the true system.

How Do You Get Paid

This is, of course, slightly misleading when they say cash for apps as you can only really redeem your points against gift cards. But, that said they are some big names that you can choose from including

  • iTunes,
  • Amazon,
  • Walmart,
  • Starbucks,
  • Ebay.

To name just a few…

companies associated with cash for apps

You can only redeem for offers within your own country.

There was not much choice for the United Kingdom with a £10 iTunes gift card my only real option. Although that said I still had a fair way to as this was worth 4500 points.

I think I could be here a while.

Happy Customers

They have over 202,000 followers on Twitter, and I can see from their Twitter feed that there are plenty of people very happy with their gift cards maybe their goals are not as high as mine LOL!

what others think of cash for apps

Other Alternatives

If you are like me and actually want to earn some decent money online, then there are plenty of other businesses that you could try. Beware of any that sound too good to be true as very often are. To build a business online takes time, and even some investment but when you finally start generating a solid income online that you can be proud of it makes all the hard work well worth it.

To start earning larger commissions read up on my number one recommendation

Final Thoughts

Do I think Cash For Apps is a scam? Definitely not!

Would I use it? I don’t think I would. Like I have mentioned I would much prefer to earn larger amounts and have it paid in cash that I could use on what I want, and not be restricted in any way.

However, if you are into your gaming and or music and don’t mind earning a few dollars here and there then this may be your bag.



8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Deal On Cash for Apps But Is It A Scam!”

  1. This is a good opportunity here through cash for apps but I think its best suited for high school or college students to get little extra income through cards so they can get some basic things done using the cards. Being the fact that they are legit makes them totally worthy of being tried out and based on good user relationship seen through their followers, its worth while. 

    • I think you are spot on there with it being more for students. Maybe that’s their target market they don’t really say. 

  2. I don’t know about you, but I find it lazy to download and play apps just to earn a little bit of cash. Because of this, I don’t feel that excited to try opportunities like Cash For Apps. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried some of these sites, but it’s just not worth the effort in my opinion.

    Furthermore, some of these programs are very risky and might pose a significant threat to my mobile device. And if my smartphone breaks, my earnings wouldn’t probably suffice to replace it with a new one!

  3. Hello Martin,

    This is a wonderful post about The Ultimate Deal On Cash for Apps. At first, I think this is a scam app. For this reason, I am not using this app but when I read your post then I can understand how this app work. At before I try many earning apps but at last, they don’t pay money. Also, this app pays so low a rate of money. I think that this app is not for earning a high amount of money.

    Thanks for writing a wonderful and helpful post.

  4. Hi Martin

    This is a great informative article about mobile apps. I learned later on from your article that you can earn through mobile apps. I am very glad to know about such mobile apps. I have been searching for an episode of this type of application that can be earned through a lot of days. I will visit your website for more details about this app.

    Thank you so much for writing these helpful tips for us.

    • Hey Rana, Glad you found the article informative let me know how you get on. 


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