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Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few years you will know that Pinterest has become one of the go-to social platforms for traffic. Today I am going to walk through the best Pinterest marketing tool there is so as to make your efforts on Pinterest get you the maximum traffic and sales.

But before I show you how to utilize the tool let’s just run through how to set up your Pinterest account for maximum effect.

Creating A Pinterest Account

Creating your account is really simple, just use a primary email address and enter your name or sign up via your existing Goggle account.

Editing Your Profile

Use keywords, within your name fields and description also add relevant hashtags if you have any room left. Add an image of yourself or a company logo in the profile image space.

Change To Business Account

From within the account, settings tab make sure you change to a business account by clicking the convert button, it’s free and will give the ability to use the analytics and rich pins

Claim Your Website

If you have your blog or website already built then here is where you can claim it, by adding a piece of coding to your website. If you are unsure about how to do this then contact your web design company.

Once claimed and verified by Pinterest this will place a clickable link on the profile plus a quality backlink for SEO purposes.

how to claim your website on pinterest

You can also claim your YouTube channel, Etsy Shop, and Instagram Account.


Next, run through this section and choose what notifications you would like to have. This is a personal thing so there are no right or wrong decisions here, and no panicking needed as you can come at any time and adjust if needed.

In all the other sections you can leave on the default settings.

Create Boards

creating boards on pintetest

You are now ready to start creating boards and adding images (Pins). To create your first board go to your profile and then boards, you can then hit create board.

Remember to use keywords on your title and then click the edit icon and add a detailed keyworded description including hashtags too.

You are then free to search Pinterest and share images to your board. You want ar least 10 images per board.

Be very targeted with your boards, in other words don’t name a board “Quotes” look at separating to different boards for “Fitness Quotes” “Life Quotes” “Motivation Quotes”. Then you are more likely to show up in the search engines when people search that term.

Creating Pins

creating a pin walk though The final part is of course creating your very own pins that you can upload. You can use a free tool such as Canva to do this. Then click the plus sign and choose create pin. Then add a title, description, which all need to be targeted with keywords and hashtags.

The website link that you add will take people back to your website, although Pinterest is one social platform that does allow linking to affiliate products too.

Lastly add in your image and choose a board you want to publish too. Done!

Congrats you are all set up and ready to go… for those that have already set up their account thanks for bearing with me while I showed others how to get started.

Now for the exciting part and ramping up your traffic by using the best tool for marketing on Pinterest.

Let’s go!

Marketing On Pinterest

You can of course build your account slowly by manually pinned and repinning images from across the Pinterest community.

Or… You could place your account on Steriods and use a tool called Tailwind. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins to all your boards and groups boards that you are member of. This allows you be active 24/7 promoting your pins.

Tailwind is free to join and you can also use it to schedule images to Instagram too, although I am not going to be covering that platform today. I will be showing you how it works with Pinterest.

So let’s dive into Tailwind and how it works

Joining Tailwind

tailwind sign up page

Tailwind is free to join and super easy to get started from the home page just choose to sign up through your Pinterest or Instagram accounts.

I’ll even give you a free month to try it out 

You need to choose sign up via Pinterest (make sure you are signed in to your account). This will bring up a box asking you to give access which you need to click okay.

The final set is to add your email address and password and click complete your account.

Chrome Extension – You will then be prompted to download the Tailwind extension for chrome this you MUST do as it will speed things up dramatically for you. I will do it into how it works later in this post.

You are now done! hey, congrats you are well on the way to blitzing Pinterest.

From the dashboard you are then taken through a guided tour of the platform, this covers all the basic information you will need.

A couple of other bits to set up such as brand and type of business, and adding Google Analytics (if you have this set up).

How To Use Tailwind

Weekly Summary

This tab gives you a weekly breakdown of your followers and the pins you have posted from your own website. This is a good measure how your account is growing and whether you need to post more pins.


how to find tribes in tailwind

Tribes are very similar to Pinterest groups but far more active when it comes to sharing and repinning content. As a free member, you can join one tribe. Choose one that is highly targeted for your niche. Also, look at the number of people in the Tribe and the activity of those members.

You can search by keyword I have just search motivation and had 147 results come up. Some you have to request to join others you may join without request.

Check the rules of the Tribe as ALL admins have records of what you post and what you share so if the rules say repin one pin for every pin you pin then be sure to obey, otherwise you will get deleted.

This is why Tribes are so powerful people are looking for great pins to repin to their boards.


pinteest scheduler in tailwindThis is where the magic happens for every pin that you share you can then choose a board to share it too, these can be your boards or group boards you may have joined.

You can then add thee pins to the publisher. You can preset the scheduler to post out to Pinterest at various intervals across the day, even while you are sleeping… Now you see the power of Tailwind!

Within this section, you can also set up groups of different boards which then means when selecting your board to post to you can choose a group of boards and it will post across all these boards. TIP: When doing this I would choose the set interval button and then space the posting out. Every 24 hours seems to work well for me.

Of course, you will need to have a few boards yourself and be a member of a few group boards.

Tailwind Extension

Earlier I told you to download the Tailwind extension this is why!

When trying to find content to post this extension makes it super easy… if you are on a website, or within Pinterest just click on the extension (in Google it will be located in your toolbar at the top). This then opens all the images on that website, Pinterest groups or board.

Select the images you like and choose a schedule and it places them into Tailwind where you can add boards etc and BOOM! Your pinning schedule is set up for the next week or month. Now that’s not only powerful but really quick to do.


pin analytics in tailwind

The final section is all about stats which in time will show you where you can make changes to get even more traffic. You will be able to see which pins are getting views and clicks, which boards are working best.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To Tailwind Plus

Like everything these days, there is nearly always a cost involved and if you want to power up your Pinterest activity without spending hours doing it manually.

But, Tailwind offers you some amazing affordable options that will not break the bank. In fact, you can even try the plus account on me… That’s right I am giving you a whole month free on the Tailwind plus account so you can see how great this really is and why you need it for your business.

The Tailwind plus is just $14.99 a month with options to buy a full year and get two months free plus unlimited scheduling and tribes.

tailwind pricing

I find the plus account more than enough.

Claim your free month now.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest is one of the powerhouses when it comes to traffic, and unlike Google, Bing, and Yahoo it’s very easy to get found in the Pinterest search.

So, if you are just getting started with Pinterest or been around for a long time, be sure to check out Tailwind to have your life easier and get you more traffic and sales.

Let me know in the comments below how Pinterest is working for you or whether you have tried Tailwind and what you thought I would love to hear your stories.

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12 thoughts on “Best Pinterest Marketing Tool – Tailwind”

  1. Hi, Martin, thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public. I happy to find this!! I’m not clear on something; do we pay for Pins, like Ads- the same way we do in Facebook? Is this what Tailwind is?Just trying to understand. Thank you!for making me understand so much of it I fell  so much better

    • Hi Nelson, Tailwind is a pin scheduler, with the added bonus of their Tribes (groups) which are more interactive than Pinterest normal groups. You can promote your pins like Facebook but that’s not what I recommend unless you have money to through away. Tailwind is free to try so go and have a look.  

  2. Hi,
    This might sound a little awkward, I checked a popular  Pinterest account and I see there are titles on your all pins.How can you do that? Because I don’t see any places for me to add the titles.
    If I use Tailwind to create pins, and then go back to the old pins and update their titles, I think it takes a lot of time to do.
    Besides, Pinterest doesn’t like this, because Pinterest always wants fresh pins, not edited pins.
    Thank you for your answer,

    • Hi David, I would not recommend changing any titles or descriptions of pins already on Pinterest. You will always need title and description even if you are just sharing so when adding your own pins make sure you do this. I trust this answers your query

  3. Thank you! I have been really discouraged with how slow I am at putting out new content for the social platforms of my niche site. I’ve used Twitter for YEARS but never cared about Pinterest, Instagram (or Facebook for that matter) and so I never learned the best way to publish on them. Tailwind sounds great, I am going to try it soon. Do you know if there is a program that integrates Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all in one spot so you can have a “master control” or whatever? Thanks.

    • Tailwind is amazing I would certainly make the most of your free month to help you decide. If you wanted to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram then I would recommend Buffer, there is a free account but you may have to upgrade to be able to post to all four at the same time. It’s about $15 a month to upgrade so worth trying for a few months to test out. 

  4. It is not a new thing again that social media is gaining in on becoming the best means of getting internet marketing to the peak. I make use of Pinterest but I must say that I am quite unfamiliar with the prospectsof using it for my business promotions. I only use it on a personal level. This is really good to know of and surely worth trying out as you have given the guide here already. Thanks

    • If you are already using it then definitely grab your free month and see the potential traffic and sales Pinterest can get you. 

  5. First of all thank you so much for giving us such an article, If you have a website, it is very important for that website to drive good traffic. After reading your article, I’ve come to realize is that Pinterest are very important and useful for driving traffic for website. I also have a Pinterest account. But I never made any effort to get traffic from my account. From now on I will use a Pinterest to bring my website traffic. But I have a question here, If I want to boost an article from Pinterest on my website site, How long will that post view? 

    • Hi Arzu, thanks for your comments, glad you found the article useful. You can promote pins on Pinterest this works similar to Facebook you set a daily budget on the pin you want promote and then keep it running as long as you like. Personally I would use the tailwind tool as its only $15 a month and you can get more reach if worked well. Trust this helps 🙂  Don’t forget if you join through my link you get your first-month free worth trying it out.


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