Big Profit System – $10,000 A Week – The Truth Revealed!

How would you like to earn $1,000 – $10,000 a week without even speaking to anyone or marketing on the internet?

Well hello, that covers everybody I think why wouldn’t you want this… Dah!

According to the Big Profits System, you can get this and more. With claims like this I thought I better investigate hell if this is true I want a bit of this easy money and I am sure you do too. Likewise, if this is just a big scam then I need to uncover it so you don’t lose your shirt trying to make an extra buck.

I have a funny feeling I may need loads of flagpoles for this review as I will need somewhere to place my red flags I use for scams but, let’s reserve judgment and take a look.

Read this to discover 9 red flags to look out for when reviewing any product or business.

Quick Stats

  • Name – Big Profits System (BPS)
  • Owner – William Foley
  • Price – $280 with upsells
  • Overall Rating

What Is Big Profit System

The BPS is an automated system for you to make large amounts of cash. Sounds amazing right… WRONG!

While I read through some other reviews I saw these words. Big Profit System is not a pyramid scheme it’s a triangular business model, Love that LOL

big profits system

Upon landing on their website you are greeted by a headline that states the following I have broken the statement up and added my thoughts as I went…

  • Discover our breakthrough system – I have seen this system before so not a breakthrough system at all, in fact, I thought these systems were illegal… Oops sorry, spoiler alert! Well, this one is still operating fully.
  • Make $1,000 – $10,000 a week –  This is not a lie with this system you probably can make these figures but you will need to part with some cash before you make anything here.
  • Without Internet Marketing – Indeed why put your business model on places where people can see it, oh unless it’s illegal of course dah.
  • Without speaking to anyone – Of course, they don’t want people speaking to anybody they might say something bad about the company, plus their “success coaches” do everything for you.

Humm, my first thoughts were not good at all

How Does The Big Profits System Work

The system works by first joining Big Profits System. You can join at any level but of course, every level is more expensive.

  • Level 1 = $1000
  • Level 2 = $3000
  • Level 3 = $6000
  • Level 4 = $12000
  • Level 5 = $20000

So in order to earn anything from this system, you will have to fork out at least $1280 that’s right as every level has a joining fee of $280.

What Products Do You Get For Your Money

As regards products, training, and coaching you get various training videos, text and audios… Cool ah …. well let’s see what the products are

Level 1

level one training in big profits system


Level one will cost you $1280 to join and these are the products you receive.

  • The BPS Fast Cash Marketing Manual Our Exclusive Success Coach Business System
  • Personal Development Courses – Videos, audios, and text
  • The Marketing Masters Library Volume 1

Humm these are all very vague so there is no way I can offer an idea of whether these are valued for money.

Anyway, why do you need this training as everything is done for you? My thoughts are that they are trying to keep the authorities at bay as there are products that people are buying.

This is NOT a true business

Why do I say this? Well, it’s not a true business as there are no products to sell. The whole system relies on more people coming into the front end so others can get paid.

There are another 4 levels of training but I am not going to waste your time and mine to list them as they as all very similar, and all contain marketing courses even though they state over and over again that there is no marketing with this system.

marketing done for you

Need I say more…

This is not a business that you can grow and control. And besides, there are hundreds of companies that allow you to earn money without paying any fees to join. Here’s a couple you may want to consider Wealthy Affiliate, Clickfunnels plus you can find 1,000’s more on affiliate networks such as Clickbank.

How Do I Earn Money With Big Profits System

In order to earn from BPS then you will need to first pay for your joining fee and then join at a level comfortable, the success coaches will aim to push you up as far as you can go saying that you will earn more commissions. 

They also give you a bonus of a free upgrade if you pay within 48 hours but you have to come in at level 2 ($3000). If you do decide to join Big Profits System then take my recommendation of joining at level one, if this is over $1200.

This would give you four years of membership at Wealthy Affiliate… Just saying 🙂

Anyway, let me show you what you can earn according to the main webpage.

how much money do you earn in big profits systemSales at:-

  • Level 1 = $500
  • Level 2 = $1500
  • Level 3 = $3000
  • Level 4 = $6000
  • Level 5 = $10,000

Remember you can only earn money up to the level you have paid for, for example, if you are a level 2 and you then refer somebody who buys a level 3 you will not get paid… beware!

Focus On Money

Everything in this system is focused on what money you will receive, they don’t even worry about recruiting as they know leads will continue to be sucked into the idea of making huge checks.

Oh, and why I am talking about checks, ask yourself why do they send checks when it is far easier to send money via bank transfer. The reason probably is because most online banks and sites such as Paypal probably would not let them have accounts. Have a think about that!

Is Big Profits System A Scam

From what I have seen so far it’s difficult to call BPS a scam as I don’t see any bad reviews about the system. However, is the system legal possible not. If you have joined and received more money back in return then why would you complain about this?

Eventually, these sorts of companies are closed down if found to be illegal. Remember the laws are changing all the time, so beware of this. I was in a couple of companies a few years back which both closed down and some of the members were contacted to try and get money back, these are ongoing so I can’t say how this ended. I just wanted to show you what could happen. 🙂

My Final Thoughts

There are many red flags that I found whilst looking at The Big Profits System. My gut feeling is to not recommend this system. Even if not illegal, by promoting this you are asking people to risk high amounts of cash in a system that could be closed down anytime.

If you are serious about starting a business online then join me on Wealthy Affiliate invest just a few dollars a month and I will help you gain success as I have done.

If you have had dealings with this business (good or bad) leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you every success.

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